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Affogato has got to be one of the easiest desserts to prepare. If you love coffee and ice cream, you will adore this Italian summer treat. Deliciously refreshing and ready in a flash!

What does affogato mean?

The closest translation of affogato is ice cream ‘drowned’ in espresso.

Technically, you can say ‘ice cream drowned in coffee,’ but since it’s Italian, we use what they refer to as their coffee — and that is espresso.

Affogato is perfect when you want to enjoy your caffeine, but drinking coffee is too much for the summer heat.

Think of it as espresso ice cream or ice cream with a jolt — perfectly sweet and bitter at the same time!



  • Ice cream – vanilla is the most common flavor that I have seen used for making affogato.
  • Cocoa powder – optional, to dust the ice cream when you serve.
  • Almonds – slivers or slices of almonds is another option for serving affogato.
  • Espresso – at least a shot of espresso for every serving.

Note that the coffee should be hot, so it triggers the melting of the ice cream.


Start preparing your affogato by placing two to three scoops of ice cream in a glass (photo 1).

Pour the espresso directly into the ice cream (photo 2).

Dust your affogato with cocoa powder (photo 3).

Add some chopped almonds on top as well (photo 4).

Now relax and enjoy your affogato!

Recipe variation

  • Different ice cream flavors. While vanilla is the most common that I have seen for affogato, chocolate ice cream flavor is also sometimes being offered.

So, feel free to give that one a try.

  • Sprinklers. As you can see in the following image, sprinklers can also be used on top.

It can also be chocolate sprinkles if you prefer.

Serving suggestions

  • Preparing the ice cream ahead. The previous image was from one of the osteria that we frequent in the Emilia-Romagna region.

They served their affogato as one big ball of ice cream.

It is arguably more efficient if you are serving it to several guests.

Form the ice cream into a ball (or sphere) ahead of time, and just unwrap it and place it on the glass when it’s time to serve.

  • Pouring of the espresso. Regardless of how the ice cream is presented, the espresso should be poured by the guest (i.e., the one who will enjoy the affogato).

Serve the espresso together with the ice cream but in a separate cup.

The actual pouring of the coffee is part of the drama of serving an affogato — the ‘drowning‘ of the ice cream. 🙂

See how easy it is? So, start preparing your affogato now and let me know what you think!

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