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Chick Fil A is famous for their chicken sandwiches, but they also serve some very delicious ice cream desserts. Getting an ice cream treat at Chick Fil A is very affordable because prices range from $0.89 to $1.69. Though the fast food restaurant does not more flavors, their vanilla ice cream is a customer favorite. Also, you can learn more about the Chick Fil A ice cream price range from this article. We will let you know the cost for every size of ice cream item.

Chick Fil A Ice Cream Prices

Chick Fil A Ice Cream Icedream Cone (kids) $0.89 Icedream Cone (small) $1.29 Icedream Cone (large) $1.69 Chick Fil A Sundaes Mini Sundae $0.99 Cookie Sundae $1.99 Brownie Sundae $2.95 Chick Fil A Ice Cream Drinks Milkshake (small) $2.89 Milkshake (large) $3.29 Frosted Coffee (small) $2.89 Frosted Coffee (large) $3.29

Note: The prices above, as well as the selection of items, differ from store to store.

Chick Fil A Ice Cream Flavors

The ice cream sold at Chick Fil A is called “Icedream.” It is called this because the product is lower in fat that traditional ice cream. However, it is still smooth and creamy, and it has the texture of normal, soft serve ice cream. Then, the ice cream machines only have a single flavor, so customers who order ice cream will receive vanilla ice cream.

If you want more flavor to your ice cream, you will need to order another ice cream based menu item that contains more flavoring ingredients. Potential flavors for ice cream include chocolate, strawberry, coffee, peach, or cookies and cream.

Also, Chick Fil A’s Icedream is available in three sizes. But you can order a small cone for $0.89. The larger cone costs $1.29, and the largest one is $1.69, and it also contains more ice cream in the same size of cone. But the only cone type available at Chick Fil A is a classic cake cone.

Chick Fil A Ice Cream Toppings

For additional flavor on your ice cream cone or dish, you can request a sauce topping while ordering it. Also, this is available in either chocolate or strawberry, for no additional cost. On other types of ice cream desserts, there are even more toppings available. Also, restaurants may have whipped cream, maraschino cherries, walnuts, Oreo cookie crumbles, fresh fruit, or chocolate shavings to include on your ice cream.

So, topping availability may vary a little depending on location, and if you order another menu item, like a cookie or fruit cup, as a topping, the ice cream price will increase.

Chick Fil A Sundaes

Moreover, it has a few different sundae options for customers as well. Just ordering a plain dish of ice cream allows you to request chocolate or strawberry topping, making your ice cream into a classic sundae. So, if you would like a smaller serving, you can just order a mini sundae that contains a small dish of ice cream, your choice of strawberry or chocolate topping, a cherry, and whipped cream.

For a more elaborate sundae choice, order the cookie sundae or the fudge brownie sundae. At $2 to $3, these are slightly larger than other menu items, but they are still quite affordable. The cookie sundae contains chunks of chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream, cherries, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, and ice cream. So, the brownie sundae is similar, but it has a warm fudge brownie and hot fudge sauce on it.

Chick Fil A Frozen Treats

Sundaes and ice cream cones are not the only way to enjoy ice cream at Chick Fil A ice cream . The company also uses their ice cream in some tasty frozen drinks. Milkshakes are available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or cookies and cream at all times of the year. During holidays, customers can get limited-time flavors like peach or mint chocolate chip.

The Chick Fil A milkshakes prices for both the normal and the seasonal flavors range from $2.89 for a small shake to $3.29 for a large one. So, each milkshake contains ice cream, milk, and flavored syrups, and they are topped with whipped cream and a cherry. If you want a little caffeine with your ice cream treat, order a frosted coffee for $2.89 to $3.29. Indeed, this is a blend of Chick Fil A’s fresh brewed coffee and their Icedream.

Chick Fil A Ice Creams Location

Furthermore, the Chick Fil A online store locator will help you find a restaurant location near you. Also, keep in mind that some locations may not offer all ice cream options, so you may need to call ahead to see what they have. So, to learn more about the Chick Fil A ice cream price range and options, use one of these methods to get in touch with their customer service team.

Phone Number: 1-866-232-2040 Website: Official Website Contact Page: Contact PageAddress: Chick Fil A Support Center, 5200 Buffington Road,, Atlanta, GA 30349

Whether you are craving an ice cream cone or a milkshake, Chick Fil A has an option for you. So, their affordable and delicious ice cream treats are made fresh for each customer. Then, leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the Chick Fil A ice cream price options.

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