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Have you ever wondered if dogs can eat ice cream? Why not I hear you ask, after all, if humans can then it must be safe for our four-legged friends too, right?

We’ve all had occasions on hot summer days when our furballs are lying in the blazing sun, panting away. They seem oblivious to seeking shade, preferring instead to soak up the sun till their fur is almost burning.

So what can you give your woof to help cool them down in the summer heat? Something cold and icy perhaps?

Feeding your dog a tasty frozen ice cream seems the sensible choice for many pet owners, you enjoy them, they seem to enjoy them, so what’s the problem?

After all, humans can turn to ice lollies and lovely cold ice creams, it’s a natural way to cool down and we don’t give it a second thought, but just how safe is it to feed ice cream to your woof?

So, can I feed my dog ice cream? Is it safe? And if not, why not?

Can I feed my dog ice cream

The short answer is – NO, it is not safe to feed ice cream to your dog. Certainly not the version humans eat.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home warns against letting your dog eat ice cream “because of the sugar, and because some dogs can be intolerant to dairy”.

They state, “It could cause bloating, constipation, skin irritation, diarrhoea or vomiting. The sugar content can add huge amounts of calories to your dog’s carefully monitored daily food intake.”

Sarah Wright, the editor of Your Dog magazine adds, “A couple of dozen licks of ice-cream, she says, “can be the equivalent of a couple of cheeseburgers” for humans.”

And if that’s not enough to cause you concern, some ice creams can also contain the sweetener xylitol, which is poisonous to dogs.

So just to make sure you’ve got the message, next time you are queuing for an iced treat with your woof, and they are looking expectant and you want to keep them cool, remember this mantra – “Can dogs eat ice cream? – NO – Can dogs eat vanilla ice cream? – NO – Can dogs eat pistachio ice cream? – NO again – Can dogs eat coconut ice cream? – Again NO – Can dogs eat strawberry ice cream? – Tempting, but NO – Can dogs eat chocolate ice cream – Absolutely NO! – So what ice cream can dogs eat? – Ahhh, interesting that you asked… on!”

But someone must have thought about making ice cream for dogs to keep them cool, right?

But someone must have thought about making ice cream for dogs to keep them cool, right?

Fear not, of course someone has. There are some very special, doggy-friendly mouth-watering iced treats available for your heated hound.

Billy + Margot just happen to make three delicious flavours, completely dairy-free and packed full of wholesome and nutritious ingredients;

Strawberry & Apple Iced Treat – This includes the goodness of real apple and strawberry, yet is completely free from dairy-based ingredients. It includes nutrient-dense superfoods such as coconut oil, flaxseed oil, and aloe vera gel, to support your dog’s overall health and vitality.

Banana & Honey Iced Treat – This tasty tub includes the goodness of real banana and honey and is a great way to reward good behaviour, keep your dog cool and refreshed on hot days.

Banana, Apple & Carrot Iced Treat – This iced delight includes the goodness of real banana, apple and carrot and includes nutrient-dense superfoods to support your dog’s overall health and vitality.

And what’s more, dogs and pawrents alike simply love them.

Are there any benefits to giving iced treats to dogs?

Are there any benefits to giving iced treats to dogs?

The simple answer is YES. For starters the Billy & Marogt range of iced treats are 100% vegetarian, they all contain fruit, aloe vera and flaxseed oil and, if by mistake, you should eat some they are completely edible by humans, they help keep your dogs cool, and apparently are quite tasty (but don’t let your woof catching you scoffing one).

In short they are beneficial for your dog’s health

But there are more reasons why you should consider giving your furball iced treats on a hot summer day. Below is the interesting science bit:

  • Iced treats actually cool dogs down: when dogs lick cold, icy things, their tongue surface gets cold and then the temperature of the blood below the surface of their tongue drops as well.
  • Mess-free treats: Billy + Margot iced treats can be eaten straight from the tub so no messy bowl or floor – we can’t guarantee your dog’s face will be clean though, sorry. And because the iced treat is so delicious, there’s a chance your dog will get carried away and eat the tub too. But don’t worry! It’s made from edible cardboard and non-toxic vegetable ink, all of which will disintegrate safely after being eaten, causing no blockages.
  • Licking calms dogs: a bit like chewing, repetitive licking helps a dog to be calm and more relaxed. Perfect for a lazy day in the garden.
  • Extend your bond with your dog: iced treats last much longer than doggy biscuits or other treats and so by holding the tub for your dog, you can share in the icy enjoyment.
  • Training treat: why not used the iced treat for training? Only offer a lick after a click? Or a few licks as a reward? And because the tubs contain a fair quantity of iced treat (139g), you can pop the resealable lid back on and save the rest for another day.

The tasty option that solves how to keep your dogs cool in the summer heat

The tasty option that solves how to keep your dogs cool in the summer heat

You can order Billy + Margot iced treats directly from us online. You can add them to your order and if you are part of our Subscription scheme, add them to your regular subscription as well. Alternatively, call our Customer Services team on 01892 770188 who will be only too happy to help with your order.

We love these iced treats and so does every woof in the Benyfit Natural office, it’s the best way to keep your dogs cool in the summer heat.

Please share your photos of your pups tucking into their favourite flavour of Billy + Margot iced treat. Send them to us at @benyfitnatural on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy licking!

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