Indulge in Nostalgia with Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream Sammie

Nothing brings back the memories of childhood quite like a delectable ice cream sandwich. The classic combination of vanilla ice cream nestled between two chocolate cookies takes us back to carefree summer days of playing tag in the backyard until we were called in for a snack. Now, as adults, we can introduce our little ones to this timeless treat with Ben & Jerry’s new limited flavor: Ice Cream Sammie.

A Modern Twist on a Classic Favorite

Ben & Jerry’s, renowned for their iconic flavors like Phish Food and Cherry Garcia, have reinvented the ice cream sandwich with their latest creation. Ice Cream Sammie features a luscious vanilla base, complemented by chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies and tantalizing chocolate cookie swirls. This modern-day twist on the classic ice cream sandwich is a pure delight for both adults and kids alike. Go ahead and be a little sneaky – maybe stash a pint behind the frozen broccoli in the freezer; we won’t tell!

A Mess-Free Ice Cream Experience

What sets Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Sammie apart is its ability to keep sticky fingers at bay. Say goodbye to accidentally biting into the paper wrapper! However, if you’re feeling adventurous, try creating an ice cream sandwich sandwich by layering the new flavor between two of your favorite cookies. Yes, it might get a little messy, but the sheer joy on your kid’s face will make it all worthwhile.

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When and Where to Find Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Sammie

Exciting news! Ice Cream Sammie will be hitting shelves nationwide this May – just in time for Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. So, wherever you buy ice cream, keep an eye out for this limited-batch flavor. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this delightful treat that will undoubtedly make your summer even sweeter.

A Treat for a Limited Time

It’s essential to savor every bite because Ice Cream Sammie is a limited-batch flavor. While the exact date when this delightful creation will return to the flavor vault remains unknown, Ben & Jerry’s promises that it will be available throughout the summer. So, indulge in this nostalgic delight while it lasts. Don’t let this opportunity slip away like sand through your fingers.

Non-Dairy Fans, Take Note

While Ben & Jerry’s offers a tempting selection of non-dairy flavors, lactose-sensitive fans will have to sit this one out (unless they pair it with lactose-free options). In line with their commitment to quality, the ice cream is made with Fairtrade ingredients, non-GMO sourced add-ins, and fresh milk and cream that are Caring Dairy-certified.

If dairy is not your friend, fret not! Ben & Jerry’s has a range of delicious non-dairy alternatives available. Just remember to check for the “non-dairy” label to ensure you’re selecting the right option. Some mouthwatering non-dairy flavors to try include Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cherry Garcia, Netflix & Chill’d, Coconut Seven Layer Bar, and many more.

So, everyone else, grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Sammie and revel in the joy of reliving your childhood memories with your own little ones this summer. And remember, with every mouthful, you’re not just enjoying a fabulous treat but also supporting the values and commitment to quality that the Ben & Jerry’s brand represents. Indulge in the deliciousness and feel good about it!

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Ice Cream Sammie

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