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Why frozen cat treat recipes, you ask? They are great for warmer weather! Adventuring with your cat during the summer can be difficult with the hot temperatures. You have to be careful to keep your kitty from overheating. It’s also important to make sure your cat stays well-hydrated!

While many cats won’t drink water when they’re out and about, offering treats or food that are high in water content is a great alternative – like our easy, homemade version of the Churu treat!

Sometimes your cat needs more than just hydration though – sometimes they need a little extra help keeping cool. Frozen treats for cats are an effective way to combine hydration, tastiness, and the cooling factor all into one!

Whether your cat needs a little frozen treat to beat the heat at home or whether you’re looking for something to take with you on your summer adventures, these 6 frozen cat treat recipes are just the ticket! They are super easy to make and take almost no time.

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>>Our favorite cat-shaped silcone ice cube tray!<<

1. Frozen Churus/Tiki Cat Stix

It’s no secret that cats love the squeezable Churu Treats or Tiki Cat Stix. As mentioned above, these are a great source of hydration. For an easy frozen cat treat, just throw a few in your freezer!

2. Frozen Pate Cat Treat

Open up a can of your cat’s favorite pate canned food, add a bit of extra water, scoop into your ice cube tray, and freeze! You can even mix in some catnip or crunchy treats for a little something special.

>>Our favorite pate cat food!<<>>Our favorite catnip!<<

3. Frozen Pouch Cat Food Treat

You know the wet cat food that comes in little pouches? It is very high in water content, so it makes for a great hydrating treat. Open up a pouch and pour into your ice cube trays to freeze. Easy peasy!

>>Our favorite pouch cat food!<<

4. Frozen Broth Treat

While chicken broth for humans generally contains salt and other seasonings that aren’t good for your cat to ingest, you can actually get broth that is made specifically for pets! Just pour some into your ice cube trays and freeze. What kitty wouldn’t enjoy a frozen chicken broth ice cube?

3 Pet-Safe Broth Options

  • Nulo Bone Broth for Dogs & Cats
  • CARU Daily Dish Chicken Broth Meal Topper for Dogs & Cats
  • Primalvore Organic Bone Broth Food Topper for Dogs & Cats

5. Frozen Goat’s Milk Treats

While we wouldn’t recommend letting your cat drink large quantities of goat’s milk, it can be used as a special treat. Cats generally love the taste. Just pour some in your ice cube trays and freeze away!

>>Our favorite goat milk for cats!<<

6. Ice Cubes

Frozen water – easiest recipe ever! Many cats are fascinated by ice cubes and will lick at them and playfully bat them around.

You may be wondering, “How can I take frozen cat treats out with me on a hike? Won’t they melt?!” To keep your kitty’s tasty treats nice and solid, we recommend traveling with an ice pack of some sort. Throw the treats in a Ziploc bag with a frozen ice pack or two, and they should last a little while.

Giving your cat tasty frozen treats is just one way you can help keep them cool in the hot, summer weather. Be sure to visit our other post below for more tips on keeping cool on summer adventures!

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Emily Hall is “mom” to seven cats, one dog, and two sugar gliders. She has been writing in the pet industry for almost 10 years, with a focus on traveling and adventuring with cats. Emily and her husband enjoy hiking, road-tripping, camping, and canoeing with their three cat adventurers. Read more about her here.

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