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Nothing beats a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer’s day. However, if you’re wondering where to get a boring, ole’ scoop of vanilla, you’ve come to the wrong place! Today we’re celebrating the best of the best in Cincinnati with our 2020 Ice Cream Awards. Better yet? Most of these creameries offer online ordering and curbside pickup!

Read on for where to find the Dreamiest Milkshakes, Top Sundaes, Whippiest ‘Dips and Best Ice Cream Spots in Cincinnati:

Chip King: Graeter’s (pictured)

If you think chipped ice cream is synonymous with brittle, tasteless bits of chocolate, you’ve clearly never had Graeter’s. Famous for its creamy, French Pot-churned ice cream that’s loaded with gooey, melt-in-your-mouth chunks of chocolate, Graeter’s takes “chip” ice cream to an other-worldly level. This year, Graeter’s celebrates the big 1-5-0 with a new birthday cake ice cream that’s amazing.

Top Sundae: Aglamesis

This old-fashioned ice cream parlor is oozing with warm-and-fuzzy nostalgia. Sundaes are served in polished silver bowls, complete with house-made syrups (the strawberry sauce is particularly divine), nuts and fresh whipped cream.

Whippy Dip Winner: The Cone

Aglamesis MAIN 1

You can’t miss The Cone — it’s West Chester’s only giant ice-cream shaped building! The Cone is a family-favorite summer treat location. Famous for their orange sherbet/vanilla twist cone, they have amazing wizards, sundaes and other frozen desserts. Plus, there’s lots of toppings and sprinkles to complete any ice cream order. Note: The toffee/caramel sundae is a must-try dessert!

Best Ice Cream Cake: Dairy Queen

Instagram/Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a Midwest delicacy – and its ice cream cakes are legendary. These frozen desserts feature layers of rich cake, creamy ice cream and crunchy toppings, and are the perfect way to get your cake and ice cream all in one!

Most Unique Flavors: Craft Cream Works

Fluffernutter, Listermann Pecan Sandy, Peanut Butter cookie dough, Chocolate Eclair… this new artisan ice creamery in Butler County has the most unique flavors in town!

Richest Gelato: Madisono’s Gelato

Facebook/Madisono’s Gelato

Madisono’s creamy, rich gelato tastes diet-bustingly decadent; however, Madisono’s makes its gelato with milk instead of cream, meaning it’s lower in fat than regular ice cream. So dig in: the Double Dark Chocolate is a good place to start!

Ice Cream Sandwich Superstar: Buona Terra

Facebook/Buona Terra

Do you prefer your ice cream sandwiched between two homemade cookies? Who wouldn’t? Buona Terra takes the traditional ice cream sandwich to a whole new level with its giant macaron gelato sandwich — “Macaronwich.” Both the macarons and gelato are hand crafted daily in small batches using the traditional European processes; this dessert is the most delicious work of art.

Punchiest Popsicle: StreetPops

Screen Shot 2018 06 25 at 10.39.46 AM

StreetPops are a modern take on a classic favorite. Their juicy, small-batch popsicles come in kid-friendly flavors like raspberry lemonade and cookies and cream – and they also offer adult-tasting treats like ginger mint mojito and honey bourbon vanilla!

Worth the Drive: Jeni’s

We have some pretty fab ice cream in Cincy, but in Columbus, Jeni’s reigns supreme! There are locations all throughout Columbus, so you definitely need to pay a visit next time you’re in town. Jeni’s offers tried-and-true faves like Salty Carmel and Darkest Chocolate, and for the lactose intolerant (or vegan), Jeni’s offers ah-mazing non-dairy flavors to rival their dairy-filled counterparts.

Honorable Mentions:

Foamiest ‘Float: The Root Beer Stand

This local institution’s eponymous classic features homemade root beer with two scoops of ice cream!

Kid-Friendly Fave: Walker Bros

Walker Bros specializes in soft serve creations – and kids’ scoops feature adorable, edible eyes!

Classic Creamy Whip: Zip Dip

Whippy dip is a hot topic in Cincinnati, and we’d be remiss not to include the West Side’s Zip Dip. Known for its neon lights and classic creamy whip, Zip Dip offers more than 50 different rotating flavors including low-cal fro-yo options!

For scientific reasons, we recommend taste testing each and every one of our winners to see if you agree. Make it the sweetest summer ever, Cincinnati Parents!

Feature image credit: Facebook/Graeter’s
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