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In this country, ice cream is one of the best desserts that everyone enjoys. If you want to know that people enjoy ice cream regardless of the time of the year, take a walk in Brooklyn.

You will notice they have so many different shops.

Also, check this article to see just how many ice cream shops we have. Brooklyn alone has several shops that sell ice creams.

The best ice cream shops in Brooklyn

1. Ice Cream House

ice cream house

This is one of the best ice cream spaces you can go to. Ice cream house is found at Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.

The ice cream house is amazingly one of the most affordable spaces to acquire some of the best ice creams. Enjoy the different flavors it offers.

If you want, you can even try their kosher dairy choices. The non-dairy flavors are also just as rich as the ones that are dairy option.

Of all the different restaurants, you will find that this one delivers the best space to bring your family along. They have such an ample space to go-to for the perfect ice cream treats.

Just go to Williamsburg to find the best-tasting flavors of the ice creams.

Address: 873 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: (718) 972-0222


2. Brooklyn ice cream factory

Brooklyn ice cream factory

Anytime you’re out there looking for the best and most unique ice cream in Brooklyn, then you should go to the Brooklyn ice cream factory.

I go there for my all-time favorite hot fudge ice cream. If you’re going to buy it from here, you will need to know about eight new flavors.

And you can try all of them, thus making sure you find the one that works for you more.

I always like to go to this shop when I’m craving my favorite hot fudge or chocolate ice cream.

Address: 14 OLD FULTON ST BROOKLYN, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 522-5211


3. Ample hill creamery

Ample hill creamery

This is one of the best spots that anyone can go to. In only NYC, you have it in 10 locations, but we are interested in this one that is at the rooftop.

Some people call it the Brooklyn’s finest.

This brand has its only dairy plant. It means that the milk they are going to use for the ice cream is of perfect quality.

In most cases, they will also pasteurize the milk by themselves. So, people like it for the fact that they make the ice cream from scratch to finish. Therefore, everything about ice cream is just about authenticity.

Notice, though, that they sell different flavors of ice cream.

Did you know that they make about 500000 gallons of ice cream every year? So here too, if you’re looking for gluten-free, vegan choices, you can find them as well.

Address: 623 Vanderbilt Ave (383.06 mi) Brooklyn, NY, NY 11238

Phone: (718) 483-8199


4. Sundaes and cones

Sundaes and cones

When craving some sweets, check out to buy from this shop. But, when you want the unique yet authentic and most delicious cone, you should go to Sundae and Cone.

It’s been two decades since this brand was founded, and you can be sure that they will sell you only the best cones.

Today you will find them in East village, and you can be sure only to receive the memorable yet best cones to eat. They make the homemade style selection where they sell the unique ice cream too.

I like the ones with the chocolates, and of course, you will enjoy the pieces they make here.

Notice that you will have them be uniquely flavored, but you can be sure to eat anything from vanilla, chocolate, corn, wasabi, black sesame, ginger, tiramisu.

They are not only making the ice-cream to be Instagram-worthy but also unique to delve into.

Address: 95 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 979-9398


5. Carvel


With almost 100years of experience, they produce some of the best ice creams.

So, if you want your pints or your quarts, this is where to go. Most people go to them for their ice cream cakes.

The good thing is that you will customize it as you like. This one, like many other cake shops and pizza joints, is present in different places.

If you don’t like dairy, you will even find dairy-free ice cream and what most people call the low-fat type.

Address: 1570 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11210

Phone: (845) 310-4083


6. The Bronx ice co

The Bronx ice co

This is the best Italian vendor and they serve some of the best requisite flavors.

You will find lemon, strawberry, chocolate, mango, blueberry flavors, and many more.

You will enjoy the ice cream you get here because they deliver the perfect ice cream from rich and flavorful fruits.

Get it out of your mind that it’s a Bronx company, and you will enjoy the ice cream so much because it’s authentic.

Address: 1048 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (347) 799-2340


7. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

It doesn’t matter the flavor you would like to have; you will always have the perfect ice cream. It doesn’t matter the type of ice cream you would like to have because you will have it. Whether you are looking for a vegan or regular, they are available.

And everyone likes the different scoops. So you can enjoy the chocolate ice cream and many more you will always get it here.

People like it a lot more because they prepare different styles of ice cream, including the vegan style of the ice cream.

Check it out at prospect Heights, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and other spaces.

Address: 620 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11222


8. Davey’s ice cream

Daveys ice cream

If you want the ice creams that they make from scratch, this is the place to go.

This shop is one of the best east village spots where people like to go for different ice creams. It doesn’t matter whether you would like to have the pistachio, Nutella chocolate chunk, or milkshakes; you will always have them here.

They also have several seasonal specials they make from time to time. Just don’t forget that they have different spots to go to for the same, including Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

This space is open from 3 pm to 10 pm, even on weekdays. So, when you are taking a meal around the corner, you can stop by the shop. They have been great since 2013.

Address: 201 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211


9. Lady moo moo

Here is another one of the best spaces to go to if you are looking for just a place to pick the ice cream and then go.

They serve the best banana pudding ice cream, yuzu lemon sorbet, and more. You will find this space in Chauncy street, and the quality of the ice cream remains perfect.

The ice cream is simple and tasty but also creamy as gold.

Now, this is a seasonal shop that you will only find available from April through November.

If you like the unique flavors, then you should go for it with ease. You see, this is the ice-cream shop with a cool name, but the layout is out of these worlds.

Address: 365 Chauncey St. Brooklyn, NY 11233

Phone: (201) 844-9994


10. Island pops

Island pops

When you’re looking for the island flavors, then you can easily make it here.

This is a shop in Brooklyn that features the spouses who were giving tribute to their homeland of Trinidad. They choose to make some of the best ice creams from organic ingredients. They like to use fresh fruits, milk, and all such ingredients.

Even those who are looking for vegan ice cream with the perfect vegan flavors. Here they mostly use sugarcane, fruit pulp, and water.

So, of course, you will like the flavors and exquisite rich flavors of the Caribbean.

Address: 680 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: (347) 365-6737


11. Malai ice cream and cakes

Malai ice cream and cakes

If you are from the northern Indian region, then this is not strange terminology.

But then here, you will find that they mostly use the south Indian style of flavors. This shop brings Brooklyn the flavors of India.

People like the very creamy texture of the ice cream that they sell here. The founder-pooja wanted to bring you close to the traditional flavors that she grew up to like a lot.

You will find that the ice cream they sell is not regular. You should expect to find the nutmeg, ginger, saffron, cardamon flavors that they sell.

When you taste the ice cream here, you will be blending the culture and the cream to come up with one of the best flavors ever.

Address: 268 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: 347 889 5789


12. The good batch creamery

The good batch creamery

For a long time, the excellent batch bakery has made some great baked goods, but just recently, they also opened another creamery.

So, of course, they are working to make sure you find all the best flavors from the seven unique flavors that they already have.

They also sell two vegan sorbets, which then show you that you can be catered to even when you’re vegan.

In most cases, though, you will have the scoop shop open from 2 pm to 10 pm. But they keep it closed on Mondays to Tuesdays.

Address: 995A Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (347) 889-5123


13. Blue marble ice cream

Blue marble ice cream

So then, in prospect heights, you will have the perfect shop to get the right shop where to get the ice cream. Of course, this shop is the organic ice cream parlor that most people love and enjoy.

This is so far one of the few shops that will, in fact, open at 8 am, but it then closes at 8 pm. Over the weekend then they open an hour later, and then they close an hour later.

But the one thing you should know is that when you go to this restaurant, they care for the environment. It’s one of the few eco-friendly restaurants. But, of course, the store is constantly working to make sure the business they then have is still sustainable.

You will like the most about them because they often go for organic ingredients when making the ice creams.

Also, you will realize that when you go to the different shops, you can find their different flavors of ice cream.

Well, when you want to enjoy it even better, then go to their shops at prospect heights for a scoop.

Address: 186 Underhill Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (718) 399-6926


14. Coney cone

Coney cone

Are you anywhere around Luna Park? Well, walk into a coney cone restaurant to be amazed at how great they taste of Italian ice cream is. You will therefore enjoy their gelato flavors, you know.

They will always have about 21 different flavors as well. You can also find sorbet in the mix of the flavors. So, notice that they will serve you yogurt, coffee, granitas, and more foods.

Whenever you are at Luna Park, make it a point to check out their ice-cream shop as it will always serve you best.

Address: 186 Underhill Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (718) 399-6926


15. Oddfellows ice-cream co

Oddfellows ice cream co

Here you will have the small-batch ice-cream shop that is in Brooklyn.

Notice then that you will have the wacky, weird flavors to make it an even more unique type of flavor ice cream. They even have the vegan flavors in the mix of the 500 flavors of choice.

But, of course, the staff here have mastered the art of making the flavors, and of course, you will have almost any kind of flavor you are looking for.

Although the very first shop they opened was in Williamsburg today, they have it even at Dumbo. They are also in Bushwick and chestnut hill. Imagine here you will even have the cookie ice cream.

Address: 44 Water St Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 683-5755


16. Gelateria gentile

Gelateria gentile

In the past, this was a coffee shop and an ice cream shop too. So, this will be the perfect place to deliver a traditional recipe that makes the perfect passion flavor on the excellent quality of the ingredients.

This you can even make at home, but when you are in Williamsburg, you can get in and choose this gelato ice cream that looks like it’s already homemade. So, whether you are in Italy or New York, you can have the best gelato ice cream you are looking for.

Address: 253 Wythe Ave (N 1st), New York, NY

Phone: (347) 599-0646


17. Cream and cocoa creamery

Cream and cocoa creamery

Here is another one of the best ice cream parlors that’s run by a black couple. Here then they make the ice cream with a unique island twist. It will always represent the Caribbean flavors which are even richer.

They opened their doors back in 2017, but to date, anyone going into the shop knows they make the unique flavors every other time.

They even make the dark chocolate stout and bacon bourbon ice.

Notice that you will even have unique flavors like the papaya flavors, sorrel, and passion fruits are super unique here too.

You will like the fact that the scoops still stand out in whichever method that you choose. Even if you like the vegan choices, then you will still find them here.

Address: 1067 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11225

Phone: (718) 245-6286


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