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Summer is the high season for refreshing ice creams and cats also want to cool off. Do you want to see your cat eating ice cream and surprise him? We explain if ice cream is dangerous for kittens and how to make healthy homemade ice cream for cats.

It doesn’t get any better than when restaurants have pet-specific items on their menus, like cat treats or dog biscuits. These benefits are even greater in the summer when the heat hits us and our pets. Dogs are often in the spotlight when it comes to special menus, but with a DIY snack, cats can play a big role too – Cat Ice Cream: 5 Recipe Ideas.

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This trend is spreading across Japan as temperatures in the country continue to rise and cat owners need a solution to keep pets from drinking from their bowls. The best thing is that it is super easy, we probably already have everything we need at home.

Do cats eat ice cream?

Large relatives of domestic cats are used to high temperatures. Therefore, cats can also tolerate them. However, the hottest days can be too much for even the most heat-addicted.

Shady areas and a sufficient amount of water cool them down, but many people wonder: can you give cats ice cream?

Ice cream for cats: tips for carefree pleasure

In general, there is nothing wrong with giving your kitten frozen snacks in hot weather. However, you have to take into account the following tips so that the ice cream does not damage your stomach:

  • cats love milk but are often lactose intolerant. To make ice cream for cats, it is better to use fresh cheese, yogurt, or special milk for cats. You can also try a lactose-free ice cream recipe. Below we give you ideas.
  • The same thing happens with cats as with people: less is more. For the cat to live a healthy life, its food must be balanced. Therefore, ice cream for cats should only be given to them from time to time, like treats.
  • Although the temptation is great, the cat should enjoy the ice cream slowly and not too cold. So he lets it melt a bit before giving it to her.

While the selection of prepared ice creams for dogs is wide, for cats it is rather modest. The good news is that you can easily and cheaply make cat ice cream yourself. The

The best ingredients for the dough depend on the taste of the pussycat.

Ice creams for cats: the solution for the heat

Cat ice cream is a moisturizing treatment that we can easily make at home for our furry friends. . And we shouldn’t worry about our family or roommates getting something (if they do, they’ll regret it): the main ingredient in cat food.

It’s not the ice cream that we would buy ourselves, but By freezing cat food and a little water, we can create a refreshing snack for our cat. . The only other tools we need are an ice cube tray and some toothpicks or popsicle sticks. Then simply add water to canned foods and blend in a blender, before pouring into molds and freezing. Voila. Our cat will be infinitely happy.

Regular ice cream is a problem for cats, as they have a hard time digesting dairy products properly ( the sugar, milk, and cream in the product can give them a pretty severe stomach ache ). If we’ve already tried homemade cat ice cream, and our four-legged friend loves it, we might as well consider stocking up on different versions of the treatment throughout the summer.

Many pet food brands make these fresh cat treats. However, if you want to try making ice cream from scratch instead of using the commercial one, you can make a mixture of eggs, meat, or tuna and whey powder by mixing the ingredients with a little water and freezing the snacks in ice cups or molds. So if we want to keep some for next week, just store them in a freezer bag.

Cats love fish, right? If our cat is also a fan, we can open a can of tuna or salmon in a bowl (juice included, but you have to remove the bones). Simply blend the mixture, then use the ice tray again to freeze and serve.

If we’re feeling creative, we can even make a cute ice toy and just put some cat treats in some water or chicken broth, freeze them in an ice cube tray, and then let the kitty enjoy. to find the prize. Finally, we can make our cat’s homemade ice cream even tastier by combining cat food with yogurt or fruit instead of water. : sure to be appreciated on a hot day.

Ice cream for cats: ingredients and accessories

The great thing about cat ice cream is that you probably have most of the ingredients at home. You can use the cat’s favorite food, snacks to suck, milk for cats, or snacks.

The chocolate and sugar with which we sweeten our ice creams are prohibited for cats. Neither salt nor cereals should be used in the food of the kittens.

Find out what other ingredients you should avoid for your cat’s ice cream in our list of prohibited foods for cats

For the dough, you can use natural yogurt or fresh cheese, as long as your cat likes it. For sensitive cats, it is better to use unseasoned broths, if possible natural, or pure water.

In addition to the ingredients, you will need an ice cube tray. Conventional ice cubes are the ideal size for a snack between meals. To fill the pan without spilling it all, use a piping bag or freezer bag with a cutout. If not, you can utilize a teaspoon.

Now you just need patience until the ice cream is frozen. You can also save yourself work and make several ice creams to have a reservation.

A very easy homemade recipe

Let’s take the tips described so far and discover how to make very simple ice cream for our cat. It is made with totally edible ingredients for our furry friends. (unlike regular ice cream). It helps increase fluid intake and is very fresh. Plus, this recipe is also good for dogs (swap cat food for dog food).

Ingredients and accessories:

  • Cat milk – not mother’s milk or kitten milk! Cow’s milk is bad for cats’ digestion. This type of milk, on the other hand, is designed for adult cats and contains no lactose or added nutrients. It is usually found in pet stores.
  • Pate-style cat food (optional), to mix for a little more flavor.
  • Markdown – Kosher salt works best, but regular table salt is fine too.
  • 2 resealable food bags – like sandwich bags
  • 1 bag for frozen food, if 3 or 5 liters
  • A lot of ice! Three molds or even more


Pour the cat’s milk into a sandwich bag. Add half a can of wet food to the milk (the amount is indicative, we can do some tests and then decide how much we want to use). Seal the bag tightly, then place it in a second sandwich bag. We need to make sure nothing spills out when we squeeze it and no salt or water gets in.

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Pour ice and salt into the 3-5 liter bag. We poured about half a glass of salt (no need to be precise, let’s leave it to science!). At this point, Seal the bags with ice and crush this “bag” for 15 minutes. . Simply squeeze or roll it on a work surface. Watch out for leaks! We can use a kitchen towel so that our hands do not get cold.

After 15 minutes, take out the inner bag and collect the ice cream. Delicious? No, in fact, for a human it will probably be horrible, but for cats, it will be a real treat. . We serve a small amount (it shouldn’t replace a meal), and freeze the rest in freezer-safe containers, or an ice cube tray, for future snacking!

How to make ice cream for cats: the easiest recipes for summer

If you are going to make cat ice cream for the first time, think about your cat’s favorite food. Is he a fish lover, does he prefer wet food or are you crazy about sweets? Our list offers you the perfect recipe for every taste.

Recipe 1: Tuna

frozen fish delight

Does your cat love to fish? In that case, you will make him purr with this recipe. It couldn’t be easier: you just need tuna and a little water. preparation:

  • Shred a portion of tuna
  • Add water until the dough is creamy
  • Fill the mold with the tuna cream
  • Put in the freezer until the dough has frozen

Recipe 2: Wet Food

Homemade cat ice cream with wet food

Just as easy as the tuna ice cream recipe is the wet food variant. Instead of tuna, grind the portion of cat food that your kitty likes the most.

Recipe 3: Bauble

The hidden treat in the ice cream

Surprise your cat by hiding a treat in the mixture before freezing it. Another option is to freeze the candy in plain water or bouillon cube.

If your cat loves sucking snacks, you can freeze the cream mixed with a little plain yogurt.

Recipe 4: milk

Mild daily pleasure for the stomach

Milk ice cream is also good for cats, as long as it does not contain lactose. With special milk for cats, you will create a delicious ice cream that will not give you a tummy ache.

The condition is that the cat does not eat the ice cream completely frozen. Let it melt a bit so it doesn’t hurt her stomach.

By the way: cat milk is great for making creamy and delicious wet food or tuna ice cream.

Recipe 5: hypocaloric variant

of the ice cream bomb

If your cat is on a diet, that doesn’t mean you have to give up the pleasant freshness of ice cream. With an ice cream bomb, you will not only refresh your cat without calories, but you will encourage him to play.

You will only need a balloon and water:

  • Remove the talc from the balloon: fill with a little water, knead and empty
  • Fill the balloon with water (not too much so as not to intimidate the cat)
  • Put the balloon filled with water in the freezer until the water freezes
  • Take the balloon out of the freezer

You can serve the ice cream bomb in a baking pan or something similar. Pour some water. Your cat can now enjoy his ice cream bomb. Due to its shape, the ice cream ball moves and stimulates him to play.

More DIY Recipes

Does other another cold treat for cats? These snacks taste good (at least for cats) and help keep your pet hydrated.

Ice cubes are often used by zookeepers as nutritional enrichment for big cats (tigers, lions, and the like). They freeze large blocks of ice with delicious treats inside, like pieces of meat or even fruit. . In our case, we can avoid icing with raw meat, and think smaller. For our cat, we use ice cube molds and add small pieces of tuna or croquettes.

Other ideas? We take the wet cat food and mix a few pieces of dry feed croquettes. We shape the mixture into small sausages on a baking sheet and freeze. Our kitty will love licking these treats until she finds some crunchy surprise treats inside. . We can also give him his normal ration in this way, or divide it into small amounts throughout the day.

Ever thought of frozen banana bites for a cat? Some cats are a bit of a picky eater and may not like fruit, but for those with adventurous palates, let’s try these refreshing treats. Mash some bananas into a puree and pour them into an ice cube tray. . We add a crunch, if we want, adding a few pieces of croquettes to the mixture.

One last tip when making ice cream for cats: Regardless of the recipe you choose, serve the ice cream in a small bowl. Thus, the ice cream will not slip and the floor will remain dry. We wish your cat good luck!

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