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Best Homemade Ice Cream Recipes that will make your summertime a little sweeter, tastier and downright cooler. Go ahead a lick your screen, it’s completely normal. {wink, wink}

Nothing beats the summer heat like ice cream, am I right? Every night in the summer my family and I love cooling down with ice cream.

We love making it at home and the kiddos love coming up with their own combinations. In fact, our homemade ice cream is better than any storebought kind!

Since summer is in full swing, I went around to some of my favorite blogs and gathered some amazing homemade ice cream recipes. No reason to leave the house and don’t worry if you don’t have a machine – there are plenty of no-churn ice cream recipes in this list!

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So enjoy the summer. Come up with your own ice cream combination and make it at home. Summer fun isn’t the same without a half-melted ice cream cone in hand. Enjoy! XOXO San

COOKIES & CREAM NUTELLA ICE CREAM – Creamy and rich, this chocolate Nutella ice cream with Oreo chunks makes for a mouthwatering combination.

VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM RECIPE – A bowl of vanilla ice cream is perfection on it’s own but also a canvas for all of your favorite toppings. Once you try this easy recipe, you’ll want to make it all summer long.

UNICORN ICE CREAM – How fun is this no-churn ice cream? We are all about the unicorn treats at our house and I just love this colorful and fun ice cream.

HOMEMADE BANANA ICE CREAM – Rich and creamy banana ice cream with chocolate chunks looks like a summertime dream, doesn’t it?

HOMEMADE PEACH ICE CREAM – If you have summer-fresh peaches on hand you need to give this recipe a try. The combination of the fruit with the creamy ice cream is to die for!

HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM – This one has a southern-style custard base with fresh strawberries mixed in. Looks like the perfect way to cool off!

HAZELNUT AND SALTED CARAMEL ICE CREAM – Anything with salted caramel has my vote and adding in hazelnuts is genius! This sounds like a decadent and delicious ice cream treat.

FRESH RASPBERRY RIPPLE ICE CREAM NO CHURN RECIPE – I think the combination of fresh tart raspberries with a rich and creamy ice cream is a match made in heaven with this one.

EASY HOMEMADE COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM – This classic is so easy to make you’ll want to make it all summer long! If you have an ice cream maker this is a must-make.

ROCKY ROAD ICE CREAM – Who’s a rocky road fan? You don’t need to make a trip to the ice cream shop to treat yourself – you can make a batch of this chocolate goodness at home.

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM NO CHURN – This was always a favorite growing up! I love the combination of cool mint with rich chocolate chips. You will want to give this one a try!

EASY SALTED CARAMEL PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM – More salted caramel but this time it’s paired with peanut butter ice cream. I would love a big scoop of it!

CHERRY ICE CREAM – You don’t need to wait for cherries to be in season to make this easy ice cream. You can use frozen ones and make it all year.

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE ICE CREAM – If you love strawberry cheesecake I think you’re going to love this easy ice cream!


MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP AVOCADO ICE CREAM – Don’t be worried about the avocado in this ice cream! It’s an easy way to make it rich and creamy without using heavy cream. Avocado is very mild flavor-wise – you don’t even know it’s in there!

SOPAPILLA CHEESECAKE ICE CREAM – I love this creative ice cream that has cinnamon sopapillas mixed in! It would be a perfect dessert for Cinco de Mayo.

HOMEMADE ROLO CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM – Grab your ice cream maker because you are going to want to make this chocolate treat! It’s made with chocolate and caramel Rolo candies and looks so rich and decadent.

MALTED VANILLA ICE CREAM WITH PEANUT BRITTLE MILK CHOCOLATE CHUNKS – This ice cream has malted milk powder giving it a similar taste to a malted milkshake. Add some peanut brittle and chocolate to take it over the top.

HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY NUTELLA ICE CREAM – I love the combination of Nutella and strawberries – serve this ice cream on cones or sandwich it between cookies for a cold summer treat.

HOMEMADE CHERRY GARCIA ICE CREAM – Move over, Ben and Jerry, this homemade cherry ice cream is just as good as the storebought version!

HOMEMADE MOOSE TRACKS ICE CREAM – Hot fudge and chopped peanut butter cups? Oh, yes, please! You are going to want to give this Moose tracks recipe a try.

SODA POP ICE CREAM – You only need three ingredients for this creative soda ice cream! It looks like the perfect summer dessert.

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