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Homemade mango ice cream is the best ever creamy frozen dessert. This tasty recipe takes a wonderful vanilla ice cream base and adds luscious fresh mango for the easiest mango ice cream. It is a traditional ice cream recipe made with cream, milk, and sugar plus packed with fresh mango puree.

It is rich, creamy, and perfectly sweet. It is a wonderful fresh fruit ice cream and was one of the first ways my kids began enjoying mangoes. I know – I know… who doesn’t love ice cream, but seriously this is so amazing! And if you have never had mango before, it tastes amazing.

Best Ever Mango Ice Cream two bowls ready to eat and a spoon

Ice Cream Maker Needed

This mango ice cream recipe requires having an ice cream maker. It is not complicated to make mango ice cream and takes just a few steps and ingredients. Enjoy this quick and easy fresh mango ice cream recipe all summer.

The hardest part of this recipe is remembering to freeze the ice cream maker insert the night before so it is ready when you want to make ice cream. It does take some preparation to plan ahead and do that. In just a few minutes this fresh fruit & vanilla ice cream is mixing away in my Cuisinart.

Ingredients Needed

This easy recipe for mango ice cream is made with simple ingredients. There are no artificial ingredients that you cannot even pronounce in this amazing ice cream. You only need five ingredients to make the best mango ice cream ever. All you need is fresh mangos, sugar, heavy cream, whole milk, and vanilla for this recipe.

This mango ice cream recipe is made without coconut milk or condensed milk, plus it has no eggs like many other recipes. It is an old-fashioned ice cream recipe with hints of vanilla and the sweet tropical and floral flavors of ripe mango for a simple and delicious dessert.

Best Ever Mango Ice Cream ingredients

How to Make Mango Ice Cream

*** Ensure your ice cream maker will be ready to freeze the mixture in about an hour. This usually means the insert should be in the freezer the night before. ***

Begin by cutting the two fresh mangos into large chunks. If you have never cut a mango before, this is a great tutorial on HOW TO CUT A MANGO. It includes step-by-step instruction and images so I find it very helpful for those not sure of the best way to cut a mango safely.

Combine dice mango pieces with ¼ cup sugar in a measuring cup or single-serving Ninja capsule. Puree them in the blender.

In a medium bowl, use a hand mixer to beat cream, milk, remaining sugar, & vanilla and beat until combined. Next, add the pureed mango mixture and beat using the hand mixer until combined and smooth. This is a no-cook mango ice cream recipe so this is all that is needed to mix this all together.

Best Ever Mango Ice Cream pour puree into cream and sugar

This mango ice cream recipe is made with an ice cream maker. I find it is best to have a very cold mixture before putting it into the ice cream maker insert. Therefore, I highly suggest that you place the bowl in the freezer for 30 min to get the mango mixture very cold before going it into the ice cream maker.

When the time has come set up your ice cream maker and get the insert ready and the machine running. Now that the mango mixture is chilled, slowly pour the mango mixture into the ice cream maker insert as it is going around. It will begin to come together and chill almost immediately.

Best Ever Mango Ice Cream pour into ice cream maker

Freeze in the ice cream maker according to your manufacture’s steps. For my batch in the Cuisinart ice cream maker, this recipe took about 15 minutes to freeze and come together as seen below. I am not sure how your machine works but I find that every 2-3 minutes I like to scrape down the sides to give all the mixture a chance to come into contact with the cold outer area and freeze up.

Scoop out the fresh mango ice cream and place it into a freezer-safe container. You will need to freeze this for about 3-5 hours. It will then be ready to serve after it chills for hours.

Best Ever Mango Ice Cream ready in the ice cream maker

Check it for the consistency and for the soft or solid-state you desire the homemade ice cream to be. For a more soft serve mango ice cream, freezing about 3 hours may be right for you. For a very solid ice cream ideal for scooping onto cones, you may need to go as much as 6+ hours of freezing before the mango ice cream is ready. I froze ours for 4 hours and it came out soft and creamy but just solid enough to scoop. DELISH!!!

Best Ever Mango Ice Cream ready to eat with a bite on a spoon

Storing Homemade Ice Cream

If this mango ice cream does not get consumed all on the first day, it can be stored in the freezer for up to a week. Store in an air-tight container in your freezer. Remove the ice cream about 5 minutes before you want to eat it as homemade ice cream tends to be more solid and dense once frozen all the way through. As it softens a bit while sitting on your kitchen counter it will make it easier to scoop and creamier to eat. Homemade mango ice cream can be stored longer in the freezer but it does tend to get icy easier than commercially made ice cream.

One of the reasons I love making ice cream is that it’s a delicious dessert that is gluten-free. But I also like that it is a no-bake and a wonderful make-ahead dessert recipe. Another reason to make this mango ice cream is if you are having company over or have many things to cook in a day but still want a good dessert, make ice cream ahead of time and get it into the freezer long before the other cooking or guests arrive really is wonderful.

Another great homemade fruit ice cream recipe that you will also love is my PLUM ICE CREAM. A great way to enjoy the bounty of plums that come every summer.

Best Ever Mango Ice Cream two bowls and spoons


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