8 healthy ice cream recipes you have to try now. Got a blender? Then you have these smart, easy, delicious desserts

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Precision Nutrition super chef Jen Nickle developed these 8 incredible, exotic ice cream recipes. They’re healthy enough to eat all the time, even if you want to stay lean. Plus they’re easy to make.


Here’s one of the things I love about PN:

We’re a nutrition coaching company, yet we also love to eat.

I was in a meeting recently and one of our newer PN team members mentioned how excited she was to make “Precision Nutrition Ice Cream”.

You see, she’s enrolled in our Precision Nutrition Coaching program (as many PN team members are in any given year), and her coach sent her a link to my original recipes.

As an ice cream lover, she was in heaven.

For a little backstory, I published the “healthy ice cream” post back in 2010. I spent years on a quest to create the perfect protein shake.

After destroying several blenders, I discovered the VitaMix, a machine powerful enough to cut through tough ingredients like ice, peanut butter, and cacao nibs all at once.

By accident, “Precision Nutrition Ice Cream” was born.

Precision Nutrition Ice Cream, part II

Revisiting that 5-year-old post got me thinking. PN has changed a lot since then.

We’ve helped thousands of clients get lean and healthy, and to meet the demand, our team has grown to 100 people … including world class super chef, Jen Nickle.

So why not challenge her to come up with something even better.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Chef Jen was game.

She promised exotic, surprising delicious ice cream recipes that have wholesome, healthy ingredients and a fraction of the calories you get from standard ice cream.

And three days later she delivered…

Precision Nutrition_Blog Phothography_Ice Cream Post_7

As you can see, they turned out beautiful.

They’re also easy — just three (or fewer) simple steps each — and manageable even for your run-of-the-mill blender, food processor, or other type of obliterator machine.

Plus they’re lots of fun.

How to make Precision Nutrition Ice Cream

Start by choosing from one of the 8 ice cream flavors below.

Then follow the instructions to create the ice cream “batter”.

Want visuals?

Here’s what the process looks like for the Hazelnut Dark Chocolate recipe:

Now it’s freezer time. Here you have two options:

  1. Muffin Tins Ladle ½-cup servings of the batter into muffin tins and freeze overnight. Then pop as many servings as you want out of the tin and into your blender. (You can add unsweetened almond milk if you want a softer texture but it’s not required).
  2. Loaf Pan Pour it into a loaf pan and freeze. When you want to eat it, take it out and let it soften for 20 minutes before serving. This is a great option if you’re serving all of it at once.

Frozen, the ice cream looks like this:

Precision Nutrition_Blog Phothography_Ice Cream Post_6b

Precision Nutrition Ice Cream, the recipes

A few final notes

* Lactose intolerant (like me)? You can replace chocolate milk with chocolate unsweetened almond milk. And replace yogurt with regular unsweetened almond milk.

** Want to cut down on the fat and calorie content of any particular recipe? Although a moderate amount of daily fat isn’t something to be scared of, you can replace regular coconut milk with the same volume of low fat coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk. However, not only is fat tasty, it’s creamy and velvety. So lower fat options will end up less creamy and more icy.

*** Don’t know what arrowroot starch or saffron threads are — or you wouldn’t consider yourself much of a culinary artist — start with the simplest recipe here to build you confidence.

In the end, if you’re an ice cream lover, give some of these recipes a try. In no time you’ll be making delicious, exotic, ice cream recipes that delight your taste buds and impress your friends.

Eat, move, and live…better.©

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