6 Whole30 Ice Cream Desserts (Dairy Free, Paleo)

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Six Whole30 Ice Cream Recipes – all Dairy Free, Vegan, Paleo friendly and I dare say – healthy. Craving for an ice cream or some frozen dairy free sugar free whole30 dessert? Here is a collection of 6 paleo whole30 ice cream recipes which are flavorful, gluten free, delicious and made with wholesome ingredients.

Whole30 Ice Cream Recipes As Dessert

If you’re craving for a creamy non-dairy ice cream that is whole30 and paleo friendly or you’re just looking for some whole30 approved desserts, these 6 whole30 ice cream recipes are perfect for that. They don’t have added sugar, artificial sweeteners, soy ingredients, gums and thickeners that are usually present in store-bought non dairy ice creams. And I think this is the closest thing you can get if you’re are really craving for a dessert.

Can You Have Ice Cream on Whole30?

The regular ice cream has dairy and sugar which both should be eliminated on a whole30 diet. Is there a dairy-free sugar free ice cream? Unfortunately no, as sugar replacement – dextrose, erythritol, stevia or xylitol is used, which are also not allowed on whole30 diet.

What Ice Cream Is Whole30 Approved?

There isn’t any whole30 ice cream for sale, most of non-dairy ice creams on the market are filled with cheap sugar substitutes and other additives and fillers. If you’re really craving for some ice cream and you don’t want to fall off your whole30 diet, then the next best thing to do, is make it yourself with whole30 approved ingredients. Also don’t make it a habit, this is just for emergency situations!

And for the record Halo Top ice cream is not whole30 either.

Why Make These Paleo Whole30 Ice Cream Desserts

  1. All made without dairy, gluten, soy, sweeteners, thickeners, preservatives or vegetable oils.
  2. There is no added sugar (no maple syrup, honey or stevia) – it’s all coming from fruits.
  3. No bananas needed.
  4. Can easily be adapted into popsicles, like I did my dairy free whole30 tropical ice cream recipe.

Whole30 Ice Cream Recipes – 6 Flavors!

All these whole30 ice cream desserts start with a base of coconut cream, a creamer (or milk) and dates.

Some recipes have cashews added, especially if they don’t have any frozen fruits. For flavoring I either added freeze dried fruits, frozen, fresh or dried fruits. And of course I didn’t forget the famous coffee flavor that we all love!

I’ve been wanting to make sugar free dairy free whole30 ice cream for a long time now. I tried many different flavors, and these are my favorite:

Strawberry Peach Ice Cream (Paleo Whole30)

A blend of fresh ripe peaches mixed in a creamy base of coconut, swirled and studded with strawberry goodness. This dairy free strawberry peach ice cream is refreshing and a perfect whole30 dessert for summer.

Read on: Strawberry Banana Milkshake (Dairy Free, Vegan)

Coffee Carob Ice Cream (Whole30 Paleo)

A rich coffee flavor combined with the unique flavor of carob + the sweet dates + the base of coconut cream and cashews – all making a creamy, non dairy whole30 ice cream dessert.

The recipe was inspired by this Carob Frosting which I used in making this Paleo Gluten Free Swiss Roll Cake.

Tip: to avoid caffeine, use decaf espresso powder.

Mixed Berry Ice Cream (Whole30 Paleo)

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A bright flavorful and summery whole30 ice cream made with fresh tart berries mixed with a sweet and creamy coconut base. A very easy no fuss whole30 approved dessert!

Mango And Pineapple Whole30 Ice Cream

The rich flavor of mangoes pairs well with tropical flavor of pineapples which adds to the body of the dessert. They balance out really well, you can actually taste both flavors – not to mention a very pretty color.

Read On: Pineapple Milkshake (Vegan Dairy Free)

Salted Caramel Ice Cream (Paleo Whole30)

This whole30 ice cream has a rich / creamy coconut and cashew base that’s swirled with salty date caramel – together bring a smoothly textured creamy mouthfeel.

Cherry Plum Paleo Whole30 Ice Cream

A fun twist on a classic cherry ice cream – it has a good dose of cherries combined with black plums, which make a delicious sweet and tart dairy free whole30 ice cream.

Whole30 Ice Cream Recipe Tips

  • All whole30 ice cream recipes can be made with different types of non-dairy milk such as: coconut milk and cashew milk, but for a creamier consistency I used a dairy free coconut based creamer. The fat from coconut milk makes for a rich creamy dairy free ice cream.
  • You can also make these whole30 desserts without an ice cream maker. For this pour the chilled mixture into a baking dish. Freeze for 45 minutes, remove from the freezer, and beat to break up any frozen chunks. Return to the freezer. Repeat every 30 minutes, for about 2-3 hours, serve or freeze until hard-packed.
  • For a creamier whole30 ice cream, I suggest you use an ice cream maker: it aerates the mixture, which gives it that fluffy, CREAMY texture. And don’t forget to properly cool your tools and the ice cream mixture before churning. I’m using a cheap ice cream maker that did the job just as wonderful as a more expensive one.

Watch How To Make These 6 Whole30 Ice Creams

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If you try any of these dairy free whole30 ice cream recipes let me know.

Please leave a comment and star rating below. Your feedback is super helpful for me and readers. Thank you!

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