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But the year is 2021, and there are now vegan swaps and dupes for almost everything that might tickle your fancy, from meatless quarter pounders with dairy-free ‘cheeze’, to hearty steaks cut from cauliflower instead of beef.

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When it comes to dairy treats, more new brands are popping up to answer the rumbles of the vegan stomach. Meanwhile established names like Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s are pushing forward new cruelty-free ranges in a bid to attract the growing full and part-time plant-eating population.

From luscious creams that taste just like the real thing to sorbets to refresh on a sultry summer’s day, here are the best vegan ice cream brands to know.

Ben & Jerry’s

The much-loved US ice cream brand is growing its selection of non-dairy ices, with the latest named Change the Whirled. Built around a sunflower butter base, the caramel-flavoured treat is embedded with fudge chips, crackers and chocolate cookie swirls. The Fairtrade ingredients are housed in a completely recyclable tub too, and the whole thing has been designed in collaboration with Colin Kaepernick to honour his racial justice activism. A portion of the proceeds will go to support his Know Your Rights Camp.

The brand offers other vegan-friendly ice cream flavours: Save Our Swirled NOW (from £4.50), Cookies on Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie (£3) and Peanut Butter & Cookies (£4.50).

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M&S Plant Kitchen

Like many supermarkets, M&S has invested heavily in its own-brand vegan range, adding a medley of delicious flavours to Plant Kitchen. Stay cool guilt-free this summer with coconut-based ices in classic chocolate as well as tart raspberry ripple.

Available in-store as well as at Ocado.

£3.10 | Ocado


Deliciously indulgent Magnum ice creams are a favourite at ES Best HQ, and the brand’s owner Wall’s has been doing more to expand its offering so that everyone can enjoy. Magnum Vegan is made with pea protein, there are a trio of vegan ices to try – flavours include the Classic, Magnum Vegan Almond and the latest, Magnum Vegan Sea Salt Caramel, all tasting identical to the original chocolate-wrapped ice creams. Best of all, they’re available in all major supermarkets making them easier than ever to add to your next shop.


Fancy a more refined way to stay cool? Head over to Remeo, where you can get Italian-grade gelato made with all-natural ingredients. While some of the flavours do contain small amounts of cream, there are totally dairy-free options on the menu too. Vegan flavours include Alphonso Mango and Limone Siciliano.

£4.95 | Ocado

Strictly for adults only, leading popsicle brand POPS has a selection of cocktail-inspired treats in flavours like Vodka & Watermelon and that Wimbledon-watching classic, Pimm’s with an ice cool twist. There’s now also a collection of cocktail-inspired sorbets in tubs, all made with natural ingredients, real alcohol and dairy free.

£2.62 | Waitrose


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Halo Top

The low-cal ice cream brand has been causing waves since it first dropped. The calories listed on the tub, typically around the 280 – 380 mark, is for the entire thing, not per portion. Little wonder it goes down so well with slimmers. Now it’s going one further by adding dairy-free pints to its roster. Made with coconut milk, there are seven flavours to try, including the hugely popular Birthday Cake. Try it and you’ll never go back.

Specialising in tasty scoops of plant-based joy, Roar uses real and raw ingredients to make deeply satisfying ice cream, the vegan way. Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is a big fan of the brand, which works with Panthera to help save wild cats around the world. Choose from flavours like Salted Caramel & Macadamia, Hemp Seed Chocolate Brownie, Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie and Coconut Mango Passionfruit Oat Cookie.

£5 | Tesco


Family-run brand Jude’s makes you feel wholesome just by its packaging. The carbon negative brand does use West Country clotted cream in some of its desserts, but it’s got quite a few vegan versions as well. There’s the crowd-pleasing Chocolate Brownie and the Vegan Salted caramel, which is made from oats. Or try the Vegan Cookie Dough Brownie, which has coconut milk in its ingredients list. All hit the spot when ice cream urges call.

Booja Booja

What began as a gourmet vegan chocolate brand has spun into a delectable ice cream range with flavours like Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Ripple and Caramel Pecan Praline. As well as vegan, they’re all organic, gluten-free and soya-free, and packaged in brightly patterned tubs that will add an element of decadence to your freezer section.

£4.49 | Waitrose


It seems only natural that oat milk brand Oatly would move into the world of ‘wow no cow’ vegan ice creams; it already offers a range of plant-based cooking ingredients and yogurt as well as drinks. Choose from five fan-favourite flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate fudge, hazelnut swirl and salted caramel. Simple and delicious.

£4.50 | Tesco


For those moments when you just can’t choose between a tall glass of something delicious, or an icy treat straight from the freezer comes Haagen Dazs’ latest creation. The leading ice cream brand is bringing holiday feels home with two exotic cocktail-flavoured ices – one of which is vegan! Wickedly infused with rum, Lime Mojito Sorbet also contains a hearty swirl of sweet mint coulis, and is full of enough sunshine flavours to trick you into believing you’re on full vacay mode.

£3 | ASDA


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