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This chocolate peanut butter ice cream recipe is made with rich and decadent homemade chocolate ice cream and loaded with salted peanut butter chunks.

Most people love chocolate right? Most people love peanut butter? It seems everyone loves the combination of chocolate and peanut butter!

Just think about all the different candies that has that well-known combination. Well today is about homemade chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

And not just boring chocolate ice cream with peanut butter mixed throughout, it is chocolate ice cream with peanut butter chunks. Just think of it like cookie dough!

So if you want something a little different, this ice cream is the way to go. When I make homemade ice cream these days, it is at the top of the list as well as graham cracker ice cream, marshmallow ice cream, chocolate chip ice cream and no churn butter pecan ice cream.

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Ingredient Notes

  • Heavy cream and milk – the 2:1 ratio of heavy cream to milk gives you the right fat content to create that creamy texture you except with ice cream.
  • Peanut butter – when frozen with the honey, they turn into little pops of salty, sweet and nutty flavor bombs.
  • Xanthan gum – my go-to for reducing ice crystals after the ice cream freezes, but you can omit if you prefer.

Ingredient Swaps

As with any recipe, you can switch things up if needed. Some variations include:

  • Whole milk and heavy cream are my go-tos, but you can also use any skim milk and half-and-half if needed. It just won’t be as creamy.
  • I usually use granulated sugar for homemade ice cream, but light brown sugar works as well.
  • While peanut butter is what I use for the frozen cubes, you can use alternatives like almond butter, pecan butter or sunflower seed butter.

Step-by-Step Photos

process shots of mixing together chocolate mix, heating up cream and whisking in chocolate and making peanut butter bites

Mix together the sugar, cocoa powder, salt and xanthan gum in a bowl and set aside. Now make the base by heating the milk, cream and corn syrup in a medium pot over medium heat.

Whisk in the sugar mixture until no clumps. Cook for 2-3 minutes and remove from heat. Pour through a fine mesh strainer and cover and refrigerate for 4 hours or over night. While cooling, mix together the peanut butter, honey and salt in a bowl.

process shots of cutting peanut butter bites and making ice cream before mixing in the bites

Spread the peanut butter on a parchment-lined baking sheet until it is ½” thick. Freeze until solid, about 1 hour. Cut into ½ cubes and place in the freezer to be used later. Mix in the vanilla extract in the ice cream and then churn for 20 minutes or until done.

Once done, fold in the peanut butter cubes and place in a container in the freezer for 4 hours before serving.


Homemade Ice Cream Tips

  • Use the Best Ingredients – when making ice cream you want to use the best ingredients possible so use free-range eggs and organic milk and cream. Also use high quality products when it comes to added flavorings like vanilla or chocolate. Never use imitation vanilla.
  • Don’t Cut the Fat and Calories – ice cream is not the dessert that you should be cutting the fat. It depends on the high-fat content to create a creamy texture. If you go lower fat, it will cause an icy ice cream. If you’re on a diet, just have a smaller scoop!
  • Add Extract at Right Time – if you add an extract or alcohol while the custard is too hot, you won’t get the actual flavor as it will cook out slightly. Just wait until right before you pour the custard into the ice cream maker to add it.
  • Chill the Custard – you don’t necessarily need to chill the custard overnight, but you want to chill until it is as cold as possible.
  • Use Frozen Bowl – make sure your ice cream bowl has been frozen for at least 24 hours, otherwise you aren’t giving the ice cream a great chance of freeze.
  • Start Ice Cream Motor First – do not pour the custard in the frozen bowl before starting the ice cream maker. It will start freezing upon contact. You want the motor running and slowly pour the custard in.
  • Add Peanut Butter Cubes at the End – never add your peanut butter cubes at the beginning of the process. You want to add them when it looks like there is about a minute left in the churning process.
  • Don’t Overchurn – always error on the side of caution when it comes to churning your chocolate peanut butter ice cream. You do not want it to be hard. Remember it will continue to freeze once you place in the freezer.
  • Keep It Creamy – homemade ice cream can turn hard as we don’t add preservatives, however xanthan gum or a couple tablespoon of vodka will help keep it creamy.
chocolate peanut butter ice cream in glass bowl

Other Ice Cream Recipes

If you’ve tried this chocolate peanut butter ice cream recipe or any other recipe on Chisel & Fork, please let me know how it turned out in the comments below! You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to see more tasty meals and anything else I’m up to.

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