Biscoff Cookie Butter Homemade Ice Cream Recipe [+ Video]

Video Biscoff Cookie Butter Homemade Ice Cream Recipe [+ Video]

Sweet cookie butter and Biscoff cookie crumbles fully loaded into rich and creamy vanilla ice cream! Did that grab your attention? We are obsessed!

A photo of several scoops of Biscoff cookie butter homemade ice cream in a dark gray bowl with cookie crumbles all over the top.

We try to live a balanced and healthy life, but come the weekend, we allow ourselves a treat. Cade is obsessed with ice cream! Especially homemade ice cream! It just doesn’t get any more summery or delicious!

We like to find any reason to use Biscoff! Have you tried our Biscoff banana bread or our Biscoff Rice Krispies? So good! Putting Biscoff cookies in ice cream not only seemed logical, but it also seemed like, why didn’t we do this a hundred years ago?! I mean, seriously!

What Flavor is Biscoff?

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Biscoff cookies have a warm flavor of brown sugar and cinnamon. They are made with a fairly stiff dough, rolled out thin and the cut into cookie shapes similar to shortbread. They are crisp cookies which makes them perfect for crumbling up in this ice cream!

What is Cookie Butter?

Cookie butter is similar in texture to peanut or almond butter, but it is made of ground up speculoos cookies mixed with fat, flour and sugar. Biscoff cookies are a type of speculoos cookie. Cookie butter is spreadable just like nut butters or chocolate spread. It is not a nut butter, however, as doesn’t contain any nut products. We put dollops of it all over the completed vanilla ice cream and swirl it in. It adds the best flavor!

A photo of a container of biscoff cookie butter homemade ice cream with a jar of cookie butter next to it and a spoonfull of cookie butter right beside it.

Where Can I Buy Biscoff Cookies and Cookie Butter?

I have found Biscoff cookies and cookie butter at most grocery stores. They are at Target, Walmart, Smith’s, Trader Joe’s, etc. They will just be on the cookie aisle…no secret location!

How to Make Biscoff Homemade Ice Cream?

Homemade ice cream is one of the easiest desserts to make, but because we all grew up picking our favorite flavor at the store, we often forget that homemade ice cream is like homemade cookies, it’s just the best. Like BY FAR the best! Unless we are talking about Tillamook ice cream! It’s a close second to homemade! But I’m obsessed with all things Tillamook, so I’ll stop before I get too distracted. Here are the steps to making the ice cream:

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A photo of a container full of biscoff cookie butter homemade ice cream.

  1. Fat: Let’s start with the basis for what makes ice cream so creamy and delicious…the fat! You want heavy cream and half and half for this recipe. The more fat, the creamier the ice cream! You can use whole milk instead of the half and half if you must, but don’t go lower than whole milk.
  2. Sugar: Add the sugar and vanilla to the cream and warm it all up in a sauce pan but do not let it boil.
  3. Eggs: While the milk and sugar are warming, whisk the heck out of your egg yolks until they become pale. The whisked eggs are the key to soft and creamy ice cream. Add a few tablespoons of the warm cream mixture into the eggs to temper them. Give them a good whisk and then add the egg yolks into the pot of cream. Heat everything until the cream coats the back of a wooden spoon. Again, don’t boil!

Pro tip: We like to use a candy thermometer just make sure the cream and eggs mixture does not go over 160 degrees.

A photo of several scoops of Biscoff cookie butter homemade ice cream in a dark gray bowl with cookie crumbles and melted cookie butter all over the top.

How to Make Biscoff Homemade Ice Cream…the Final Steps

Cool the custard mixture in the fridge for several hours or even overnight if you can. Whisk everything one more time before pouring it into your ice cream maker. Freeze the ice cream per the instructions of your ice cream maker. We have linked our preferred ice cream maker in the recipe card.

Once the ice cream has formed, transfer 1/4 of the ice cream to another container, dot it with dollops of cookie butter and swirl it in with a knife. Then add Biscoff cookie crumbles. Repeat this process until you have thoroughly Biscoff’d the whole batch. Store it in a container in the freezer to finish setting up.

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A photo of a container full of biscoff cookie butter homemade ice cream being scooped.

What Is The Best Way To Store Homemade Ice Cream?

Store your homemade ice cream in a freezer safe, airtight container. We prefer to use a shallow and flat container so that you have a lot of scooping real estate and it help keep the consistency of the ice cream just right. If you place a piece of plastic wrap on the top of the ice cream before putting on the lid, it will help prevent ice crystals from forming.

How Long Will Homemade Ice Cream Keep?

We have found that homemade ice cream is best eaten within 2 weeks. It will still be fine to eat after that but the quality starts to diminish a little. You should just have a heaping bowl every single night until it is gone!

Biscoff cookie butter homemade ice cream is our new favorite way to get our Biscoff fix! If you need another excuse (or two) to eat Biscoff, try our Oreo Biscoff spread or our Biscoff banana muffins! Ice scream, you scream, we all scream for Biscoff cookie butter ice cream!!

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A photo of several scoops of Biscoff cookie butter homemade ice cream in a dark gray bowl with cookie crumbles all over the top.

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