The Finest Ice Cream Delights in Minneapolis

What’s your go-to flavor for a delightful summer treat? As for me, it’s none other than ice cream. I have a special fondness for mint chocolate chip and peach flavors. There’s just something about indulging in a frosty cone, a creamy shake, or a mouthwatering sundae that perfectly captures the essence of summer. In this article, I’ll be sharing a roundup of the most exceptional independent ice cream shops in Minneapolis. These establishments serve up the very best in ice cream, made with top-notch ingredients and a touch of creativity. Whether you’re a devoted ice cream aficionado or just looking to beat the heat, these spots are worth a visit. Have any favorite scoop shops of your own? Feel free to add them to our list!

But wait, there’s more! If you’d like to try your hand at creating your own summer delicacies, we also have a scrumptious recipe for homemade strawberry ice cream from SheCooksDesign. Once you master this simple yet delectable recipe, you can experiment with other flavors like vanilla or chocolate to suit your fancy.

Oh, and guess what? We’ve got something even sweeter for you! Check out our Free Ice Cream Days, Ice Cream Socials, and Cheap Cones page if you’re craving some complimentary frozen goodness.

The Crème de la Crème of Minneapolis

LaLa Homemade Ice Cream

Location: 3146 Hennepin Ave South, Minneapolis

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Prepare to be dazzled by LaLa Homemade Ice Cream. This gem of a shop offers an ever-changing selection of 16-18 unique and inventive flavors, all crafted with the finest ingredients. From Purple Reign to Good Girl and Charlotte’s Web, each visit is a delightful surprise. You can even find LaLa at various Farmers Markets around the metro area.

Minnesota Nice Cream

Location: 807 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis (Also in Stillwater seasonally)

Since its establishment in 2016, Minnesota Nice Cream has become a go-to destination for soft-serve ice cream lovers. With every order, you’ll receive three free toppings to customize your treat. Whether you prefer a cone, a dish, a malt, a shake, or a float, Minnesota Nice Cream has got you covered.

Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream

Locations: 4321 Upton Ave. S, Minneapolis OR 1007 Franklin Ave S, Minneapolis

When it comes to ice cream in Minneapolis, Sebastian Joe’s is truly a destination in its own right. Located at the corner of Hennepin and Franklin, Sebastian Joe’s is renowned for its exquisite, exclusive, and undeniably delicious ice cream. Don’t miss out on their delectable ice cream sandwiches and Brr Bars!

Sonny’s Cafe

Location: 3403 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis

I must confess, I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Sonny’s Cafe just yet. However, I’ve heard raving reviews about their gourmet ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. They boast an impressive repertoire of over 1,000 different flavors throughout the year, including unique creations like honey lavender. Care to join me for a visit?

Milkjam Creamery

Location: 2743 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis

Milkjam Creamery is an ice cream shop that caters to both adults and kids. They offer a tantalizing selection of unique adult combos that are sure to please even the most discerning palate. And fear not, they also have a range of flavors that are kid-approved!

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Pumphouse Creamery

Location: 4754 Chicago Ave. S, Minneapolis

In my experience, Pumphouse Creamery stands out as the epitome of natural and wholesome ice cream. They use only the finest natural ingredients, resulting in an ice cream that may look a bit different from what you’re accustomed to. For example, their mint chocolate chip is not the traditional green, as they avoid using food coloring. But take my word for it, the flavors are incredibly delicious.

The Sweetest Ice Cream Haunts in St. Paul

Four flavors of ice cream cones from Cold Front in St. Paul, Minnesota

Cold Front

Location: 490 Hamline Ave. S, St. Paul

For ice cream aficionados in St. Paul, Cold Front is a must-visit. This delightful shop, located in the Highland neighborhood, offers a range of inventive flavors that will pique your taste buds. Their old-fashioned malt shop vibe adds to the charm, as does their unique “Snowball Flights” offering, which includes four mini-cones.

Conny’s Creamy Cone

Location: 1197 N Dale St., St. Paul

Conny’s Creamy Cone is famous for its 27 flavors of soft-serve ice cream, all available at incredible prices. You can enjoy a scoop of their delicious treats starting at just over a dollar. Keep in mind that they open seasonally, starting in late March.

Grand Ole Creamery

Locations: 750 Grand Ave., St. Paul & 4737 Cedar Ave. S, Minneapolis

A delightful icon of Grand Avenue, Grand Ole Creamery has been satisfying ice cream cravings for years. Now, they’ve expanded to Minneapolis, right by Lake Nokomis. Offering online ordering and curbside pickup, they continue to serve up their beloved homemade ice cream. Be sure to check out our review for more tasty details!

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Wonders Ice Cream

Locations: 298 University Ave, Saint Paul & Mall of America

Rolled ice cream is a phenomenon that originated in Thailand, and Wonders Ice Cream brings this delightful treat to St. Paul. I had the pleasure of trying it for the first time during my travels, and I was blown away! The fact that we now have a rolled ice cream shop right here in St. Paul is incredibly exciting.

Ice cream cup with cookies from Wonders Ice Cream in St. Paul Minnesota

Reader Recommendation: LUV Ice Cream

Location: 2587 7th Ave E, North St. Paul (also available online and at local grocery stores)

One of our valued readers, Andrea, highly recommends LUV Ice Cream as an “amazing” and “creamy” sugar-free option. Whether you’re health-conscious or simply looking for a different twist on traditional ice cream, LUV Ice Cream is a great choice.

Discover the Cream of the Crop in the Twin Cities North Metro

Ice Cream Shops in the Northwest Metro

Big Dipper Creamery

Locations: 1250 126th Ave NE, Blaine & North Oaks

Big Dipper Creamery is the place to go for homemade, old-fashioned ice cream. Keep in mind that they operate seasonally, so plan your visit accordingly.

Blue Sun Soda Shop

Location: 1625 Cty Hwy 10 Spring Lake Park, MN (with additional locations in Bloomington and Richfield)

Make sure to mark your calendar for Blue Sun Soda Shop’s Ice Cream Float days. With any soda purchase, you’ll receive a free scoop of ice cream. It’s a match made in dessert heaven!

Flamingo’s Ice Cream and Treats

Location: 1258 East Moore Lake Dr., Fridley

Formerly known as Grandpa’s Ice Cream, Flamingo’s Ice Cream and Treats offers hand-dipped ice cream made in-house. Don’t miss their seasonal opening for a taste of their delectable treats.

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Two Scoops

Location: 1918 – 2nd Ave S, Anoka

Two Scoops is a delightful small-town stop that serves up Chocolate Shoppe ice cream from Madison, Wisconsin. You’ll love the friendly atmosphere and the wide array of flavors.

Ice Cream Shops in the Northeast Metro

Ozzie’s Great American Ice Cream

Location: 4687 Bald Eagle Ave., White Bear Lake

At Ozzie’s Great American Ice Cream, you’ll find a delightful selection of Cedar Crest ice cream. Keep in mind that it’s cash-only, but don’t worry—there’s an ATM onsite.

Cup and Cone

Location: 2126 4th St., White Bear Lake

White Bear Lake takes pride in Cup and Cone, a soft-serve joint that offers delicious treats at prices that will bring tears of joy to your eyes. They open seasonally, so plan accordingly.

Nelson’s Ice Cream

Locations: 920 Olive St. W, Stillwater & Snelling Ave, St. Paul

When visiting Nelson’s Ice Cream, trust me on this one: go for the kiddy size. You won’t regret it! They serve Cedar Crest ice cream and have become a beloved destination for ice cream enthusiasts. Keep in mind that they open seasonally.

Schoony’s Malt Shop and Pizzeria

Location: 384 Bench St., Taylors Falls

At Schoony’s Malt Shop and Pizzeria, you’ll find over 50 flavors of Cedar Crest ice cream. The fun atmosphere and delectable treats make it a must-visit spot.

Selma’s Ice Cream Parlor

Location: 3419 St. Croix Trail S, Afton

Selma’s Ice Cream Parlor holds the distinction of being the oldest ice cream shop in Minnesota. They proudly serve Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream from Madison, Wisconsin. After exploring attractions such as AFTON STATE PARK or the CARPENTER ST CROIX VALLEY NATURE CENTER, make sure to stop by Selma’s for a sweet treat.

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The Creamiest Delights in the Twin Cities South Metro

Ice Cream Shops in the Southeast Metro

Ice cream cup from Hastings Dairy Store in Hastings Minnesota

Hastings Dairy Store

Location: 1701 Vermillion St, Hastings, MN 55033

Formerly known as the Hastings Co-op Creamery, Hastings Dairy Store is known for serving the best chocolate shakes in town. Cool, refreshing, and simply divine, their shakes are a must-try. Even a small size is incredibly satisfying and costs just over a dollar.

Ice Cream Shops in the Southwest Metro

Wheel Fun Rentals Malt Shop (formerly Malt-Tees Malt Shop)

Location: 6335 Portland Ave, Richfield

For a full day of summer fun, head over to RICHFIELD VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK. Start by swimming in the pool, then play a round of mini golf at MALT-TEES MINIATURE GOLF. Finally, rent a surrey bike from Wheel Fun Rentals and top off your adventure with a delightful old-fashioned malt from this charming ice cream joint. Remember, they open seasonally.

Girls enjoying a snack and malts at Malt-Tees in Richfield, Minnesota

The Creamiest Delights in the Twin Cities West Metro

Adele’s Frozen Custard

Location: 800 Excelsior Blvd., Excelsior

Adele’s Frozen Custard is a nostalgic spot that has stood the test of time. I have fond memories of visiting as a child, and to this day, their custard remains just as delicious as ever. If you crave rich and creamy frozen desserts, Adele’s is not to be missed.

Edina Creamery

Location: 4940 France Ave, Edina

It’s been years since I had the pleasure of visiting Edina Creamery, but the memory of their homemade ice cream has stayed with me all this time. That alone speaks volumes about the quality of their treats.

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Now that you’ve discovered the finest ice cream parlors in Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s time to treat yourself to a scoop or two. Don’t forget to check out Ice Cream for more delightful frozen treats.

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