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Needing a sweet treat to cool you down this summer? This homemade milk and honey ice cream will do the trick! This recipe does not require the use of eggs or an ice cream machine and it only calls for 5 simple ingredients. Let’s get to it!

Making Homemade Ice Cream

First… Let’s talk about the ins and outs of making homemade ice cream. There are a few common issues, complaints, and questions that I see from people who have made their own ice cream and found themselves disappointed. I’m going to address those and then get to the recipe.

Common Issues with Homemade Ice Cream

1. The Ice Cream Ends Up Icy

If the ice cream doesn’t freeze quickly enough, the ice crystals can become large which will make your ice cream gritty and icy. It is important to freeze your container and chill the ice cream mixture before freezing the ice cream. There will still be some ice crystals when using this recipe because it is 100% no-churn and it doesn’t use eggs.

2. The Ice Cream isn’t Freezing or Thickening

Make sure that you use whole milk for homemade ice cream. Low-fat and skim milk will negatively affect the texture and the freezability. If you have access to raw milk, use that!

3. The Add-Ins are Hard

When you use candy bars and other processed prepared food items as ice cream add-ins, they can get really hard during the freezing process. These foods aren’t made to be frozen so they do not hold up the way you would hope.

4. The Ice Cream Goes “Bad” Quickly

Homemade ice cream doesn’t have the preservatives that you find in store bought ice cream so, of course, it will not last as long. When you make your own ice cream, be prepared to eat it all within a few days or you will end up tossing it.

5. Ice Cream Melts Quickly

Most homemade ice cream will melt more quickly than store bought ice cream because it has different air cell & fat contents and different stabilizers. This ice cream recipe contains no eggs as a stabilizer so it will melt even faster.

You can freeze your bowl before adding scoops of ice cream to keep it from melting as fast.

Can You Make Homemade Ice Cream without a Machine?

Absolutely! You can make homemade ice cream by simply whipping chilled cream and sweetened condensed milk or you can use the method used in my recipe that includes pre-freezing the container and chilling the ice cream mix before freezing.

You can also check out other methods in this post.

Do You Have to Use Eggs in Homemade Ice Cream?

You don’t have to use eggs in homemade ice cream. Eggs will make ice cream creamier with less ice crystals and it won’t melt as quickly so many people prefer it… BUT if you need a no-cook ice cream then you can definitely use an egg-free recipe like this one!

Salted Milk & Honey Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Milk and Honey ice cream is a favorite summer treat around here. I hope to one day have the KitchenAid Ice Cream Attachment, but for now, I make this sweet frozen treat without an ice cream maker.

Be aware that this ice cream will have some ice crystals so it won’t be as creamy as store bought ice cream. This is because this recipe is a super simple, hands-off, egg-free, no-churn recipe. The flavor is incredible and the ice crystals don’t bother me at all…but this is just a heads up in case the texture is a big deal for you.

I love this delicious honey ice cream recipe for a few reasons.

#1 Milk and honey represent all good, beautiful, and rich things in my mind.

Milk & honey scents, flavorings, and imagery have always appealed to me. I think this may be because of the reference to the “land of milk and honey” that was made to the Israelites in the Book of Exodus.

My love for local honey also draws me to honey sweetened desserts. I have been a beekeeper since 2014 and I use honey instead of white sugar in almost all of my recipes.

#2 This Milk and Honey Ice Cream only requires 5 ingredients.

Simple recipes with only a handful of ingredients are my favorites. With 5 spirited children running around & only having one household income, I have to keep my from-scratch recipes inside a tight time and budget.

#3 Eggs are not required!

This cuts down on the time spent on this recipe because you do not have to cook the milk mixture like you would if you were using raw eggs.

Gather up these ingredients and make this simple no-churn ice cream recipe to cool your family off this summer!

Milk and Honey Ice Cream Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of whole milk
  • 1/2 cup of local honey
  • 2 cups of heavy cream
  • 2 tsp of pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp of Redmond Sea Salt

Ice Cream Add In Ideas

I prefer eating milk & honey ice cream as is, but you can play around with making unique flavors as well. Try out some of these ice cream add-ins:

  • Fruit chunks
  • chocolate chips
  • chunks of brownies
  • vanilla bean pod
  • hot fudge sauce



Place the container that you plan to use to freeze your ice cream into the freezer. It needs to be very cold when you put the ice cream in. It is best to do this the night before you make your homemade ice cream.


Add all ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Mix by hand, with a stand mixer, or with a hand mixer until the honey is dissolved and all ingredients are combined.


Pour the honey mixture into an airtight container like a mason jar, a ziplock freezer bag, or a bowl with plastic wrap.


Place the container in the refrigerator to allow the mixture to chill. This is an important step or you will end up with large ice crystals in your ice cream.


Move the chilled ice cream mixture to the freezer container and wait a few hours for it to freeze. The longer you leave it in the freezer, the more solid it will become.


Take the ice cream out of the freezer when it reaches the consistency you want.


Scoop out the amount you want and top it with a little extra honey. Enjoy!

Try a scoop of your Salted Milk and Honey Ice Cream with a slice of Southern Sugar Cream Pie! It is the absolute perfect combo for a homemade comfort dessert!!

How to Store Homemade Ice Cream

You can store your homemade milk and honey ice cream in any airtight container in the freezer for up to a week. I use a quart sized mason jar with a lid to store mine. Freeze the ice cream until you are ready to serve. Homemade ice cream will deteriorate in quality pretty quickly so plan to eat it soon.

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