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It is a refreshing treat on a hot day – and dogs sure would love to have some of it – but can dogs eat ice cream? Here’s what you need to know about dogs eating ice cream.

If your dog can digest dairy products just fine, can you give dogs ice cream? This in-depth guide will look at all the different flavors and types and explain what to watch out for when you share this frozen treat with your furry friend.

scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the ice cream.

For ultimate pet safety, please ask your vet any questions you have regarding your dog eating ice cream.

Can Dogs Have Ice Cream

It’s no secret that dogs love ice cream. The good news is small quantities as an occasional treat are safe to share with your dog. You just have to be careful with how much they eat. You also need to pay really close attention to the ingredients in the ice cream before you share it with your pet.

It is a good idea to only give your pup a small amount of ice cream so that you keep their overall calorie count low. If you can, give your dog ice cream made for dogs, or make your own.

black and white dog in front of a closeup of neapolitan ice cream.

Is Ice Cream Safe For Dogs

Maybe you’ve seen those funny videos of dogs eating ice cream and wondered, “is ice cream safe for dogs to eat?” Yes, ice cream is safe for most dogs to eat.

These cool treats are safe on rare occasions. Your dog should always get the bulk of its calories from nutrient-dense dog food.

Is Ice Cream Bad For Dogs

There are a lot of different questions about ice cream and dogs. Why is ice cream bad for dogs? Let’s look at the most common questions and the times that ice cream might be a bad idea.

Will Ice Cream Hurt A Dog

The only way that giving ice cream to dogs is a bad thing is if you share the kind that has toxic ingredients in it. Never give your dog any kind of ice cream that has macadamia nuts in it since they are unsafe for dogs to eat.

You should also keep artificial sweeteners away from dogs, including the sugar substitute Xylitol. Sugar-free ice cream is dangerous for dogs.

Can Ice Cream Make A Dog Sick

If your dog is diabetic, then you should not give them sweet treats like ice cream. It could affect your pup’s blood sugar level in a negative way.

The lactose in vanilla ice cream might be bad for some dogs’ digestive systems. The symptoms of lactose intolerance include an upset stomach and loose stools.

If you notice that your dog has a stomach ache after eating ice cream, then keep it away from them from now on.

Can Ice Cream Kill Dogs

No, traditional ice cream doesn’t usually kill dogs. If dogs eat a lot of ice cream that has xylitol in it, they might get really sick, and it could possibly kill them.

Are Dogs Allergic To Ice Cream

Dogs are not usually allergic to ice cream. One way to test it is to give your dog a tiny amount. If they are able to eat this without showing signs of allergies, then they are fine.

The most common signs of allergic reactions are coughing, sneezing, and itching.

Is Ice Cream Good For Dogs

How about the flip side – is it good to give dogs ice cream? There is no nutritional value of ice cream for dogs. In fact, it has too much sugar in it for it to be good for dogs.

It can be a refreshing treat on a scorching day – but cold water is better for your dog than high-calorie ice cream.

Is Ice Cream OK For Dogs

All in all, ice cream is an ok treat for dogs.

So, should dogs eat ice cream? This is a personal choice. If your dog eats too many sugary foods, it could cause weight gain and blood sugar issues.

Look at everything your dog ate and decide whether a little bit of ice cream will be a good idea or not.

How Much Ice Cream Can A Dog Eat

How much ice cream your dog can eat depends on what type of ice cream it is, what else they had to eat that day, and how big your dog is.

To be safe, a few licks or a small bit of ice cream from the top of a cone is a safe amount for most dogs. Larger dogs can probably handle more ice cream than toy breeds. Please ask your veterinarian about how much ice cream your dog can eat.

When can dogs eat ice cream? It’s best to give them ice cream after you know for sure they are not lactose intolerant.

Can Puppies Eat Ice Cream

What about those tiny little fur babies? Is ice cream bad for puppies? Ice cream is safer for adult dogs than it is for puppies. Puppies have sensitive stomachs and will react worse to lactose and new foods.

Can puppies have vanilla ice cream? It is safest to just give your puppy dog food and dog treats and avoid giving them any ice cream.

My Dog Ate Ice Cream – What Do I Do

What do I do if my dog ate ice cream? The very first thing you should do is pay attention to what kind of ice cream they ate and how much of it they consumed. If it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients in it, then just give your dog plenty of trips outside, since they will probably have a stomach ache.

If your dog starts to act sick after eating ice cream, then call your veterinarian.

What Kind Of Ice Cream Can Dogs Eat

Now let’s look at the different flavors. What flavor of ice cream can dogs eat? Let’s find out.

vanilla ice cream in a bowl.

Can Dogs Eat Vanilla Ice Cream

As long as your pet isn’t lactose-intolerant and the ice cream isn’t sugar-free, it is safe to share a little bit of vanilla ice cream with your pet.

Can dogs eat Breyer’s vanilla ice cream? Yes, this kind of ice cream is safe for dogs in small amounts.

chocolate ice cream scoops on a plate.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate Ice Cream

Dogs should not eat chocolate ice cream, especially anything made with extra chocolate (like chocolate chunk or pieces of brownies mixed in). Even though a tiny bit of milk chocolate is safe for dogs, it’s always better to just avoid it entirely.

What happens if a dog eats chocolate ice cream? If your dog only ate a little bit, they probably won’t show any signs or reactions to it.

Can Dogs Eat Butter Pecan Ice Cream

No, dogs should not eat any kind of ice cream that has pecans in it. Pecans contain a toxin that is harmful to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Ice Cream

Yes, coconut ice cream is safe for dogs in small amounts. Dogs should never eat coconut ice cream if it has xylitol in it.

Can Dogs Eat Mango Ice Cream

Mango ice cream is safe for dogs. It is high in sugar, but that is the only bad thing about it.

bowl of mango ice cream.

Can Dogs Eat Mint Ice Cream

Mint ice cream usually comes in a chocolate flavor. Never give your dog mint sweetened with xylitol. Do not give your dog chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Can Dogs Eat Pistachio Ice Cream

Yes, dogs can eat pistachio ice cream as a rare and occasional treat.

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Ice Cream

Yes, dogs can eat strawberries and ice cream that has strawberries in it.

strawberry ice cream in a bowl.

Can Dogs Eat Soft Serve Ice Cream

What about McDonald’s ice cream? Even though it is really high in sugar and calories, a small amount of soft serve vanilla ice cream is an ok treat for your dog.

Other Ice Cream Flavors and Dogs

It’s impossible to list out every single flavor of ice cream ever created. These are the most popular ice cream flavors and whether they are safe for dogs or not.

  • Banana – Safe
  • Black Cherry – Safe
  • Black Raspberry – Safe
  • Caramel – Safe
  • Cherry -Safe
  • Coffee – Unsafe, caffeine is not good for dogs.
  • Cookies and Cream – Unsafe, it contains chocoalte
  • Custard – Safe
  • Dole Whip – Safe
  • Green Tea – Unsafe, too much caffeine
  • Lemon – Safe
  • Lime – Safe
  • Matcha – Safe
  • Oreo – Unsafe, contains chocolate
  • Passion Fruit – Safe
  • Peach – Safe
  • Peanut Butter – Safe
  • Pecan – Unsafe, pecans are toxic to dogs
  • Pumpkin – Safe
  • Raspberry – Safe
  • Salted Caramel – Unsafe, dogs should avoid salt
  • Taro – Unsafe
various ice cream flavors in cones.

Can Dogs Eat Lactose-Free Ice Cream

If your dog is lactose intolerant, you might be tempted to give them dairy-free ice cream.

Coconut milk ice cream is the most popular kind and it is safe for dogs in small amounts. Never give your dog any kind of ice cream that is sweetened with xylitol.

Next is oat milk ice cream. This is also safe for dogs as long as it doesn’t have xylitol in it.

Can Dogs Have Sugar-Free Ice Cream

No, dogs should never have sugar-free ice cream. At the worst, xylitol is toxic to dogs. Other types of sugar substitutes are unsafe for dogs as well.

Can Dogs Eat Vegan Ice Cream

No, dogs should not eat vegan ice cream. Dogs should not eat nut-based milks and some types of vegan ice creams might be made with unsafe sugar replacements.

Can Dogs Eat Mochi Ice Cream

Even though mochi contains dog-safe ingredients, it has way too much sugar and carbs in it to be a good idea to share with dogs. Plus, it is difficult to give them a little bit since dogs will typically eat an entire mochi at once.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream Cones

When it comes to your dog’s diet, it is best to keep the sugary treats to a minimum. That is why it is best to give them ice cream without the cones.

Ice cream cones contain dog-safe ingredients, but all the sugar, fat, and carbs, could lead to unhealthy weight gain in your pup.

four different ice cream cones.

Can Dogs Eat Waffle Cones

Yes, dogs can safely eat waffle cones. However, they have so much sugar in them that they are not a good treat for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream Sandwiches

Even though dogs can safely digest ice cream sandwiches, they have too much sugar and carbs in them to be a good idea for your pet. Plus, most types of sandwiches are made with cocoa which is unsafe for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Gelato

Gelato might be safe for dogs to eat, but it also contains high levels of lactose and sugar. All this sugar and lactose might give your dog an upset stomach, so only give them a small amount at a time.

strawberry sorbet in a bowl.

Can Dogs Eat Sherbet

Now let’s look at the two most common types of sherbet or sorbet that you can buy in the store.

Can Dogs Eat Orange Sherbet

Yes, dogs can safely eat orange sherbet in very small amounts. This is really high in sugar which can contribute to obesity and other related health issues.

Can Dogs Eat Rainbow Sherbet

Rainbow sherbet is safe for dogs, but only a good idea in very controlled, small amounts.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

Commercial frozen yogurt is loaded with just as much sugar as typical ice cream. In fact, some kinds have more sugar than ice cream. Only give your dog a small amount and watch their calorie intake for the entire day.

Read more about dogs and frozen yogurt.

Ice Cream For Dogs

What about doggie ice cream? Dog ice cream is a better option because it is still a frozen treat, but it is an ice cream alternative for dogs. It has less lactose and usually has either peanut butter or unsweetened yogurt in it.

A lot of people like to make their own dog ice cream. Check out this banana peanut butter swirl dog ice cream recipe.

Best Ice Cream For Dogs

Frosty Paws ice cream is one of the most popular kinds you will find in the store. It is made with whey, soy flour, and coconut oil (among a few other ingredients). Since they don’t really contain whole foods, use your judgment about how much to share with your dog.

Carvel dog ice cream is also really popular among dog owners. Even though they don’t make a flavor specifically for dogs, they do make it with dog-safe ingredients. You should limit how much ice cream you let them eat.

When it comes to chocolate ice cream for dogs, it is best to just avoid this flavor. Chocolate is not good for dogs in any amount.

The same goes for cookies and cream ice cream for dogs. You might be able to make your own with carob cookies, but don’t give your dog a commercial version.

The safest pistachio ice cream for dogs is going to be the kind made with real sugar and dairy.

Another safe flavor is Ube ice cream for dogs because it is made with purple yams and coconut milk.

Vanilla ice cream for dogs is safe as long as it doesn’t have xylitol in it. Finally, watermelon ice cream for dogs is also safe in small amounts.

Check out these peanut butter dog popsicles for a great dog-safe frozen treat.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, ice cream is safe for dogs in small amounts. It’s not a good idea for dogs to eat food that has a lot of sugar or fat in it. So, if you do share ice cream with your pup, only give them a small amount.

You should also keep your dog away from ingredients that are toxic including xylitol, chocolate, and macadamia nuts.

The best way to share ice cream with your fur baby is to make it yourself with dog-safe ingredients.

What Dogs Can Eat and Not Eat

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