Best Foods to Eat After Tooth Extractions


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Having teeth removed due to decay, injury, or any other reason can cause some pain and tenderness for several days. What you eat in the coming days after extraction affects how you feel and even how your mouth heals. Below is some guidance regarding the best foods to eat after tooth extractions.

When Is the Best Time for Your Tooth Extractions?

A woman getting her tooth pulled needs to know what foods to eat after tooth extractionsWhichever teeth you must have extracted, plan a good time for this procedure to take place. Of course, that’s not always possible, such as in the case of injury. However, it’s helpful to plan ahead for the best foods to eat after tooth extractions. Particularly if you live alone, you want enough of the right foods in your pantry and refrigerator to get you through your healing process.

Just before the weekend and holidays are great times for tooth removal. These dates give you extra healing time before you must return to work or school. Summer is great for kids to have teeth extracted since they will not miss school. Wisdom teeth removal requires a bit more recovery time than a regular tooth extraction, so planning ahead is really important for those procedures.

Best Foods to Eat after Tooth Extractions

After scheduling your tooth surgery, prepare your pantry. Obviously, soft foods are the best foods to eat after tooth extractions. You will stick to a soft diet for a few days into your recovery.

Ice cream is one of the best options for the time immediately following your extraction. The coolness of ice cream feels good on your tender gums. It also reduces swelling.

When you choose your ice cream, go for soft serve in a cup or bowl. Do not eat ice cream with hard pieces, sprinkles, nuts, a cone, or toppings. The softer the style of your ice cream, the least amount of work required of your jaw muscles.

Cool soups like gazpacho also work great after oral surgery. Do not eat hot soups, as you can suffer burns and irritate your surgical site. Try to stick with creamy and smooth types of soup with a few chunks in it.

Smoothies and scrambled eggs also provide good protein as a meal replacement after oral surgery. Yogurt is an excellent choice as well, as long as you stick to smooth varieties and Greek yogurt without fruit or crunchy bits.

Avoid spicy, salty, crunchy, and acidic foods. Small bits of broken crunchy foods can lodge in the tooth socket and cause bigger problems. Also, avoid using a straw for drinking, as this dries out your tooth socket. Brush your teeth each day as you should, but avoid vigorous brushing and let the extraction site heal before directly brushing that area.

Compassionate Dental Care in Tupelo

If you must undergo tooth extractions, you’ll feel better when you know what to expect from your procedure and the healing process. The same is true of other types of dental work. A caring, compassionate dental team helps you maintain your healthiest smile and experience the fewest problems after dental procedures.

A caring dental team makes a range of dental services available to you and your family, including:

  • General dentistry
  • Invisalign and veneers
  • Implant restoration
  • Oral and nitrous sedation dentistry
  • Some cosmetic dentistry

In Tupelo, Mississippi, North Mississippi Family Dentistry provides the compassionate dental care you need. We can answer all of your oral health questions, including what foods to eat after tooth extractions. Call 662-844-6464 for a consultation today.

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