Cake and Ice Cream (Cashew Ice Cream)

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Video Cashew ice cream recipe
Cashew Ice Cream scooped on cone

I posted about my fave super easy ice cream last week on Instagram and received a lot of questions about it! SO even though I already have a whole bunch of cashew ice cream posts up, I wanted to share the most basic recipe for Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream. Plus, my little spin on it: Cake and Ice Cream Cashew Ice Cream — made using the leftovers from my chocolate cake recipe.

I mean, what’s better than cake and ice cream, guys?…

Cake and Ice Cream Cashew Ice Cream

Ice Cream On Demand: Here’s How!..

So here’s how I do this…

I wake up.

Grab my cashews — and start soaking them.

Then by after-dinner time I know I will have fully soaked cashews, ready for making the best soft serve ice cream – on demand. Basically in about ten minutes. Cake and Ice Cream ice cream on demand.

And to me, when I crave ice cream or fro-yo, nothing tastes better than freshly churned, homemade cashew ice cream. I also make sure my ice cream maker container is fully chilled in the freezer. But I can also put that in my freezer in the morning and have it ready by dinnertime – if needed.

Watch me make this ice cream…

…via TikTok – follow me to stay in touch on there!

Why Do I Need An Ice Cream Maker?

Ok, so I put off getting an ice cream maker for years too. I was like, that seems like a big clunky thing that is probably a lot of work, and maybe doesn’t even work half the time. Well one day I bought a $40 maker on Amazon and I haven’t looked back since! This thing has definitely paid for itself and it makes the best ice cream ever! (Even though there are so many amazing vegan ice cream brands in stores, nothing beats the fluffy texture of homemade, freshly chruned, IMHO.)

So which machine?

Mine is a simple Cuisinart. I very often see them available anywhere from $35-$60 online. Basic white works, or some pretty colors are out there too. It’s basically a machine that spins around while a plastic handle sort of churns your liquid – all surrounded by the frozen container. the container is just a container filled with water along the rims and sides. Once frozen, it’s super cold – especially with the steel/metal core. Make sense?

Trust me, just buy one and thank me later. If you love cashew and coconut milk ice cream – this thing will be worth it. Amazon always has at least one color in stock…

Cake and Ice Cream Cashew Ice Cream

My Easiest Cashew Ice Cream Recipe..

My easiest recipe is for basic vanilla bean. And I actually crave and make it quite often – no toppings or add-ins, just pure vanilla flavor…

Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream Soft Serve
…basic vanilla cashew ice cream is always a good idea!

The recipe below is my vanilla bean recipe, with some cake folded in. Thus the Cake and Ice Cream creation.

Cake, you say???

YES! So I made this amazing Chocolate Layer Cake last week and of course we didn’t make our way through the whole thing, so I froze about half of it and decided to chop a good amount of it into cubes for ice cream toppings. Then toppings, turned into: Why Don’t I Just Churn it With The Cubes????


Cake and Ice Cream Flavor it was.

chocolate cake
…chocolate cake, perfect for crumbling into vanilla ice cream

Cake + Ice Cream

One bite of this Cake and Ice Cream ice cream and I am taken back to basically any elementary school birthday party. There was always cake. And usually ice cream too. The best way to eat it was to let the ice cream melt a bit and sop up all those cake bits in a sort of dreamy dessert soup on your plate. Cake and ice cream in one bite.

This flavor captures all that. Give it a go…

Cake and Ice Cream Cashew Ice Cream
Cake and Ice Cream Cashew Ice Cream in glass container

Pin it for later!…

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