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Video Whole 30 ice cream

Super refreshing you won’t believe this whole30 ice cream is made with just three ingredients. Creamy, rich, and bursting with blackberries, this healthy ice cream whips up in a pinch!

Use this vegan dessert to cool down in the summer, indulge a craving, or curl up in the warmth with a burst of flavor.

As a Certified Nutrition Coach, I love that this whole30 ice cream is made with just three simple ingredients- and no ice cream maker!

It makes a healthy dessert swap for regular ice cream and is a big hit with kids.

Plus, with its blackberry flavor it’s the perfect way to cool down in the summer.

You’ll love this ice cream mixture because:

  • Allergy-friendly (dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, paleo, vegan, whole30)
  • Easy to make (you don’t even need an ice cream maker)
  • Light & refreshing

Ingredients You’ll Need

A lot of whole30 ice cream recipes use coconut milk or coconut cream as the base. And though coconut milk definitely works, it tends to result in a harder ice cream that “flakes” when frozen.

This healthy ice cream recipe goes a different route!

Frozen bananas: this is what gives the whole30 ice cream its creamy base. You must use frozen bananas otherwise you’ll just have a smoothie 馃槈

Fresh blackberries: you can use fresh or frozen blackberries but the fresh ones give a wonderful flavor burst and are easier on your blender.

Vanilla: adding a hint of flavor to the ice cream. You don’t need this but it’s worth it. Pro tip: Madagascar vanilla gives the best flavor!

Step By Step Photos

Freezing Bananas

To make your life easier, make sure to peel the bananas prior to freezing them. The riper the bananas are when you pop them into the freezer, the sweeter this delicious dessert will be!

Depending on your food processor (I use a Vitamix which is extremely powerful), you may want to chop the bananas before popping them in.

This can be done before freezing or frozen as bananas don’t freeze solid.

Regardless, this ice cream mixture is a great way to use up the bananas on the counter!

How To Serve It

This whole30 ice cream is silky, creamy, and overall a delicious dessert.

It can be enjoyed as soft-serve ice cream or a more traditional hard texture.

If you’re looking for the ultra fluffy, soft serve version, serve immediately or chill for a brief period of time (30 minutes).

If you’re looking to place this ice cream in a cone or like your ice cream more firm, place in the freezer t set for one hour instead.

Two options, both delicious.

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Topping The Ice Cream

Like smoothies, topping your ice cream is the best part!

This particular banana ice cream is already refreshing and light. Thus, the best toppings are crunchy or fruit-based in nature and not all-out indulgence (not like this chocolate peanut butter ice cream)

  • fresh fruit
  • drizzled almond butter
  • chopped nuts (pecans are perfect!)
  • toasted coconut
  • cacao nibs

Important Teaching Tips & Substitutions

You can easily sub in frozen blackberries for the fresh.

However, you may need to pause and scrape down the sides a bit more depending on what machine you’re using! Regardless, you still don’t need an ice cream maker!

To make it easier on your blender, chop the frozen bananas into chunks before using them. Likewise, make sure the bananas are completely frozen before using them. Failure to do this will result in smoothie-like consistency and not ice cream.

Do not add liquid (maple syrup or any milk) to make the process faster. This will ruin the consistency. Be patient, scraped down the sides frequently, and keep going. Depending on your machine it can take anywhere from 3-10 minutes of scraping and blending.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whole30 Ice Cream

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