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What are we looking for? We were looking for the tastiest and creamiest vanilla flavored ice cream cup.

To select the best vanilla ice cream cup brands in India we gauged it on the following –

1. Flavor

Vanillin is the chemical responsible for the distinct flavor that is best described as sweet and floral. The issue is that pure vanilla is expensive, but replicating that flavor is cheap. Which is why there are so many artificial vanilla flavorings and overdiluted extracts in the market.

It is commercially sold as an extract but some gourmet recipes make use of whole vanilla beans as well. Although none of the brands we tested use vanilla beans or extract, we were looking for a fresh, tasty vanilla ice cream. Does it taste artificial or does it have a natural flavor? During our taste test did we find the vanilla flavor to be intense or vague and mild?

We also checked for sweetness and aroma as well. When it comes to vanilla, the aroma plays a big role.

All our contenders contain artificial vanilla flavorings. So what is that and how is it made? Artificial vanilla is made of artificially-derived vanillin which can be synthesized in a lab (it can be a by-product of the wood pulp industry as well).

2. Main Ingredients + Label

Although our criteria while choosing the brands wasn’t if it’s a frozen dessert or an ice cream, it did play a role in our end results. Our idea was to pick all available brands of vanilla flavored ice cream cups and compare them.

What’s the difference between frozen desserts and ice creams? The difference lies in the type of fat used to make them. According to FSSAI, an ice cream can only be labeled as an ‘ice cream’ when it is made using milk or dairy fat. Something that has vegetable fat as a primary ingredient cannot be labeled as an ice cream and should call itself a frozen dessert. This shouldn’t be hidden, but needs to be mentioned upfront on the pack by the brand.

We looked for three primary things – use of milk solids or vegetable fat, sweeteners, and the type of vanilla flavoring used.

Two brands out of 6 were labeled as French Vanilla. What is it and what’s the difference? French Vanilla doesn’t mean that a different type of vanilla is used, it implies the method of making ice cream. The French use egg yolks to make a custard base for the ice cream, which gives it a yellow-ish color and a richer, creamier texture. All our contenders are vegetarian and eggless, so if a brand calls itself French Vanilla, it’s just a marketing gimmick.

3. Texture

When we say texture, we mean mouthfeel and creaminess. It should not feel icy or grainy. Ideally, the texture should be smooth and creamy.

Ice cream can re-freeze and change texture, so we made sure to consume it one go and not re-freeze it. Refreezing melted ice cream can form large ice crystals which alter the texture of the ice cream.

4. Other Factors

The following are contributing factors, and not something that could make or break the entire experience.


Are the ice cream cups priced competitively? If priced significantly higher/lower – why?


Does it come with a spoon? Plastic or paper cup? Is the cup sturdy or flimsy?

Shelf life

Owing to the fact that these are dairy based products – what is the shelf life of the ice creams?

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