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Ice cream is a tasty treat enjoyed worldwide in every possible combination of flavors. It’s a delightful treat when the weather is hot since it can help cool you down. For cats, ice cream can be an equally enjoyable treat. However, human ice cream isn’t ideal for cats due to its high sugar content and the content of non-cat-friendly ingredients, like chocolate.

The good news is that you have multiple recipes to pick from to make your cat a yummy ice cream treat that is safe for kitties. None of these recipes are overly complicated or time-consuming, and all of them are customizable to your cat’s preferences.

1. Blueberry Ice Cream

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2. Cat Milk Ice Cream

This recipe uses a lactose-free product made specifically for cats called Cat Milk. This is not the same as dairy milk, sweetened condensed milk, or kitten milk replacer. Cat Milk is rich and calorie-dense, so this treat should be fed only in moderation.

3. Cucumber Ice Cream

Image Credit: 2023852, Pixabay

For the kitty that prefers something for the more refined palate, try this cucumber ice cream for cats. This flavorful recipe is safe for kitties and features the unique taste of cucumbers. This is the perfect treat for a hot summer day! It also has Cat Milk as an ingredient.

4. Broth Ice Cream Cubes

Chicken broth soup in a bowl
Image Credit: LisaRedfern, Pixabay

Chicken is a favorite protein among cats, but this recipe can also be made with beef or fish. It’s important to ensure the broth you choose is free of added sodium and flavors, like garlic and onions. There are broths that are made specifically for pets if you are unsure.

5. Tuna-cicles

For the cat that comes running every time you open a can of tuna or salmon in the kitchen, this is the perfect special treat. Make sure to choose low-sodium or no salt added tuna or salmon that has been packed in water for this recipe. Oil-packed fish and fish with added salts can be extremely unhealthy for cats and may cause stomach upset.

6. Goat Milk Ice Cream

Goat’s milk is often touted for its nutrient density and probiotic content, which helps support digestive health. It is high in calories, though, so it should be fed sparingly. This tasty treat is easier on a cat’s stomach than most dairy products are, but it does still hold the potential to cause stomach upset if fed in large quantities. While goat’s milk can have many benefits to your cat’s gut health, some adult cats are very intolerant to lactose, a sugar that is present in milk. Goat milk has less lactose than cow’s milk. First, offer no more than 1/2 spoon of goat’s milk to your cat and increase the amount gradually if no signs of intestinal distress are noted.

7. Catnip Surprise

For the catnip-loving kitty in your life, this treat will take the cake. On top of it being highly customizable, this is possibly the easiest recipe on the list, requiring few ingredients and supplies.

8. Layered Ice Cream

homemade frozen chicken vegetable broth ice cubes on a plate
Image Credit: Lapina Maria, Shutterstock

This recipe takes a little more patience than most of the others because it requires two separate sets of freezing times. However, the treat is worth the wait! This is a yummy and unique treat to keep your cat cool. Make sure to choose a broth with no sodium and no added flavors and seasonings.


The best part about making ice cream for your cat is that you can tweak any of these recipes to fit your cat’s needs. If your cat has dietary restrictions or strong flavor preferences, you can adjust accordingly.

While these treats are a great way to cool down on a hot day, they should not be used to cool down a cat that you believe is overheating or having a heat stroke. Ice and other frozen items can lead to shock when fed to or applied to the body of a cat that is experiencing heat stress. These treats should not replace your cat’s normal food and should be fed in moderation as part of a healthy and varied diet.

Featured Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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