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Imagine sipping on a blended beverage that is made with Kahlua, ice cream, and a touch of Irish cream! That is exactly what you get with this super quick and easy mudslide recipe! It is like the ultimate boozy milkshake!

Mudslide drink recipe with chocolate

This frozen Kahlua mudslide recipe will keep you satisfied this winter but if you’re looking for something a tad warmer, check out my Mudslide Hot Chocolate.

I generally think of frozen drinks and milkshakes as something that can only be had in the warm months. But even in the winter, something ice-cold becomes a necessity. Something ice-cold AND boozy is certainly a bonus!

What is a Kahlua mudslide?

It’s an alcoholic cocktail perfect for winter months (or any time of the year really). Made with Kahlua alcohol, ice cream, and a few other ingredients you get a frozen drink that tastes like coffee, caramel, and vanilla all swirling around in your glass. It’s truly a delicious “grown-up drink” that is sure to help you feel energized and relaxed.

Mudslide Ingredients

  • Kahlua Liqueur – Kahlua is a coffee liqueur from Veracruz Mexico that is made with sugar, rum, and Arabica coffee. You will find this is White Russian and Espresso Martini. Good substitutes for Kahlua are Tia Maria or Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur.
  • Vodka – Use your favorite here or if you want to get a little crazy, use flavored vodkas like vanilla, caramel, or coffee-flavored vodka.
  • Irish Cream – Irish cream is a creamy based liqueur that is made by combing Irish Whiskey and cream and is most commonly known as an ingredient in Irish Coffee. One of the most popular brands is Bailey’s Irish Cream, although you can use Carolan’s or even RumChata if you are in a pinch.
  • Ice Cream- You’ll need some vanilla ice cream for the base of this creamy cold drink but other flavors can be used as well. See suggested ice cream flavors in the variations section below.

See the recipe card below for more specific quantities.

mudslide drink with straws

How To Make A Mudslide Drink:

For this recipe, I used equal parts Kahlua and equal parts vodka along with vanilla ice cream and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

  1. In a blender, combine ice, Kahlúa, vodka, Irish cream, and ice cream.
  2. Blend the mixture until creamy and smooth.
  3. Drizzle the inside of your glass with chocolate syrup.
  4. Pour the mudslide into your prepared glass. Top with whipped cream and more chocolate syrup or chocolate shavings if desired.

The thing to note is this isn’t as much a recipe as it is a guideline on how to construct the perfect mudslide. You can adjust the quantities and adjust the taste based on your preferences.

mudslide drink two glasses and two spoons

Mudslide Variations

What I have just listed is the outline for a traditional frozen mudslide. To adapt this recipe:

  • Change the ice cream flavor. Use a chocolate ice cream or even a mint chocolate chip ice cream or peppermint (Then you can try this Peppermint Mocha Mudslide). Salted Caramel ice cream would be tasty too!
  • Add coffee. Add coffee or coffee ice cubes (similar to this Mocha Milkshake)
  • Change up the alcohol. Replace the vodka with bourbon or use flavored vodka for more variety in taste. Use flavored Irish Cream Liqueur or flavored Kahlua. Rumchata and/or chocolate liqueur are options as well.
  • Skip the ice cream. You can omit the ice cream and add heavy cream and ice instead.
  • Add chocolate. Everything is better with chocolate and you can simply blend in some chocolate chips for added flavor.

mudslide drink with chocolate syrup

Mudslide Recipe Vs White Russian Recipe

A mudslide and a White Russian are very similar in flavor. Both use Kahlua and Vodka as well as some sort of dairy. The big difference would be the addition of the Irish cream.

mudslide drink with chocolate syrup


Where Does The Mudslide Recipe Come From?

The original mudslide cocktail originated from The Wreck bar on the Cayman Islands. The restaurant was a chain restaurant and the original cocktail came in a small bottle rather than mixed at the bar. But it was popular enough for staying power, and now it has evolved into a summertime classic!

How Much Alcohol Is In A Mudslide?

The problem with this particular drink is it is easy to rack up the alcohol content. Between the vodka, the Kahlua, and the Irish Cream, this creamy drink can pack quite the punch!

The quantities are somewhat of a guideline. As you adjust the quantity, keep in mind the alcohol content.

The good thing is that the ice cream not only dilutes the alcohol, but it slows you down as well!

How Do I Make A Virgin Mudslide Drink?

In a blender combine ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, or even coffee ice cream). To the ice cream add chocolate syrup or melted chocolate, cold coffee (or instant coffee granules), milk, or heavy cream, and then blend until combined.

Pour into serving glasses and drizzle with chocolate syrup. Garnish with whipped cream if desired.

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This frozen mudslide is too good to pass up, it comes together in minutes and it always satisfies!

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