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This is now available in one of our local independent grocery stores, and I had to get it for the kids to try. Their comments were so heart warming for me. The only drawback for us is the cane sugar, meaning two of our kids will have sparing amounts in the future. Needless to say however, these kids are big fans of dairy free Cado Ice Cream.

If you’d like more details on the allergen information on this product, check out our Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Product Guide. You can also reach out to the company directly.

Cado Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Kid Two: That’s pretty good. I love the vanilla flavor. This is my (I stopped him and called him a liar with his pants on fire because I knew what he was about to say, so he laughed and changed his statement.)

This is my now third favorite ice cream flavor of all time. He then went on to explain the current ranking system, and we all had a good laugh because I was right.

Kid Three: This is gooooodddddddd (he said it in a really long sort of way). And I love the vanilla bean. Together, I love avocado vanilla bean ice cream. **He then demanded to know how much sugar was in the ice cream because he liked it so much.**

Imagine how vanilla extra smells (he knows how much we all LOVE that smell), it tastes like that (the others agreed with him). You would think that this would taste different because of the avocado, but that’s not the case.

Kid Four: This is delicious. I love avocado ice cream. If this had “oreo” it would be even better. This is amazing (I wish you could see her face and mannerisms right now). The texture is good and it’s not yuck vanilla, but a nice vanilla flavor. This is legit my favorite vanilla ice cream of all time.

About 20 minutes after sampling and eating a little more ice cream, she came back to add that the Vanilla Bean is closer to an ice milk, especially when compared to the Deep Dark Chocolate.

Cado Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I thought this smelled very minty. Had high hopes that it would taste good for the kids.

Kid Two: I’ve tasted better mint ice cream. It’s not bad, but I like the Vanilla Bean better.

Kid Three: They used the right mint in their mix. It’s not as good as the Vanilla Bean, but in my opinion, it’s pretty good. The chocolate chips aren’t bitter to me. I like the Vanilla Bean, then the Mint.

Kid Four: This doesn’t taste good at all to me. It’s too bitter on the back of the tongue. **I asked about texture** Their texture isn’t like our Corn Free Avocado Ice Cream (which she loves), but ours is straight avocado. I really love ours… I need it in my life.

Cado Deep Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Kid Two: This flavor has the best creaminess out of all three flavors. This is my new favorite chocolate ice cream of al time… yes, the best I’ve ever eaten. It’s addicting… You can’t get enough and I want to keep eating it. This is how you know it’s really good.

Kid Three: This is good. It has a bit of a weird aftertaste… It’s exceptionally creamy (he told me this several times).

Kid Four: It smells like our chocolate frosting (from the Bakery). I smelled and we agreed it smells like “cold” + frosting” in a really good way. It tastes really good. Although this is dark chocolate, it reminds me of a hot chocolate drink. (She and Kid Three had quite the discussion about chocolate drinks and marshmallows and how it applies.) They decided that this ice cream tastes like you dipped a marshmallow in chocolate and you’re now eating it.

About 20 minutes later, Kid Three came back to let me know that if you chew the Deep Dark Chocolate ice cream, it’s like eating a marshmallow. The things these kids do…

My Takeaway

I love that we now have another ice cream option that I can purchase at the store. While I won’t purchase it a ton because of the cane sugar, I will try to keep a pint on hand to make sure Kid Two has an option whenever he’d like some ice cream.


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