The Finest Ice Cream in Fort Myers: A Dream Come True

A Journey of Triumph and Opportunity

In 1963, at just six months old, Ali Perez embarked on a brave voyage that led her family from communist-run Cuba to the welcoming shores of Florida. Now, almost six decades later, Perez is celebrating a new milestone – the opening of her latest venture. Situated at 1401 Lee St. in downtown Fort Myers, Best Ice Cream is ready to delight locals and visitors alike. And that’s not all – coming soon in September, right next door to Best Ice Cream, will be The Mermaid Room, an exclusive space catering to adults aged 21 and over. With liqueur-, CBD-, and Delta 8-infused ice cream on offer, this enchanted room is set to be an unforgettable experience. Please note that The Mermaid Room will require a $10 cover charge.

Crafted with Love and Nitrogen

Best Ice Cream is renowned for its exquisite nitrogen-infused, made-to-order creations. What sets this ice cream parlor apart is its commitment to crafting everything from scratch on-site. Here, the base is lovingly made, multiple times a day, ensuring the freshest experience possible. The secret lies in the use of liquid nitrogen, which freezes the ice cream instantly at a chilling temperature of minus 321 degrees. This innovative technique eliminates ice crystals, resulting in pure, velvety goodness.

An Origin Story of Friendship and Support

Before landing at its current home on Lee Street, Best Ice Cream had humble beginnings at 2215 Winkler Ave., Ste. K, in Fort Myers. Although its previous location at Dani Drive closed its doors in 2020, it proved to be a serendipitous turn of events. During that time, fate brought Ali Perez together with Herb and Mitzi Katz, a couple from Illinois on vacation. Herb Katz, renowned for his expertise as a shopping center developer, was on a quest for fresh, vegan ice cream for his daughter. Perez rose to the occasion, providing them with a delightful treat.

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Impressed by Perez’s talent, Herb Katz made a remarkable decision. He purchased the building at the corner of Lee Street and Bay Street for $725,000. Inspired by childhood memories spent visiting his grandfather in Fort Myers, Katz wanted to create something truly extraordinary. With a shared passion for ice cream, Perez and Katz began to weave their dreams together.

A Feast for the Senses

From the first glance outside, it’s evident that Best Ice Cream is a whimsical wonderland. Perez painted the exterior of the Lee Street building in vibrant shades of pink and blue, adorned with playful bubble clouds. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Step inside, and you’ll be transported to an enchanting underwater realm. The interior has been meticulously designed to reflect the aura of being “under the sea.” Black lights illuminate the space, showcasing fluorescent paints, while plastic bubbles dangle from the ceiling. Original artwork graces the walls, ensuring a mesmerizing experience for all.

Embracing Creativity and Empowering Women

Ali Perez not only delights in serving delectable treats but also takes pride in supporting other female entrepreneurs. Within the ice cream shop, you’ll find a carefully curated selection of products made by three talented women. From scented candles to stylish bracelets and a brand of party invitations, these items offer a unique complement to the ice cream experience. Perez’s commitment to empowering other women shines through, providing them with a platform to showcase, market, and sell their creations.

Ice Cream Treasures Await

When you visit Best Ice Cream, prepare for a delightful journey filled with delectable treats. Indulge in a cup of ice cream starting at $8 or $9, or opt for a shareable “dream bowl” starting at $15. The ice cream menu serves as a guide, and the creative artisans behind the counter will gladly accommodate any special requests you may have.

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A Shared Vision for Success

Herb and Mitzi Katz enthusiastically supported Ali Perez in her quest to reinvent and invigorate her brand. Recognizing Perez’s artistic talents and unwavering dedication, the couple provided her the freedom to create a truly extraordinary ice cream shop. According to Herb Katz, they firmly believe that this venture will surpass all expectations and become an iconic establishment. Personal investments often require patience, and though the journey may have twists and turns, the journey is always worth the wait.

The Katz family eagerly anticipates their visit to the ice cream shop in October, eagerly awaiting what is sure to be a remarkable experience. United by a shared vision, they are confident that Best Ice Cream will stand out from the rest, thanks to its exceptional artistry and divine products.

Remember to visit Ice Cream to discover more about this tantalizing brand.

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