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This chocolate ice cream is so easy to make, with only 6 ingredients! It’s ultra rich, thick, and creamy, and has the perfect chocolate flavor in every bite!

A chocolate ice cream cone.

Next month is national ice cream month, and July 21 (almost exactly 1 month from today is National Ice cream Day!) I love ice cream all year long, but it’s especially delectable on a hot summer day, like today, I think.

So in honor of the upcoming holiday, and enjoy a cold bowl of ice cream all summer long, go eat some yummy ice cream, and especially if you want to make up a batch of this amazing chocolate ice cream! You owe it to yourself to celebrate the holiday. And as Ronald Regan who created the holiday said it should be celebrated with “appropriate ceremonies and activities” which basically means eating a lot of ice cream, right?

I think chocolate ice cream is always a good idea, and this easy recipe is great for enjoying on it’s own, or with your favorite mix ins. If you love chocolate ice cream, you’ll also love our rocky road ice cream, and chocolate peanut butter ice cream too!

A scoop of rich chocolate ice cream

This simple homemade chocolate ice cream is a winner. Yes, it can be a long process to remember to freeze your ice cream maker bowl beforehand, but when it’s ready you just stir the ingredients and throw them all into the ice cream maker. And then if you want the ice cream scoopable you need to refreeze it. It seems like a hassle, but is it worth it? Always!

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

How to make Chocolate Ice Cream?

This chocolate ice cream is an egg free ice cream, so it’s not a custard based ice cream, but I promise it’s still nice and creamy. All you need to make it is cocoa powder, sugar, brown sugar, heavy cream, milk, and a dash of vanilla. That’s it. You probably have most of the ingredients at home already!

You’ll literally just mix together your cocoa powder, brown sugar and white sugar in a bowl. Sift it up if you need to get rid of any chunky pieces. Then mix it up with the heavy cream, and milk, and vanilla extract. Stir it for a few minutes to try and help the sugars dissolve. Then pour it all into the prepared ice cream maker.

The ice cream will come out of the ice cream maker a super soft consistency, kind of like a Wendy’s frosty. It’s super delicious like that, or I like to freeze it up for a few more hours to make it scoopable like your favorite store bought ice cream.

A bowl of chocolate ice cream is the perfect way to cool down

And if you want to take the ice cream to the next level, put a scoop on top of homemade chocolate brownies, all topped with homemade hot fudge. It might be death by chocolate, but it’s worth it – especially for all you chocolate lovers out there!

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream on top of chocolate brownies

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Recipe first posted on July 15, 2012. Photos updated on June 24, 2019.

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