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Video 30 great ice cream desserts | Recipes – Kidspot NZ

Forget baked chocolate puddings and hot apple pies, the best desserts of all come out of the freezer, not the oven – am I right? Ice cream is the way to every kid’s heart and, I think you’ll find, to every grown-up’s heart too.

Here are 30 wow-ish ways to serve up mountains of the frozen stuff!

Ice cream cakes

1. Cookies and cream ice cream cake

Requiring just four ingredients, you will be impressed with how easy this frozen dessert is to make – but what’s more impressive is the OMG taste.

  • See here for the Cookies and cream ice cream cake recipe.

2. Coconut and raspberry ice cream cake

This special occasion cake is guaranteed to evoke plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from your guests. It looks amazing and the flavour is pretty out-of-this-world too.

  • See here for the Coconut and raspberry ice cream cake recipe.

3. Snickers ice cream cake

Looking for a cake that requires minimum effort, for maximum impact? Look no further than this! All of your dessert dreams will be answered right here.

  • See here for the Snickers ice cream cake recipe.

4. Popsicle birthday cake

If ever there was a prize for the cleverest ice cream a mum could make, then this little number definitely takes the cake (excuse the pun!).

  • See here for the Popsicle birthday cake recipe.

5. Chewy meringue and mango sorbet cake

Gather around, mums and dads. This is one little secret you will want to keep hidden from the kids, because it’s time for the grown-ups to have some fun too!

  • See here for the Chewy meringue and mango sorbet cake recipe.

6. Chocolate bar ice cream cake

This is a very simple ice cream dessert cake which everyone will be wowed by it tastes delicious and decadent.

  • See here for the Chocolate bar ice cream cake recipe.

Classic ice cream desserts

7. Chocolate banana ice cream

It’s like a marriage made in heaven – these two classic flavours combine to make an icy offering that will set your whole family’s hearts aflutter. Just watch.

  • See here for the Chocolate banana ice cream recipe.

8. Rocky road ice cream sundae

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For a splendid end to a special weekend dinner, this easy ice cream dessert can be assembled in just a few minutes. There’ll be happy faces all round, guaranteed.

  • See here for the Rocky road ice cream sundae recipe.

9. Chocolate mint ice cream balls

Looking for a low-fat dessert that still packs plenty of punch in the flavour department? This nifty recipe will definitely do the trick.

  • See here for the Chocolate mint ice cream balls recipe.

10. Strawberry ice cream

Whip up this fluffy pink ice cream as a weekend treat for everyone. Nothing beats the taste of ice cream made with real berries. So yum!

  • See here for the Strawberry ice cream recipe.

11. Banana splits

A bad day will instantly fade away when you pop this colourful banana split down on the table. Just the look of it will turn that frown upside down.

  • See here for the Banana splits recipe.

Quick ice cream desserts

12. 2 ingredient lemon sorbet

Mighty refreshing on a hot day, or after a heavy meal, this twist on a traditional sorbet will leave your tastebuds dancing.

  • See here for the 2 ingredient lemon sorbet recipe.

13. 2 ingredient creamy ice cream

Add a teaspoon of vanilla to this velvety dessert to turn it into the creamiest vanilla ice cream you’ve ever tasted.

  • See here for the 2 ingredient creamy ice cream recipe.

14. 3 ingredient mango ice cream

Get set to be utterly and pleasantly surprised. This gem of a recipe will be one you come back to time and time again – at the kids’ insistence of course!

  • See here for the 3 ingredient mango ice cream recipe.

Gourmet ice cream desserts

15. Apricot and honey frozen yoghurt

Mix it up a bit with a frozen yoghurt dessert, instead of traditional ice cream. Made with fresh apricots, this recipe is ripe for the summer months.

  • See here for the Apricot and honey frozen yoghurt recipe.

16. Cherry and vanilla choc tops

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Homemade choc-tops are always a hit especially when made with this yummy cherry ice cream. The simple things in life are always the best.

  • See here for the Cherry and vanilla choc tops recipe.

17. Honeydew sorbet

This diet-friendly dessert with hints of lime and basil will end your meal with a stylish and sophisticated bang! It’s right at the top of the ‘wow’ scale.

  • See here for the Honeydew sorbet recipe.

18. Ginger ice cream

It may not sound that appealing, but trust us, once you’ve had your first spoon you’ll never look back. The lesson here is: NEVER judge an ice cream by its name.

  • See here for the Ginger ice cream recipe.

19. Easy mango granita

This easy frozen treat could fast become a family favourite. Dairy-free and sugar-free, what’s not to love about this fruity delight?

  • See here for the Easy mango granita recipe.

20. Honey and tea ice cream

If you consider yourself a bit of an ice cream connoisseur, then this little number will be right up your alley.

  • See here for the Honey and tea ice cream recipe.

FUN ice cream desserts

21. Frozen honeycomb slice

Need dessert for a crowd? This is the ultimate solution. With heaps of crunch and oodles of taste, you best make enough for seconds!

  • See here for the Frozen honeycomb slice recipe.

22. Ice cream in a can

This is both an uber-cool science experiment and a tasty dessert in one! The kids will think Christmas has come early this year.

  • See here for the Ice cream in a can recipe.

23. Ice cream tacos

Little ones will have an absolute ball decorating these desserts in whatever way they wish. It’s time to let their imaginations run wild.

  • See here for the Ice cream tacos recipe.

24. Edible ice cream baskets

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Forget about serving ice cream in a tasteless wafer cone, these crunchy baskets are much more fun and a whole lot more satisfying too.

  • See here for the Edible ice cream baskets recipe.

Ice blocks and popsicles

25. Baby yoghurt ice blocks

This is the perfect ice cream dessert for tots just starting out on their food journey – and the big kids won’t knock them back either!

See here for the Baby yoghurt ice blocks recipe.

26. Angel ice creams

Christmas, birthday, whatever the occasion, these colourful dipped ice creams will add a touch of something special to the day.

  • See here for the Angel ice creams recipe.

27. School day frozen smoothies

Your kids will be the envy of the playground when you add one of these slurpy snacks to the lunch box. And you’ll be the coolest mum that ever walked the earth. Promise!

  • See here for the School day frozen smoothies recipe.

28. Frozen yoghurt pops

This is how you cheat your way into the kids’ good books. You barely have to lift a finger to make these icy-good sweets.

  • See here for the Frozen yoghurt pops recipe.

29. Nutella popsicles

Here’s an entirely new way to indulge in Australia’s fave chocolate spread. Be prepared to fall in love all over again.

  • See here for the Nutella popsicles recipe.

30. Mango and apple treats

Try this fabulously fruity way to let the littlest members of your family in on the ice cream fun – this is particularly good for those that are teething.

  • See here for the Mango and apple treats recipe.

BONUS RECIPE: The simple and delicious treat in the main image above is ice cream cookie crunch – grab the recipe here.

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