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If the apocalypse hits the earth and I am asked to eat just one thing right before dying, I would choose ice cream. Why? Because why not? Ice cream goes best with every emotion. Sad? Just eat a chocolate cream puff, happy? Have, a fruit bar, broken? Have a vanilla sundae nut cone. Dying? Eat any flavor in frequent reach. Doesn’t it feel like an extreme sport to have your ice cream without dripping a single globule of it on the ground? It’s a race between your time and tongue. Let’s take a look at Aldi Ice cream.

Aldi Ice cream

To catch all your emotions and flavors, Aldi makes sure to be the best at it, for the same reason they make sure that only the best quality ice cream reaches your taste buds. From chocolate to strawberry to vanilla to mint chocolate. Aldi serves all flavors with the finest quality. Let’s take you & your tongue on a virtual ride of an ice cream feast.

What flavors does Aldi have?

Ice creams are all about flavors. Have you seen a person saying they don’t like ice cream? Probably not well, they sure can dislike a specific flavor but not “ICE CREAM” as a whole. What if I tell you that Aldi also has a range of Keto ice creams? Yes, one for the fitness conscious. They do. But what more does Aldi have? Let’s get you a quick tour of Aldi ice cream flavors.

Adli ice creams are sold under two labels, Belmont and Sundae Shoppe. Both the labels have the best to serve, below is the list from both the labels for Aldi ice creams.

  • Butter peanut or cookie & cream ice cream
  • Vanilla, sea salt & caramel, and peaches and cream flavor
  • Mint chocolate chip
  • Strawberry and moose tracks ice creams
  • Fudge, brookie dough and thank you cherry much flavor

These flavors from Belmont are as delicious as it sounds. They are soothing, creamy, and taste like heaven.

On the flip side, we have Sundae Shoppe with a tub full of gourmet mouth-watering flavors.

  • Strawberry, pina colada, and the Caribbean flavor fruit bars
  • Variety pack of Fudge & caramel sundae nut cones – comes in four vanilla caramel and four vanilla Fudge.
  • Caramel cookie crunch
  • Mixed berry or triple chocolate flavor

If you fear eating ice cream on diets because they have high calories and sugar then, the next range is to maintain your diet. A lot of people have trouble controlling portions. Don’t worry Aldi has these mini-size ice cream and ice cream sandwiches that can stuff your cravings. These ice creams are light and delicious to settle your sweet cravings.

  • Mini ice cream cookie sandwiches
  • Neapolitan light ice cream pail
  • Vanilla light ice cream
  • Vanilla sundae nut cone
  • Vanilla ice cream sandwiches

Specially selected:

Aldi has some special items to serves that include foods like cheese and kinds of pasta. Also, not to forget some really delicious ice creams.

  • Super-premium chocolate ice cream
  • Super-premium vanilla ice cream

Is Aldi ice cream good quality?

Ice cream is the king of all deserts, and it has to be of the best quality, Aldi makes sure that ice creams that are served in their store top the list and always attract more buyers. As said before, Aldi also serves Keto ice creams bought into the market in 2020. Since then, keto ice cream is in high demand. It was set in motion as Aldi’s best find but soon became an everyday item due to its high demand among buyers.

Best Aldi ice cream picks

Belmont mint chocolate chip is definitely the winner when it comes to best ice cream. It is creamy, melts in the mouth the moment you shove the spoon in, no artificial mint flavor is added, and chocolate chips are in every bite.

If you have a problem eating dairy products, don’t worry, Aldi has a pick for everyone so, does for dairy intolerance. Earth Grown peanut butter & fudge is the right find for you from Aldi finds. There is no weird texture and after taste and it is almost like heaven. Another Aldi finds that should be on your list is Raspberry cheesecake.

Does Aldi Ice cream sell vegan ice cream?

Yes, under the Earth Grown labels they sell ice creams that are 100% vegan and animal-free. Here is a sneak peak of Aldi’s vegan ice creams.

  • Almond based pints
  • Chocolate, mocha Fudge and Vanilla
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip and mint chocolate
  • Raspberry Cheesecake

Earth Grown produces ice cream that is free from eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, and lanolin. Now that you know this, you can enjoy your ice cream with zero worries.


Aldi serves everything, one can expect from ice creams. The label under which Aldi ice creams are made in, Belmont and Sundae Shoppe which sells diverse product items with a wide range of flavors, healthy and vegan, budget-friendly, and delicious.

They have a pick for everyone. For the one who doesn’t eat dairy and for one who wants to stay fit while eating ice creams. So, if you’re ever stuck on what ice cream to eat visit your near store that sells Aldi creams, and now you have heaven to choose your pick from.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Does Aldi sell Ice cream cones?

Yes, Aldi sells Ice cream cones under the label of Sundae Shoppe you can enjoy it in Vanilla, fudge, and caramel flavor.

Q2. Does Aldi have Peppermint Ice creams?

Yes, you can find one under the Belmont label for $2.89. also, Sundae Shoppe offers it I mint-chocolate chip flavor and mint gelato.

Q3. Does Aldi sell ice cream cake?

Well, not specifically, but they do sell Oreo Ice cream cake occasionally under Aldi fine lines. Since it is served occasionally, each store receives a limited amount.

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