The Finest Ice Cream in Seattle

Winter is a time for huddling indoors, sipping piping hot cortados. But when summer hits, nothing beats indulging in a refreshing ice cream cone. After a thorough exploration, which involved devouring copious amounts of ice cream (research is tough, right?), we present to you the ultimate power rankings for the best ice cream in Seattle. From timeless classics to trendy new scoop shops, these are the places you need to visit for the finest ice cream in Seattle, right now.

The Top Contenders

Frankie & Jo’s: Where Dairy-Free Dreams Come True
If you believe that ice cream can’t be great without dairy or wheat, Frankie & Jo’s is here to prove you wrong. This 100% plant-based and gluten-free shop delivers exceptional flavors. Indulge in the heavenly combination of “crème fraîche” with a luscious berry swirl and delicate cubes of lemon cake. Or try the oat milk vanilla with sticky brown sugar blondies and coconut caramel. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself choosing this dairy-free delight over traditional ice cream options.

Lupo: Where Pizzas and Ice Cream Collide
Lupo, a pizzeria in Fremont, not only delights with its blistered sourdough pies but also serves up outstanding house-churned ice cream. Forget about being “too full for dessert” because you won’t want to miss out on flavors like custardy sweet cream with vanilla bean flecks or silky double chocolate chip. Their excellent pistachio ice cream is a must-try. Lupo proves that the best cow milk-based ice cream doesn’t always come from a scoop shop.

Hellenika at Pike Place: A Greek Yogurt Revelation
Hellenika, the brainchild of the team behind Ellenos, offers a custardy delight that surpasses many traditional ice cream shops in town. This probiotic frozen Greek yogurt brings a delightful sour tang and subtle sweetness. Savor flavors like lemon curd, marionberry, dutch chocolate, or ube coconut. You might even find yourself tripping over Pike Place’s cobblestones in anticipation of a taste.

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Sandine: Dantini’s Ice Cream Pop-Up
Sandine, the ice cream pop-up at Dantini Pizza, makes a trip to their Interbay takeout counter a truly special experience. Sample the simple yet delicious flavors, such as turmeric-stained golden milk with spicy cardamom and gingersnap crumbles, or coffee bean-steeped cream churned with homemade peanut butter cups. Make sure to add a pint of Sandine ice cream to your next Dantini order.

Salt & Straw: The Portland Import That Made Waves
Salt & Straw brought something truly extraordinary to Seattle. Whether you prefer classic flavors like chocolate gooey brownie or sea salt with caramel ribbons, or enjoy daring combinations like pear and blue cheese, Salt & Straw has something for everyone. Be warned, the lines at their Capitol Hill and Ballard locations can be long – but they’re worth it.

Parfait: A Flavorful Treat in Rainier Beach
Parfait’s newer Rainier Beach location is a scoop shop you must visit. The flavors you can’t miss are lemon raspberry cheesecake and banana pudding. The cheesecake is delightfully tart with sweet raspberry swirls and nutty graham crust. The banana pudding is like a spoonful of frozen smoothie, complete with chunks of frosty banana and vanilla wafer cookies. Plus, the staff is incredibly friendly.

Husky Deli: Serving Creaminess for Over 80 Years
A West Seattle institution, Husky Deli has been satisfying ice cream cravings for more than eight decades. Their ice cream strikes the perfect balance between creamy and light. With an extensive variety of flavors to choose from – like peppermint, caramel pecan fudge, rum-spiked Kona coffee, and blackberry cheesecake – making a decision might prove challenging. And don’t forget their delectable Oreo-infused flavors!

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Lil’ Tiger: Simplicity at Its Finest
Sometimes, you want to keep things simple and enjoy classic ice cream flavors. Lil’ Tiger in Lake City understands that craving. This no-frills shop offers an old-fashioned, fluffy scoop that hits the spot. Indulge in flavors like cappuccino irish cream and fudgy Theo’s chocolate. Sometimes, going back to basics is the best choice.

Canon: Elevating Ice Cream to Spectacular Heights
At Canon, a bar known for its creativity, you won’t find ice cream in cones. Instead, they serve their frozen delights in imaginative sippable creations. Savor cap’n crunch ice cream atop a champagne cocktail or enjoy a generous heap of popcorn-steeped ice cream in their “movie night float,” complete with root beer and bourbon. Each velvety scoop balances perfectly with their diverse drink offerings.

Laina’s: Embracing Summer in Rainier Valley
Located in Rainier Valley, Laina’s operates out of The Stone House Cafe. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy summer, with plenty of outdoor seating that offers stunning views of Lake Washington. Their small-batch ice cream is simply delicious, especially the vegan coconut milk ube, which boasts a luxuriously creamy consistency. For a flavor explosion, try combining scoops of their peanut butter and mixed berry ice creams, reminiscent of a frozen PB&J sandwich. You can even find small pints of Laina’s ice cream for sale at Sam Choy’s.

Molly Moon’s: A Seattle Rite of Passage
Walking past Molly Moon’s and catching the tantalizing scent of hot waffle cones is a familiar experience for Seattleites. A trip to Molly Moon’s is a cherished tradition. Their flavors highlight local ingredients, including organic Washington peppermint, lavender from the Olympic Peninsula, and chocolate spun with melted Theo bars. Keep an eye out for their seasonal options, which often surpass the regular lineup – like salted toffee or vegan cherry chocolate chunk.

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Sweet Alchemy: College Campus Heaven
Located near a college campus, Sweet Alchemy caters to ice cream aficionados in the University District. Flavors like makgeolli, banana Nutella, and Persian rose offer unique and exciting options. What sets Sweet Alchemy apart is their commitment to homemade mix-ins. From chocolate sandwich cookies to brownies, each addition is crafted in-house. Don’t miss out on their delectable Jitter Bars, loaded with caramel and homemade espresso shortbread.

Cupcake Royale: The Best of Both Worlds
Cupcake Royale, renowned for their delectable cupcakes, also creates some of Seattle’s finest ice cream. Combining their beloved cupcakes with creamy custard creates a match made in dessert heaven. Try their buttermilk blended with red velvet cake or their salted caramel ice cream, which strikes the perfect balance between saltiness and luscious dark chocolate. For the ultimate treat, enjoy their ice cream scooped on top of an actual cupcake – a truly blissful experience.

D’Ambrosio: Gelato That Takes You Back to Rome
If you want to relive the flavors of Rome, head to D’Ambrosio. This gelato shop offers the closest experience to what you enjoyed during your trip to Italy. Indulge in flavors like stracciatella or rice, which tastes like the most heavenly rice pudding, served icy cold.

Full Tilt: Arcade Fun Meets Ice Cream Delights
Full Tilt combines the whimsy of an arcade with the joy of ice cream. Classic flavors like salted caramel and dark chocolate are always available, but they also offer unique options like Fruit Loop, Thai iced tea, coffee Oreo, and mint chocolate chip with strawberry and bacon (don’t knock it till you try it!). If you’re looking for a memorable Saturday night, skip the bars and head straight for a cone at Full Tilt.

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Enjoy the Ice Cream Journey!

Note: For more information on ice cream flavors, locations, and to explore other ice cream brands, visit Ice Cream – your ultimate guide to all things ice cream in Seattle.

Remember, the joy of ice cream lies not just in its taste but also in the moments shared with loved ones. So grab a friend, a loved one, or go solo – and embark on a delicious ice cream adventure in Seattle.

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