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The idea of getting ice cream by subscription just sounds too good to be true. After all, ice cream isn’t something that you would expect to be delivered by mail. The whole idea sounds challenging anyway, as ice cream needs to be kept at a cool temperature.

Despite this, there are multiple ice cream of the month clubs out there. These work exactly like you would expect, delivering you a collection of cold treats every month.

Monthly clubs like this are convenient and that isn’t even the best aspect. Joining one of these programs gives you the chance to try new flavors of ice cream, including some that you won’t find in a regular store. You may even discover some new favorites in the process!

My top pick is eCreamery. You get the most flavors per month, and they’re fun/unique flavors without being too weird. Salt & Straw is also a very cool club, but they only delivery in some areas of the USA, and their flavors are a bit too weird for me. For example, right now they’re featuring bug ice cream (real crunchy bugs inside!) and pigs blood ice cream.

What else would you expect from LA & Portland, right?

Ice Cream Of The Month Clubs

PS. Don’t be shy. Check out a cookie of the month club while you’re at it.

PPS. You know what goes well with ice cream? Cake.

eCreamery’s Flavor Of The Month Club

eCreamery is a perfect club if you want to sample more than one flavor each month. They are a very high quality company (featured on Shark Tank), and their entire focus is on ice cream, including many different options for gifts and for special occasions.

eCreamery’s Flavor of the Month Club offers a way to try out multiple different types of ice cream. With it, you receive 4 pints of ice cream every month. In fact, you get a selection of ice cream, gelato, and sorbet, which are all a little bit different.

The flavors you’ll get are unique and many are unusual, including caramel apple crisp, sea salt caramel brownie, and cinnamon. In fact, eCreamery often creates distinct flavors, ones that you will not find anywhere else. The flavors I listed above might not be around by the time you order your subscription, since they frequently change featured items, and their ICE CREAM CHEF (!) creates new items frequently.

Oh, and did I mention you can actually create your own flavors and order those too (not part of the club)?! You can become your own ice cream chef!

The club isn’t as expensive as you might expect either. A 3-month membership costs $169.99, which averages to around $57 per month. Not a bad price for 4 pints of ice cream to your doorstep each month. The monthly price stays roughly the same regardless of your membership duration and there is no month-to-month version.

Ice Cream Of The Month Club

If you can imagine a type of club, Amazing Clubs probably has it. The site has an extensive selection of different memberships, including this Ice Cream of the Month Club. The club focuses on small-batch gourmet ice cream. It provides you with 4 different types of ice cream each month, all in 1-pint containers.

Amazing Clubs mentions that the ice cream always relies on fresh and all-natural ingredients. The site also highlights the flavors that have been included previously. However, there are few details about the companies who produce the ice cream.

The club costs $54.95 per month on a month-to-month or a 3-month membership. You get a slight discount per month if you sign up for a 6-month or 12-month version.

Goldbelly Monthly Ice Cream Subscription

At $79 per month, the Goldbelly Monthly Ice Cream Subscription might make you hesitate. Even so, the subscription is well-worth considering. It can include some extremely good flavors, like Cake Batter Vodka Martini ice cream. You’ll often receive pints of regular ice cream, but sometimes you might get ice cream sandwiches instead.

The club also provides more ice cream than most other options. You’re typically receiving between 5 and 6 pints of ice cream every month. This may include multiple flavors. In other cases, you’ll receive 6 to 24 ice cream sandwiches. The amount of ice cream is perfect if you want more than one person to enjoy the frozen treats.

Seasonal Pints Club from Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw is another great company for ice cream. They feature many of the common flavors, as well as options that you won’t see as often, like Apple Brandy & Pecan Pie. Though I told you about the weirdest options above, they do feature better-sounding flavors too like licorice & lavender, or pumpkin spice with rooibos tea.

While Salt & Straw does have stores in multiple locations, the company also has a strong local food feel, which is supported by the quality of their products.

To try for yourself, you can join either their Keep the Love Alive or their Get a Taste of the Sweet Life club. These both provide ice cream monthly, but they have different styles.

The Keep the Love Alive club provides you with 5 different ice cream flavors each month. These are always seasonal, so you’ll be getting some exciting and unusual types of ice cream as the year progresses. Membership costs $65 per month and can only be ordered month-to-month.

The Get a Taste of the Sweet Life is slightly different. It still provides 5 packs of ice cream, but this time they’re all the same flavor. A 3-month membership costs $195, a 6-month costs $390 and a 12-month costs $780.

Wisconsin Ice Cream Of The Month Club

Why stick to ice cream pints from a single place when you can join something like the Wisconsin Ice Cream of the Month Club? The club is part of the Artisan Wisconsin Made Collective, which features many different locally made products. Their ice cream club provides 8 pints of ice cream every month for 3 months.

The ice cream pints all come from different companies, like Purple Door and Cider Crest. This gives you the unusual chance to experience the differences between individual small companies.

The 3-month membership costs $269.90 for the duration, which averages out to around $88 each month. While this sounds expensive, the pricing is reasonable for 8 pints of ice cream. It’s also impressive. Many other clubs just offer 4 or 5 pints per month.

Jeni’s Pint Club

Unlike many other companies, Jeni’s Pint Club doesn’t ship out ice cream every month. Instead, the subscription offers 4 pints of ice cream every 3 months. This means that recipients get 4 deliveries of ice cream each year.

The deliveries will always contain 4 distinct flavors, with an emphasis on the most popular frozen treats from Jeni’s. The pints will often be ice cream, but you may receive frozen yogurts or sorbets instead.

The subscription costs $230 per year. This calculates to $57.50 per shipment, although you need to pay for the whole year at once. There is also an additional shipping fee of $25 for some states.


There are multiple things that make MilkMade distinctive. For one thing, the company is smaller than others on the list. The ice cream is also hand delivered, rather than shipped. Because of this, you can only order from MilkMade if you live within the New York area.

The subscription sends out 2 ice cream flavors every month. You are also given collector’s magnets and flavor notes about each of the ice creams.

An unusual feature is the ability to choose the size that you receive. Getting 2 pints per month will cost you $35, while 2 quarts will cost $55. You can also receive 2 half-gallons for $90. The final option is an office pack. This version provides you with an entire gallon per flavor. The ice cream is packed into mini containers, making the subscription perfect for sharing.

Gelato Sundae Club

This Gelato Sundae Club doesn’t just offer you ice cream. Instead, you’re getting 3 pints of gelato each month, along with sundae ingredients. The club would give you enough to make multiple sundaes for yourself or to have an amazing sundae night with your family.

Unlike most clubs, this one only runs for 3 months. There aren’t any surprises either. While the months are different from each other, you’ll always get the same sundaes in the same order. This means that the club is great the first time around, but less interesting if you want to join for a second 3-month stint.

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