Banana Ice Cream Maker Recipe

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Banana Ice Cream Maker Recipe. Introducing you to the best three ingredient banana ice cream maker recipe that you have ever tried. It is Paleo, gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Perfect for dumping ingredients into the ice cream maker and coming back 40 minutes later to perfect creamy banana ice cream.

easy banana ice cream maker recipe
Easy Banana Ice Cream Maker Recipe

Banana Ice Cream Maker Recipe

Welcome to my healthy banana ice cream recipe for the ice cream maker. Updated for the summer of 2020 after originally sharing it with you back in the June of 2016 and a favourite in the Milner house.

If I were to sum up the diet or healthy lifestyle I follow, I would say that I am partly vegan, partly paleo, partly whole30 and partly keto.

I follow a clean eating diet, hate processed foods and could live off fresh vegetables if I were given the chance.

I am not a fussy eater and dinner is often a simple mix of chicken and vegetables or my other favourite instant pot salmon and broccoli.

I was raised on the 1990’s dinner is from a can and heated in the microwave diet.

With many of readers on the modern version of this and the love for frozen food, I try my best though to stick to healthy when I can.

Though it is hard when I am recipe testing, especially when I am making air fryer frozen chicken wings or air fryer frozen French fries for our readers.

I first heard of paleo in early 2015 from a fellow blogger and I fell in love with it.

I hated the nuts and seeds part and really do not enjoy making baked goods from coconut flour, but the rest of it was perfect for me.

It helped me shed the rest of my baby weight after having Sofia and between 2015 and 2017 I did three rounds of the whole30.

But I have a HUGE sweet tooth and if you are not having coconut flour or almond flour it limits the choices and Dominic did something amazing for me back in late 2015 and that was make me some paleo ice creams in our brand new ice cream maker.

They were amazing.

Naturally sweetened with either honey or maple syrup or a mix of both and if you wanted to add extra fruit you could, or you can add cocoa powder.

The choice was yours.

I have updated it for 2020 and this is our favourite banana ice cream maker recipe and OMG its worth buying an ice cream maker, just to experience this dump and start paleo banana ice cream.

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Paleo Banana Ice Cream

My other paleo banana ice cream that we regularly make at home is our banana nice cream.

If you have not tried blender banana nice cream before, then its more hands on then this ice cream maker recipe and is aimed at those that do not have an ice cream maker and uses a blender instead.

In a nutshell it just uses banana and natural sweeteners such as maple syrup. Because bananas are naturally thick the banana becomes creamy vanilla ice cream.

You can read all about it below:

How To Make Banana Nice Cream In The Blender

It is amazing but its still not a dump and start ice cream maker recipe like we are showing you today.

Paleo Banana Ice Cream With Coconut Milk

This paleo banana ice cream is made with coconut milk giving it a double cream texture.

Imagine when you have a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or make our homemade vanilla ice cream maker recipe.

There is that ever so creamy texture because of all the single cream that is used during the churning process.

But when you make paleo banana ice cream with coconut milk you are using the coconut milk and the bananas to make it super thick and creamy.

When I have made it, or Dominic has, we have always commented on the thick texture and how it feels naughty and unhealthy when it is paleo.

There are of course many different brands of coconut milk out there and in recent months I have become obsessed with this brand.

I have always bought cans of coconut milk and always complained about the price for something standard from the can.

But I found some dried coconut milk that you just add water to and it’s amazing.

A lot less processed rubbish in it and it tastes a million times better.

You could use canned coconut milk or dried coconut milk. Both works well in this recipe and all my recipes that include coconut milk.

How To Make Paleo Banana Ice Cream?

Banana ice cream maker recipe step by step

The process of making homemade paleo banana ice cream using an ice cream maker is SIMPLE:

  1. Pour a can of coconut milk into the ice cream maker.
  2. Add quartered banana slices.
  3. Add sweetener
  4. Churn for 40 minutes.
  5. Freeze for later.

Yes it is really that simple. I even slice the banana over the ice cream maker to save on washing up!

Then the only washing up is your knife and your ice cream maker when you are done.

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Banana Ice Cream Maker Recipe

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banana ice cream maker recipe

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