Clear Your Query: How Long Can Ice Cream Sit Out?

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Ice cream has long been a mouthwatering dessert for hot summer days. If your home has many members, you guys will surely be able to finish any package in a short period.

However, living alone brings more difficulties. Your frozen food may go bad before you enjoy it.

Some myths about the expiration of frozen foods may arise. How long can ice cream sit out? Can ice cream be refrozen? If these are all your queries, we are here to help. This article will cover every bit and piece of this problem. Let’s dive in!

How Long Can Ice Cream Sit Out?

In the section below, we will take a thorough look at how long ice cream last in different conditions! Read on!

How Long Does Ice Cream Last At Room Temperature?

Ice cream removed from the freezer is valid for up to 2 hours. Of course, you should throw away the ice cream left out all night. Frozen dairy products and semi-defrosted ice also follow the same recommendation.

Room temperature (40°F – 140°F) promotes the rapid growth of bacteria. It leads to a change in the taste, color, and flavor of the dish. In other words, you must not use them to avoid harm to health.

How Long Is Ice Cream Good For?

As manufacturers always provide an ice cream expiration on the packaging and recommendations on the best-use period, what is the exact meaning of the ice cream expiry date? In fact, a frozen product stays good for 2-3 months if you have not opened it.

Sad to say, its flavor can no longer be as standard as the original when it comes closer to the end.

Without a lid, how long is ice cream good for? The quick answer is, it’s good for 1-2 months from the best before date. However, this time can vary depending on how the goods are stored and used.

It is important to understand that our suggestions only make sense for goods with tubs and containers. Homemade products share the same shelf life as opened ones. Once again, pay attention to storage measures if you want fresh products! Wrong storage methods can shorten the maximum time of the ice cream to two weeks.

How Long Does It Take For Ice Cream To Melt?

Ice cream inevitably melts once you take it out of the freezer! There are many reasons for this process, such as humidity, material, and container size.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all answer, let us describe the impact of each factor:

  • Air moisture:

High humidity stimulates heat transfer in the air, which leads to faster melting. A thick ice layer on the outside can prevent or slow down the process, as it comes as a shield that protects your food from exposure to room temperature.

  • Container size:

The ice cream sticks come into contact with the outside environment easily, and it does not take long to liquefy. In contrast, the same condition is not enough to melt a large tub of cream. This process takes place slowly for a large volume.

  • Container material:

As you know, metal conducts heat faster than other types. It leads to faster melting if you use a container with this material. A plastic holder seems to be a better way to solve this problem.

  • Environment conditions:

Ice cream begins to liquefy 15-20 minutes after it leaves the refrigerator. The higher the temperature, the faster the melting occurs. Some spoilage microorganisms present in the air can participate and accelerate this process. In the worst case, your food spoils after just an hour.

How To Tell If Ice Cream Is Bad

Undoubtedly, ice cream left out overnight must be thrown away. You can define spoilage of the food in the following ways:

By Looking At It

You can easily check whether your desert goes bad with your own eyes. As soon as ice crystals appear, the trash bin is probably the final destination of your food.

The moisture in the ice cream begins to crystallize and form small ice flakes. This phenomenon usually occurs in the top layer and gradually moves to the bottom. It also leads to a change of creamy texture. The transition from smooth cream to slurry with ice crystals is the clearest sign of expiration.

By Smelling It

Low temperatures in the freezer cannot completely prevent mold growth! You can detect spoilage early by smelling the dish before eating, as the mold scent clearly gives you the most accurate warning.

How To Store Ice Cream To Extend Its Shelf Life

Does ice cream go bad before its expiration? Yes, if you do not know how to store it properly. Let us guide you on the right path!

Keep It As Cool As Possible

Put the ice cream in the freezer until you eat it. The colder the temperature, the better the storage results. It would help to adjust the refrigerator to below 0°F.

If you want to enjoy a slightly softer texture, leave it out at room temperature for a few minutes. We do not recommend microwaves for a quick impact. The great heat left everything in ruins!

The Place To Store Your Ice Cream

At various times of the day, your freezer is exposed to the outside environment. It affects the quality of tip #1 above, as this storage method limits the penetration of hot air into your frozen dessert. So, put your dessert to the back of the device to keep it as cold as possible.

Preventing The Air From Getting In The Product

Hot air in contact with ice cream causes frozen burns that change the taste and texture of the desert. One of the following methods may come in handy:

  1. A sealed container with a lid can become your savior.
  2. A layer of plastic food wraps over the frozen food.
  3. A dedicated holder for frozen products such as Tupperware.

Can You Refreeze Ice Cream

If ice cream melts, can you refreeze it? Though you can, the truth is, it’s not worth your effort! The reasons below will point out the risks that prevent you from doing so.

Reasons For Not To Refreeze Melted Ice Cream

It Is Unsafe

Is it safe to eat melted ice cream? Even if you refreeze ice cream, it cannot remove harmful bacteria. Milk and eggs (maybe) in the composition of frozen products are favorable environments for the growth of microorganisms at room temperature.

Listeria, a bacteria that causes food poisoning, is the biggest concern when you have left the ice cream out all night.

The Texture Changes

No matter how much you try, bringing the frozen desert back to its original shape is difficult. Ice cream melted and refrozen has large ice crystals and a rough surface. It resembles a glass of crushed ice that destroys your expectations of a smooth and creamy texture.

How To Refreeze Ice Cream

Can I refreeze ice cream? Of course, it is your choice. You can ignore health warnings and do as you please in some special cases. If it is necessary, here is how:

Melted ice cream

Put the melted desert in the fridge and let the appliance do its task for a few hours. Even so, we must be reminded once again of the change in taste and texture. It is best to check whether your dessert is edible or not!

Partly melted

If the original texture of the cream has not been distorted, your chances of success go higher. The process is similar to the melted one, but it takes a little less time. On the downside, be mindful that crystals can appear and alter the quality of the dish.


How long can ice cream sit out? We hope you find the answer in our article. You can enjoy your frozen dessert after 15-20 minutes for the best taste. Please also note that Ice cream left out overnight should be discarded.

Overall, we advise you enjoy fresh food before the best-use date for the best taste without harming your health!

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