85. KINGDOM HEARTS – HD 1.52.5 ReMIX BBS: Reports (Ventus)

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Video Ventus ice cream ingredients


Each World in BBS gets a Story update when you finish the story in that World.

WorldEventThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examDwarf WoodlandsDefeat the Mad TreantCastle of DreamsDefeat Lucifer the catEnchanted DominionDefeat MaleficentThe BadlandsFight The Masked BoyRadiant GardenView the scene with Lea and IsaDisney TownPlay Ice Cream Beat!Olympus ColiseumProtect the Town Near ThebesDeep SpaceDefeat MetamorphosisNever LandDefeat Captain HookThe Mysterious TowerMeet with Yen SidThe Badlands (2)View the scene with Master XehanortThe Land of Departure (2)View the scene with Master EraqusDestiny IslandsView the scene with Vanitas

Secret Reports

Ventus finds a total of five Xehanort Reports during his story.

NameWorldEventXehanort’s LetterThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examXehanort’s Report 1Deep SpaceChestXehanort’s Report 9Destiny IslandsView the scene with VanitasXehanort’s Report 10The Keyblade GraveyardDefeat VanitasXehanort’s Report 12The Keyblade GraveyardChest

Game Records

Arena Missions


ObjectiveCollect 300 medals during the game.Collect 1,000 medals during the game.Collect 3,333 medals during the game.Collect 5,555 medals during the game.Collect 7,777 medals during the game.Collect 9,999 medals during the game.

Arena Mode

ObjectiveComplete “Day of Reckoning.”Complete “Wheels of Misfortune.”Complete “Risky Riches.”Complete “Weaver Fever.”Complete “Sinister Sentinel.”Complete “Dead Ringer.”Complete “Combined Threat.”Complete “Treasure Tussle.”Complete “Harsh Punishment.Complete “A Time to Chill.”Complete “Copycat Crisis.”Complete “Keepers of the Arena.”Complete “Monster of the Sea.”Complete “Villains’ Vendetta.”Complete “Light’s Lessons.”

Rumble Racing

CourseObjectiveCountry ChaseFinish five laps in 2 minutes 30 seconds.Disney DriveFinish five laps in 5 minutes.Grand SpreeFinish five laps in 5 minutes.Castle CircuitFinish five laps in 5 minutes 30 seconds.

The Command Board

ObjectiveWin a Command Board game.Win 3 Command Board games.Win 5 Command Board games.Win 7 Command Board games.


The Command Board

The Command Board is accessible from the menu as soon as Ventus gains access to the World Map. This area tracks your fastest wins, but the Reports only care that you won at all.

EntryWins/GamesKeyblade BoardRoyal BoardSpaceship BoardToon BoardHunny Pot BoardSkull BoardSecret Board

Ice Cream Beat

Ice Cream Beat is only available in Disney Town. Speak to the blue shirt duckling to play. In order to fill out the Reports, you simply need to complete each song on Master difficulty.

SongIt’s a Small WorldBlast Away! -Gummi Ship II-Dessert ParadiseDestiny IslandsHand in Hand

Rumble Racing

Rumble Racing is available in Disney Town and in the Mirage Arena. You will need to complete each race in Disney Town before it shows up in the Mirage Arena. The time Objectives are only relevant for the Mirage Arena version, as you will get an Arena Level up for each one.

CourseObjectiveCountry ChaseFinish five laps in 2 minutes 30 seconds.Disney DriveFinish five laps in 5 minutes.Grand SpreeFinish five laps in 5 minutes.Castle CircuitFinish five laps in 5 minutes 30 seconds.


Fruitball is only available in Disney Town. Speak to Horace Horsecollar in the Fruitball Court to play. There are three teams to face off against, and you will need to defeat each of them to finish the Reports.

OpponentsVs. BruisersVs. Chip & DaleVs. Captain Justice

Break the Urns

Break the Urns is a mini-game available in Olympus Coliseum after completing the story. Visit the Vestibule and speak to Herc to attempt this mini-game.

Hit Counts

Dimension Links

CharacterFinisherAquaFinishTerraFinishMickeyLightchargeDonaldDonald FlareGoofyGoofy SpinSnow WhiteSweet MemoryCinderellaDream SparkleZackHero’s EntranceExperiment 626Random BeamPeter PanSwordbillPeteFruit ShotAquaMagic VolleyTerraLandbreakerMickeyFaithchargeDonaldCosmic DonaldGoofyGoofy TurboSnow WhiteSweet SevenCinderellaMiracle DanceZackHero’s PrideExperiment 626Ohana BeatPeter PanBarrel RollPeteRumble Rave

Shotlock Commands

NameMeteor ShowerFlame SalvoChaos SnakeRagnarokThunderstormBio BarragePulse BombPhoton ChargeAbsolute ZeroLightning RayMultivortex

Unversed Missions

WorldEnemyGoalEnchanted DominionFlame Box30 hitsCastle of DreamsLone Runner30 defeatedDwarf WoodlandsVitality Vial2 minutesRadiant GardenBelly Balloon1 minute 30 secondsDisney TownRinger40 defeatedOlympus ColiseumJellyshade30 secondsDeep SpaceGluttonous Goo90 orbsNever LandElement Cluster70 hitsThe Keyblade GraveyardFloating Flora350 orbs

Character Files

Main Characters

NameWorldEventVentusThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examAquaThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examTerraThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examMaster EraqusThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examMaster XehanortThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examYen SidMysterious TowerMeet with Yen SidKing MickeyThe BadlandsFight The Masked BoyDonald DuckMysterious TowerMeet with Yen SidGoofyMysterious TowerMeet with Yen SidThe Masked BoyThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examVanitasRadiant GardenView the scene with Lea and IsaVanitas RemnantThe Keyblade GraveyardDefeat the Vanitas RemnantUnknownThe Land of DepartureDefeat the UnknownArmor of EraqusMirage ArenaComplete “Light’s Lessons”No HeartMirage ArenaComplete “Peering into Darkness”

Castle of Dreams

NameEventCinderellaDefeat Lucifer the catJaqDefeat Lucifer the catLuciferDefeat Lucifer the catLady TremaineDefeat Lucifer the catAnastasiaDefeat Lucifer the catDrizellaDefeat Lucifer the cat

Dwarf Woodlands

NameEventSnow WhiteDefeat the Mad TreantDocDefeat the Mad TreantGrumpyDefeat the Mad TreantHappyDefeat the Mad TreantSleepyDefeat the Mad TreantBashfulDefeat the Mad TreantSneezyDefeat the Mad TreantDopeyDefeat the Mad TreantOld Peddler WomanDefeat the Mad Treant

Enchanted Dominion

NameEventPrincess AuroraDefeat MaleficentFloraDefeat MaleficentFaunaDefeat MaleficentMerryweatherDefeat MaleficentMaleficentDefeat Maleficent

Radiant Garden

NameEventAeleusView the scene with Lea and IsaEvenView the scene with Lea and IsaIenzoView the scene with Lea and IsaDilanView the scene with Lea and IsaLeaView the scene with Lea and IsaIsaView the scene with Lea and IsaScrooge McDuckView the scene with Lea and IsaMerlinView the scene with Lea and Isa

Disney Town

NameEventQueen MinniePlay Ice Cream Beat!ChipPlay Ice Cream Beat!DalePlay Ice Cream Beat!HueyPlay Ice Cream Beat!DeweyPlay Ice Cream Beat!LouiePlay Ice Cream Beat!Horace HorsecollarPlay Ice Cream Beat!Captain JusticePlay Ice Cream Beat!PlutoPlay Ice Cream Beat!

Olympus Coliseum

NameEventHerculesProtect the Town Near ThebesPhiloctetesProtect the Town Near ThebesZackProtect the Town Near Thebes

Deep Space

NameEventExperiment 626 (Stitch)Defeat MetamorphosisCaptain GantuDefeat Metamorphosis

Never Land

NameEventPeter PanDefeat Captain HookTinker BellDefeat Captain HookSlightlyDefeat Captain HookCubbyDefeat Captain HookCaptain HookDefeat Captain HookMr. SmeeDefeat Captain HookThe CrocodileDefeat Captain Hook

The Hundred Acre Wood

NameEventWinnie the PoohPlay the 100 Acre Wood Command BoardTiggerPlay the 100 Acre Wood Command BoardRabbitPlay the 100 Acre Wood Command Board


NameEventMonstroComplete “Monster of the Sea”

The Unversed

NameFirst LocationFloodDwarf WoodlandsScrapperDwarf WoodlandsBruiserDwarf WoodlandsRed Hot ChiliDwarf WoodlandsMonotruckerDwarf WoodlandsThornbiteEnchanted DominionShoegazerCastle of DreamsSpiderchestDisney TownArchravenDwarf WoodlandsHareraiserDwarf WoodlandsJellyshadeOlympus ColiseumTank TopplerRadiant GardenVile PhialDisney TownSonic BlasterDeep SpaceTriple WreckerNeverlandWild BruiserNeverlandBlue Sea SaltRadiant GardenYellow MustardOlympus ColiseumMandrakeRadiant GardenBuckle BruiserOlympus ColiseumChrono TwisterRadiant GardenAxe FlapperOlympus ColiseumPrize PodVariousBlobmobDeep SpaceGlidewinderDeep SpaceFlame BoxEnchanted DominionLone RunnerCastle of DreamsVitality VialDwarf WoodlandsBelly BalloonRadiant GardenRingerDisney TownGluttonous GooDeep SpaceElement ClusterNever LandJellyshadeOlympus ColiseumFloating FloraThe Keyblade GraveyardMad TreantDwarf WoodlandsTrinity ArmorRadiant GardenMetamorphosisDeep SpaceMimic MasterMirage ArenaIron Imprisoner IMirage ArenaIron Imprisoner IIMirage ArenaIron Imprisoner IIIMirage ArenaIron Imprisoner IVMirage Arena

Ice Cream Guide


An adorable apple and honey ice cream shaped just like a bunny.

IngredientsHoneybunchx3Apple Piex2Command StyleFever Pitch

Bueno Volcano

A daring new veggie ice cream that’s both healthy AND spicy.

Ingredients Prickle Pepperx5Toonbascox3Command StyleFirestorm

Snow Bear

A healthy, tofu-flavored ice cream shaped just like a polar bear.

IngredientsOpen Sesamex3Soy Milkx5Command StyleDiamond Dust

Spark Lemon

A lemon ice cream whose sour power will have you wincing in joy.

IngredientsThundercrackerx4Rocket Sodax2Dancin’ Lemonx3Command StyleThunderbolt

Goofy Parfait

A sundae-style ice cream piled up to look like Goofy.

IngredientsMoogle Coffeex7Jumbo Almondx6Chocolate Valentinex5Forest Muffinx10Command StyleCyclone

Sugary Skies

A fluffy, fun-filled cross between cotton candy and ice cream.

IngredientsCream Fluffx10Rainbow Syrupx8Cotton Cloudcandyx14Command StyleSky Climber

Double Crunch

A mixed ice cream so full of fruit, you might just go a little bananas.

IngredientsCherryberryx9Merry Dairyx5Wedding Cakex14Star Syrupx15Command StyleWingblade

Daisy Sorbet

A grape-flavored sorbet is the main ingredient in this delectable dessert.

IngredientsStarry Sky Delightx8Rich Marshmallowx15Merry Mintx10Melodious Grapex12Command StyleRhythm Mixer


Below is a table that outlines where each flavor can be found. This is the same information shown on the Disney Town page.

WorldLocationFlavorsDwarf WoodlandsThe MineApple PieMerry MintMerry DairyCastle of DreamsMouseholeChocolate ValentineWedding CakeRich MarshmallowEnchanted DominionAudience ChamberCherryberryJumbo AlmondForest MuffinRadiant GardenFountain CourtSoy MilkMoogle CoffeeRocket SodaDisney TownRacewayMelodious GrapePrickle PepperToonbascoOlympus ColiseumTown Near ThebesThundercrackerCotton CloudcandyDeep SpaceDurgon TransporterStar SyrupCream FluffNever LandMermaid LagoonDancin’ LemonHoneybunchRainbow SyrupMirage ArenaRisky RichesDancin’ LemonOpen SesameTreasure TussleOpen SesameStarry Sky Delight

Command Collection

Attack Commands

NameWorldEventQuick BlitzThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startBlitzNever LandChestSliding DashThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startFire DashDisney TownRumble RacingSonic BladeOlympus ColiseumBreak the Urns mini-gameStrike RaidThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startFreeze RaidRadiant GardenChestTreasure RaidNever LandChestSpark RaidN/ACommand MeldingWind RaidThe Keyblade GraveyardChestFire SurgeDeep SpaceChestThunder SurgeN/ACommand MeldingAerial SlamDisney TownChestArs ArcanumN/ACommand MeldingTime SplicerN/ACommand MeldingPoison EdgeRadiant GardenCommand ShopBlizzard EdgeRadiant GardenCommand ShopStun EdgeCastle of DreamsChestSlot EdgeDisney TownChestFire StrikeOlympus ColiseumChestConfusion StrikeDisney TownCommand ShopBinding StrikeRadiant GardenChestTornado StrikeEnchanted DominionChestMagnet SpiralN/ACommand MeldingSalvationN/ASticker AlbumCollision MagnetN/ASticker AlbumBreak TimeDisney TownChest

Magic Commands

NameWorldEventFireDwarf WoodlandsChestFiraRadiant GardenChestFiragaNever LandChestFission FiragaN/ACommand MeldingCrawling FireN/ACommand MeldingBlizzardCastle of DreamsChestBlizzaraDeep SpaceCommand ShopBlizzagaThe Keyblade GraveyardCommand ShopThunderEnchanted DominionChestThundaraDeep SpaceChestThundagaThe Keyblade GraveyardCommand ShopCureEnchanted DominionChestCuraOlympus ColiseumChestCuragaThe Keyblade GraveyardCommand ShopEsunaDisney TownCommand ShopMine ShieldDeep SpaceChestMine SquareNever LandCommand ShopZero GravityCastle of DreamsChestZero GraviraDeep SpaceChestZero GravigaN/ACommand MeldingMagnetEnchanted DominionChestMagneraDeep SpaceCommand ShopMagnegaMysterious TowerChestAeroThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startAeroraDisney TownRumble RacingAerogaNever LandCommand ShopFaithN/ACommand MeldingDeep FreezeN/ACommand MeldingMega FlareN/ACommand MeldingTornadoN/ACommand MeldingTranscendenceN/ACommand MeldingMiniDwarf WoodlandsChestBlackoutDisney TownCommand ShopIgniteRadiant GardenCommand ShopConfuseDwarf WoodlandsCommand ShopBindCastle of DreamsCommand ShopPoisonDwarf WoodlandsChestSlowRadiant GardenChestStopDisney TownChestStopraDisney TownCommand ShopStopgaOlympus ColiseumUnversed MissionSleepEnchanted DominionChest

Item Commands

NameWorldEventPotionDwarf WoodlandsChestHi-PotionEnchanted DominionChestMega-PotionDisney TownChestEtherDwarf WoodlandsChestMega-EtherDisney TownChestPanaceaDwarf WoodlandsChestElixirNever LandChestMegalixirNever LandChestBalloon LetterCastle of DreamsChestHoneybunnyDisney TownIce CreamBueno VolcanoDisney TownIce CreamSnow BearDisney TownIce CreamSpark LemonDisney TownIce CreamGoofy ParfaitDisney TownIce CreamSugary SkiesDisney TownIce CreamDaisy SorbetDisney TownIce CreamDouble CrunchDisney TownIce Cream

Friendship Commands

NameWorldEventGroup CureMirage ArenaMedal ShopGroup CuraMirage ArenaMedal ShopGroup CuragaMirage ArenaMedal ShopConfettiDisney TownAttack the mailboxFireworksN/ASticker AlbumVictory PoseMirage ArenaMedal ShopVanishMirage ArenaMedal ShopUnison RushMirage ArenaMedal ShopVoltage StackNever LandUnversed MissionTrinity LimitMirage ArenaMedal ShopIllusion-FThe Keyblade GraveyardUnversed MissionIllusion-LCastle of DreamsUnversed MissionIllusion-VDwarf WoodlandsUnversed MissionIllusion-RDisney TownUnversed MissionIllusion-BRadiant GardenUnversed Mission

Movement Commands

NameWorldEventJumpThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startHigh JumpThe BadlandsDefeat VanitasDodge RollThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startThunder RollN/ACommand MeldingAir SlideOlympus ColiseumStory RewardIce SlideN/ACommand MeldingReversalRadiant GardenStory RewardGlideNever LandStory RewardSuperglideDisney TownChestFire GlideN/ACommand MeldingHoming SlideN/ACommand Melding

Defense Commands

NameWorldEventBlockThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startRenewal BlockN/ACommand MeldingFocus BlockN/ACommand Board (Royal)Stun BlockMirage ArenaMedal ShopPoison BlockN/ACommand Melding

Reprisal Commands

NameWorldEventCounter RushRadiant GardenChestReversal SlashDisney TownChestPayback RaidDwarf WoodlandsChestAerial RecoveryMirage ArenaMedal Shop

Shotlock Commands

NameWorldEventMeteor ShowerN/ACommand Board (Royal)Flame SalvoThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startChaos SnakeDisney TownFruitballRagnarokN/ACommand Board (Keyblade)ThunderstormCastle of DreamsChestBio BarrageMirage ArenaMedal ShopPulse BombDeep SpaceChestPhoton ChargeMirage ArenaMedal ShopAbsolute ZeroEnchanted DominionChestLightning RayN/ACommand MeldingMultivortexMirage ArenaComplete “Keepers of the Arena”

Dimension Links

NameWorldEventFinish (Aqua)The Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examFinish (Terra)The Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examLightchargeThe BadlandsForge a D-Link with MickeyDonald FlareMysterious TowerForge a D-Link with Donald DuckGoofy SpinMysterious TowerForge a D-Link with GoofySweet MemoryDwarf WoodlandsForge a D-Link with Snow WhiteDream SparkleCastle of DreamsForge a D-Link with CinderellaHero’s EntranceOlympus ColiseumForge a D-Link with ZackRandom BeamDeep SpaceForge a D-Link with Experiment 626SwordbillNever LandForge a D-Link with Peter PanFruit ShotN/AForge a D-Link with PeteMagic VolleyN/AAqua Level 3LandbreakerN/ATerra Level 3FaithchargeN/AMickey Level 3Cosmic DonaldN/ADonald Duck Level 3Goofy TurboN/AGoofy Level 3Sweet SevenN/ASnow White Level 3Miracle DanceN/ACinderella Level 3Hero’s PrideN/AZack Level 3Ohana BeatN/AExperiment 626 Level 3Barrel RollN/APeter Pan Level 3Rumble RaveN/APete Level 3

Finish Commands

This is a simple list of the Finish Commands in order. Please see the BBS: Finish Commands page for more detailed information.

NameWorldEventFinishThe Land of DepartureEquipped at the startAir Flair 1N/AEarn 2000 CPHeat Slash 1N/AActivate Firestorm 8 timesGold RushN/ACollect 1000 MunnyAir Flair 2N/AEarn 4000 CPRamuh’s JudgmentN/AActivate Thunderbolt 12 timesTwisted HoursN/ATravel 7200 stepsSurprise! 1N/ACollect 1400 munnyAir Flair 3N/ATake 4500 stepsHeal StrikeN/AUse Once More/Second Chance 5 timesSurprise! 2N/ACollect 5200 munnyAir Flair 4N/ATake 7000 stepsExplosionN/AEarn 6400 CPCelebrationN/ACollect 7000 munnyStratosphereN/ADefeat 800 enemiesFever PitchThe Land of DepartureComplete the Mark of Mastery examFirestormDwarf WoodlandsDefeat the Mad TreantDiamond DustCastle of DreamsDefeat Lucifer the catThunderboltEnchanted DominionDefeat MaleficentCycloneRadiant GardenDefeat Trinity ArmorSky ClimberMirage ArenaComplete “Sinister Sentinel”Rhythm MixerM/ASticker AlbumWingbladeDeep SpaceDefeat a giant Unversed in spaceFrozen FortuneDisney TownIce Cream Beat


This is a simple list of every Ability available in the game. Please see the BBS: Command Melding page for more detailed information.

NameSynthesis ItemTreasure MagnetHungry CrystalHP Prize PlusHungry CrystalLink Prize PlusAbounding CrystalLucky StrikeAbounding CrystalHP BoostSoothing CrystalFire BoostShimmering CrystalBlizzard BoostShimmering CrystalThunder BoostShimmering CrystalCure BoostShimmering CrystalItem BoostSoothing CrystalAttack HasteFleeting CrystalMagic HasteFleeting CrystalCombo F BoostPulsing CrystalFinish BoostPulsing CrystalCombo PlusWellspring CrystalAir Combo PlusWellspring CrystalFire ScreenShimmering CrystalBlizzard ScreenShimmering CrystalThunder ScreenShimmering CrystalDark ScreenShimmering CrystalReload BoostFleeting CrystalDefenderSoothing CrystalEXP ChanceAbounding CrystalEXP WalkerAbounding CrystalDamage SyphonSoothing CrystalSecond ChancePulsing CrystalOnce MoreWellspring CrystalScanEquipped at the startLeaf BracerPulsing Crystal


Dwarf Woodlands

Item NameLocationPayback RaidThe MinePanaceaThe MineMiniThe MineSoothing CrystalForest GladeShimmering CrystalDeep WoodsPotionDeep WoodsEtherDeep WoodsFireCottage ClearingPoisonCottage ClearingMapCottage ClearingAttack RecipeThe CottagePotionMountain TrailEtherMountain TrailPotionMountain Trail

Castle of Dreams

Item NameLocationMapCinderella’s RoomStun EdgeCinderella’s RoomMagic RecipeCinderella’s RoomPotionMouseholeThunderstormMouseholeEtherMouseholePulsing CrystalMouseholePotionMouseholeHungry CrystalMouseholeZero GravityWardrobe RoomBalloon LetterWardrobe RoomBllizzardWardrobe RoomFleeting CrystalWardrobe Room

Enchanted Dominion

Item NameLocationBalloon LetterGatesSoothing CrystalGatesCureGatesWellspring CrystsalGatesAbsolute ZeroGatesHi-PotionMaleficent’s ThroneFleeting CrystalDungeonTornado StrikeDungeonWellspring CrystalHallHungry CrystalHallMagnetHallHi-PotionHallEtherForbidden MountainPotionWatersideMapForest ClearingHi-PotionAudience ChamberThunderAudience ChamberHi-PotionHallwaySleepTower Room

Radiant Garden

Item NameLocationSoothing CrystalOuter GardensPulsing CrystalOuter GardensEtherCentral SquarePotionCentral SquarePanaceaAqueductFiraAqueductHi-PotionAqueductMapCastle TownCounter RushFountain CourtBlock RecipeMerlin’s HouseHi-PotionGardensBinding StrikeGardensWellspring CrystalGardensSlowGardensHi-PotionFront DoorsFreeze RaidFront Doors

Disney Town

Item NameLocationMapMain PlazaPotionMain PlazaSuperglideRacewayReversal SlashRacewaySlot EdgeRacewayShimmering CrystalRacewayStopRacewayMega-EtherGizmo GalleryMega-PotionGizmo GalleryChaos CrystalGizmo GalleryThunderGizmo GalleryThunderGizmo GalleryMega-PotionGizmo GalleryPanaceaPete’s Rec RoomAction RecipePete’s Rec RoomAerial SlamPete’s Rec RoomBreak TimePete’s Rec RoomWellspringPete’s Rec Room

Olympus Coliseum

Item NameLocationFire StrikeColiseum GatesCuraColiseum GatesMega-PotionColiseum GatesMapVestibule

Deep Space

Item NameLocationAbounding CrystalDurgon TransporterHi-PotionShip CorridorPulsing CrystalShip CorridorMega-EtherShip CorridorHi-PotionShip CorridorMapControl RoomThundaraShip HubZero GraviraShip HubPulse BombShip HubChaos CrystalMachinery BayMine ShieldMachinery BayXehanort’s Report 1Launch DeckMega Attack RecipeLaunch DeckFire SurgeLaunch DeckFleeting CrystalLaunch DeckMega-PotionMachinery Bay Access

Never Land

Item NameLocationMegalixirCoveMega-PotionCoveEtherCoveHi-PotionCliff PathFiragaCliff PathTreasure RaidCliff PathAerogaMermaid LagoonBlitzMermaid LagoonElixirMermaid LagoonHi-PotionSeacoastPanaceaSeacoastBalloon LetterJungle ClearingMega-EtherPeter’s HideoutFleeting CrystalPeter’s HideoutMapGullyAbounding CrystalGullyMegalixirRainbow Falls: Base

The Mysterious Tower

Item NameLocationMagnegaMysterious TowerWellspring CrystalMysterious TowerChaos CrystalMysterious TowerMega Magic RecipeTower Entrance

The Keyblade Graveyard

Item NameLocationElixirSeat of WarMega-PotionSeat of WarMapSeat of WarWind RaidTwister TrenchMega-EtherTwister TrenchMega-PotionTwister TrenchMegalixirTwister TrenchElixirTwister TrenchXehanort’s Report 12Seat of War

Sticker Album

Dwarf Woodlands

NameSticker #LocationIce Cream Sticker11Cottage Clearing Balloon Sticker17Mine Entrance

Castle of Dreams

NameSticker #LocationLouie Sticker5Mousehole Fireworks Sticker9Cinderella’s Room

Enchanted Dominion

NameSticker #LocationDewey Sticker4Audience Chamber Confetti Sticker19Hall

Radiant Garden

NameSticker #LocationHuey Sticker3Fountain Court Fireworks Sticker10Front Doors Ice Cream Sticker13Gardens

Disney Town

NameSticker #LocationMickey Sticker1Gizmo Gallery Minnie Sticker2Pete’s Rec Room Chip Sticker7Raceway

Olympus Coliseum

NameSticker #LocationConfetti Sticker20Coliseum Gates

Deep Space

NameSticker #LocationIce Cream Sticker14Launch Deck UFO Sticker18Ship Hub

Never Land

NameSticker #LocationRainbow Sticker6Rainbow Falls: Base Dale Sticker8Mermaid Lagoon

The Mysterious Tower

NameSticker #LocationIce Cream Sticker16Mysterious Tower

The Keyblade Graveyard

NameSticker #LocationIce Cream Sticker12Twister Trench Ice Cream Sticker15Seat of War


Once you have all 20 of Ven’s stickers, you can start arranging them on the picture. Placing a Sticker will earn points depending on how appropriate the Sticker is to that location. You can gain a maximum of seven points per sticker, which is necessary to earn all the rewards.

It is important to know that there are several different places stickers can go and still get seven points. This is just one way.

Begin by placing Mickey and Minnie on the left side of the picture, next to Ventus. Place the blue duckling on the right, on the other side of the platform. This will give you 21 points and a Wellspring Crystal. (Fig. 1)

If you look closely at Ven, you can see he is holding an ice cream cone in his outstretched hand. Place the red and green ducklings in the air on either side of the cone. Grab the Rainbow and place it in the upper left corner. This will give you 42 points, and the Fireworks Friendship Command. (Fig. 2)

Place Chip and Dale on the small dais beside Ventus. Put the two Fireworks Stickers in the bottom left and right corners. This will give you 70 points, and the Collision Magnet Attack Command. (Fig. 3)

Remember that ice cream cone that Ventus is holding? Place all six Ice Cream Stickers in a column on top of the cone. This will bring you up to 112 points, and the Salvation Magic Command. (Fig. 4)

To finish up, take the Balloon Sticker and place it near the top right corner. Stay along the top of the screen, but don’t go all the way into the corner. Grab the UFO and place it along the top of the picture, between the Rainbow and the stack of Ice Cream. Place the two Confetti Stickers in the open areas above the Fireworks, with the confetti pointing in. #19 goes on the right, and #20 goes on the left. With everything correctly put in place, you should reach 140 points, and receive the Rhythm Mixer Command Style. (Fig. 5)

Completing all records will unlock an Achievement.

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