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A super-creamy, easy no churn Blackberry Ice Cream recipe with fine slivers of dark chocolate and an optional shot of Cassis. Can also be made dairy free/vegan.

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Blackberry Ice Cream – seasonal decadence

This blackberry ice cream recipe will blow your mind. Not only is it incredibly fruity, super-creamy and the most beautiful colour, but the fruit it contains is free. Made with foraged late-summer blackberries taken from our very generous hedgerows, this blackberry ice cream is a celebration of nature’s abundance.

So, if you haven’t foraged for blackberries before, grab your coat and get out there… And if the blackberry season where you are is not yet here, then be sure to pin or bookmark this recipe so that it is easy to find. This is an ice cream recipe that needs to be tried!

For those of you who are occasional or virgin foragers of this purple beaut’ of a berry, make sure you take 5 minutes to read my notes on picking and preparing foraged blackberries. These will help find the best berries and ensure they are prepared bug-free.

Why I love no churn ice cream

I am a huge fan of no churn ice cream and this delicious blackberry ice cream is no exception. But why do I love it so much?

  1. It requires no fancy churning equipment. A decent electric hand whisk, a good set of mixing bowls, a fridge, a good scraping spoon-spatula and a freezer are your fundamentals.
  2. No churn ice cream doesn’t require any ‘cooking’. You grab your straight forward ingredients from the fridge and whisk into magic.
  3. It’s divinely creamy. There is definitely nothing sub-standard or ‘icy’ about this no churn ice cream recipe or others you’ll find on Gluten Free Alchemist. They are up there with the silkiest of their churned cousins.
  4. The same no churn ice cream base works for any number of flavour add-ins. From fruity versions like my Strawberries and Cream and Rhubarb Ice Cream, to alcohol-infused delights such as Baileys (or even Strawberry Baileys and Roasted Strawberry). We also use the same base for no churn Cookies and Cream, Cherry Chocolate Brownie, Mincemeat ice cream and even a Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream Sandwich Cake.
  5. With a couple of really simple ingredient tweaks, my no churn ice creams can be made dairy free and vegan with no additional effort. And that includes making gorgeous vegan Blackberry Ice Cream.

No churn ice cream tips and tricks

No fancy knowledge is needed to make no churn ice cream. But there are a couple of tips and tricks I have learned along the way that will help you get the creamiest and most scoopable ice cream ever.

  1. Although you whip the cream and then fold in the condensed milk (and many recipes tell you to stop there), returning the whisk to the bowl to re-thicken the base ice cream batter makes a huge difference to quality and consistency. Follow this with the lightest of folding-in any remaining larger ‘solid’ ingredients such as chocolate chunks, nuts, fruit pieces, etc.
  2. Add a little alcohol to the mix to help keep the ice cream softer and more ‘scoopable’. This is because alcohol has a lower freezing temperature than the other ingredients in the mix.
  3. But… Not everyone wants alcohol in their ice cream (or children might eat it). In this case, remember to take the ice cream from the freezer 10 to 20 minutes (dependent on room temperature) before you use, to allow to soften slightly.
  4. Go easy on the addition of ‘bits’. Too much chocolate, brownie, mincemeat etc can take away the pure enjoyment of the sumptuousness of eating ice cream. ‘Less’ is usually ‘more’.
  5. If possible, fast-freeze your no churn ice cream (-23 C/-10 F is ideal). The lower the temperature, the smaller the ice crystals, the creamier the experience.

How can I make no churn Blackberry Ice Cream dairy free and vegan?

The magic of this no churn blackberry ice cream (or any other no churn for that matter), is that it can be enjoyed by both dairy eaters and dairy avoiders… with NO extra effort.

Simply substitute the dairy cream for coconut cream (taken from a can of coconut milk). And… replace normal condensed milk with coconut condensed milk (I use Nature’s Charm which I get from our local wholefood store, although you can also buy from Amazon). You really don’t need to faff making your own.

When buying coconut milk for coconut cream however, be aware that not all are equal. Look for a brand that has a high percentage of coconut extract (preferably above 65%) and NO added guar gum or xanthan gum. I use Sainsburys which has an incredible 75% coconut extract and makes superb coconut whipped cream.

Make sure you chill the can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight (or at least 8 hours) before you open it. This will allow the coconut cream to separate and harden. Then simply pour off the coconut water (use in smoothies) and scoop out the cream.

How to enjoy Blackberry Ice Cream

Blackberry ice cream is totally epic on its own… no frills… spoon and bowl… eat! But it also tastes gloriously decadent with my Blackberry Apple Crumble Slice (don’t the photos look tempting?).

Alternatively, you can mix and match with double and triple scoops… I can recommend (because I have tested) the combo of blackberry ice cream with Rhubarb, Blueberry & Honey no churn or Vegan Rich Chocolate ice cream.

Or… if you have any blackberries left from your blackberry picking, make a fruity blackberry sauce (recipe included below). I add a tot of Cassis for extra value.

Ready to make my no churn blackberry ice cream with dark chocolate?

I hope you love this Blackberry Ice Cream recipe as much as I do. If you try it, please remember to rate the recipe, leave a comment and tag me on social media with your photos. You’ll find me mainly on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (links at the top of the page). And don’t forget to use the hashtag #glutenfreealchemist.

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