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If you’ve been searching for a kids party theme that’s playful, pretty + current, this is it.

Parties the world over are screaming for ice cream it seems. Enter the summery, pastel perfection, colour pop world of the Ice Cream Party! It’s a tasty treat for the kiddies + a feast for the eyes as well.

I admit I am one of those parents that’s planning a Little Miss 3 party with an ice cream theme. I’ve started looking for inspiration already, because a) I’m a sucker for a good party theme, + b) I’m totally OTT when it comes to kids parties. At least with a basic theme to run with, everything else flows fairly seamlessly from there. As you’ll soon see!

There are so many amazing ice cream party ideas out there – way too many to share in one blog post – but I just had to share 5 of my favourites. Everything + more is saved to my Kids Parties board on Pinterest of course. If you haven’t visited me over there yet, you should!

I’m sure these 5 unbelievably WOW party ideas will be enough to convince you to throw an ice cream party ASAP! Not to mention the FREE ice cream wrappers you can download at the end of this post…

Love these ice cream party ideas + FREE printable ice cream wrapper download.

#1: Watermelon Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrapper | by Design Eat Repeat

There’s a reason why I’ve put these ice cream cone wrapper’s at the top of my list. It’s not just because they’re pink + scream summer (although they’re both very good reasons). It’s because they’re the party dress to the hero of the ice cream party – the Ice Cream itself!!

You can’t have an ice cream party without ice creams, and after seeing these I don’t think you can have ice creams without a pretty wrapper.

The wrappers are also multi-functional. They double as decorations; adding extra pops of colour wherever the ice cream may go. They also act as a drip collector, which is particularly necessary with little kids + melting ice cream! Very clever!

You can download these Watermelon Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrappers from Design Eat Repeat for a mere USD$5. Then simply print, cut + wrap around your cones.

I’ve also made you some cutie fruitie ice cream wrappers which you can download for FREE at the end of this post. Score!

#2: DIY Popsicle Favor Boxes | by Oh Happy Day

The amazingly talented team at Oh Happy Day have done all the hard work for you with this party essential!

Their range of unique + fun popsicle templates is available for you to download for FREE. Then all you need to do is assemble them into party favour boxes. SO easy + don’t they look amazing?!

I know that party favours can be viewed as excessive for kids parties these days, but I am honestly such a fan. This was a party necessity back in the 80’s when I was a little girl! I think it’s nice for little guests to take something away as a memento of a memorable party. It also helps parents to bundle them out the door if they can dangle a treat bag in front of their face!! So non-PC I know, but who cares.

I love these Popsicle Favor Boxes so much, as they’re so colourful, unique + completely on theme.

They would work equally well for a pool party or anything around summer or spring too, don’t you think? Now I just need to decide what to pop into them…

#3: Ice Cream Pop Cookies | by Bake at 350

Bridget at Bake at 350 posted this idea on my birthday – so it must be fate that I include them in my ice cream party round up!

With kids parties especially, I love anything that you can pre-prepare to leave the party day as stress free and easy as possible. These popsicle shaped ice cream pop cookies are just the ticket!

This party treat will be easy for little fingers to pick up and eat without getting too messy, and I’m sure the adults will want to steal a couple too.

I love the bright colours and drippy chocolate icing. For those of us Down Under, I haven’t found anywhere here that stocks the brands mentioned in Bridget’s recipe. However, I find the Wilton liquid food colouring from Spotlight is great + has the best range of colours.


#4: Mini Honeycomb Ice Cream Garland | by Oh Happy Day

Another DIY gem from the lovely crew at Oh Happy Day, because they just have so many amazing ideas.

This time they’ve used mini honeycomb balls + some simple craft materials to create this amazing ice cream garland.

NZ peops, you can get mini honeycomb balls from party shops all over the place. I’ve found The Pretty Baker and Pixie Party Supplies have a decent range of colours + sizes. Kmart also stocks a small ice cream-style garland that you could use as a starting point.

I find that garlands + bunting are one of the easiest + most effective ways to give a big burst of colour to your party. That’s why I love this take on the traditional garland for an ice cream party.

I think it would also look cute as bedroom or playroom décor once the party is done, don’t you think?!

And if you love parties + decorations as much as I do, you would really enjoy browsing the pages of Oh Happy Day + drooling over all their creative ideas, whatever the theme or occasion.

#5: Ice Cream Birthday Cake | from Kara’s Party Ideas

What’s a party without cake?! The humble birthday cake is absolutely essential in my mind, and will be the main centrepiece to your party table.

I first saw one of these “ice cream accident” cakes when my girlfriend had one made for her kids birthday party, and I’ve loved them ever since. A traditional iced cake with a quirky topper, this cake is designed to look like an upturned melted ice cream has just been planted on it!

There are so many variations on style and colour combinations out there for this type of cake, but I was particularly drawn to this one as I love the colour palette + sprinkled edging.

Eager to figure out how to actually recreate this – given I’ll be attempting it myself for little Miss upcoming party – I found this tutorial on how to create an ice cream cake topper, which seems easy enough to follow, right?! Am going to give it a crack anyway!

So in summary, your 5 ice cream party must haves are:

  1. Watermelon ice cream cone wrapper OR the Cutie Fruitie one you can download below.
  2. Popsicle party favour boxes.
  3. Ice cream pop cookies!
  4. Honeycomb ice cream garland.
  5. Beautifully decorated ice cream cake – yum!

So as you can see, I am brimming with ice cream party inspiration already. If you are too, this is what you need to do my friend:

  • Kick start your party decorations with this FREE printable cutie fruitie ice cream cone wrapper that I created just for you.
  • Enter your details in the form below, I will email it straight to you, then you can download, print + use it. It truly is the perfect addition to any event where ice creams are making an appearance, haha!
  • If you have a party coming up (like me) that you want to ensure is memorable + fun, you should follow along with my 6 week party planning schedule! Anyone can pull it off, truly!

And if there are any other ice cream party amazing ideas or essentials that you think I should know about, please, flick them my way! x

FREE printable ice cream cone wrappers, in pink with a tropical theme.

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