25 Weird Ice-Cream Flavours in Japan You Have to Taste to Believe!

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Now, we all know that Japan is the land of sushi, ramen, and all things yummy… But did you know it is an ICE-CREAM PARADISE as well? No other country can beat Japan in creating the most unique ice-cream flavours, hands down. So prepare yourselves for a gustatory rollercoaster experience when you travel to Japan, and shock your senses with some of these exciting flavours that are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD.

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1. Chicken Wing

weird ice cream flavours JapanImage credit: Universe Japan

Surprisingly authentic and it tastes just like fried chicken wings! Don’t chicken out of trying this!

2 and 3. Shark’s Fin and Squid

Image credit: Istolethetv on Flickr

It is apparently possible to have seafood infused ice-cream! The Namco Namja Town in the Sunshine City of Ikebukuro, houses an ice-cream museum that has numerous funky ice-cream flavours you never thought existed. Go check it out!

4, 5 and 6. Garlic, Beer and Snake

Horse MeatImage credit: Istolethetv on Flickr

The list of flavours just gets weirder and crazier. You can find ice-cream flavours like garlic (eww) and beer available at Namja Town. The snake flavour is made from snake powder rather than real bits of snake, and hopefully this bite of information will make you feel less disgusted or afraid.

7. Horse Meat

Indian CurryImage credit: Atticus in Japan

Need I even say more? There’s a reason why horsemeat should only be used in dog food and nothing else…

8. Indian Curry

CaviarImage credit: Daily News Dig

Spicy, savoury and sweet! Curry favour with someone by treating them to this!

9. Caviar

CactusImage credit: Universe Japan

Adding another twist to this delicacy, caviar ice-cream will satisfy your desire to be posh if you can’t afford the real thing.

10. Cactus

Cherry BlossomsImage credit: Dramafever

If you ever end up stranded in a desert with nothing to eat but cactus… You know what to do. Dessert in the desert? Yes please.

11. Sakura/ Cherry Blossoms

Miso RamenImage credit: Japan Australia

Every spring, thousands of locals and tourists alike flock to Japan to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. Imagine how mesmerising it would be to indulge in this sakura ice-cream while strolling along falling pink petals!

12. Miso Ramen

Image credit: Irorio

Hardcore ramen lovers, try eating this miso ramen flavoured ice-cream as a dessert after slurping up a good bowl of ramen! Double the ramen, double the pleasure.

13. Lavender

Squid InkImage credit: Kevin Jaako – Flickr

Encompassing a fragrant, flowery scent, lavender ice-cream delights your senses with a light, delectable taste. Find it at Farm Tomita in Furano, Hokkaido during summer!

14. Squid Ink

RoseImage credit: Turkey Hill

We’ve seen squid ink in pastas, risottos, and pizzas… but in ice-cream?! Dare to try it? Its colour may seem slightly gross to say the least, but it could turn out to be a pleasant surprise!

15. Rose

Sweet PotatoImage credit: General Mills

Strawberry based with a top layer of jelly, this ice-cream confuses your senses thoroughly. Reviews have likened its taste to shampoo or air-freshener, so taste it at your own risk!

16. Sweet Potato

Carrot OrangeImage credit: Islandbell

Look at that pretty, pastel purple colour! Available in places such as Okinawa and Kamakura, this velvety sweet potato ice-cream will surely whet up your appetite for more!

17 and 18. Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange

WasabiImage credit: Laughing Squid

I don’t know about you, but I would sure love to get my daily intake of fibre and vegetables in the form of delicious ice-cream! Haagen Dazs Japan is constantly breaking down boundaries by constantly introducing creative and marvelous concoctions. Kids who hate eating their vegetables would certainly think twice presented with this tempting tub of goodness!

19. Wasabi

Image credit: Emma Story on Flickr

Wasabi may be complementary to sushi… But this ice cream, which is available in the mountains of Nagano, takes the cake for bringing wasabi to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Go forth and challenge your tastebuds to a creamy, tingling sensation!

20. Corn

NattoImage credit: Asia Times

CORNgratulations!! If you are an avid corn lover, this dessert brings you double the pleasure~ Lovingly crafted by the Dominique Ansel Kitchen in Tokyo, this epic combination will CORNfirm knock you out!

21. Natto (Fermented Soybeans)

Image credit: Kotaku

Notoriously known for its mushy, sticky texture and a pungent smell, this ice-cream flavour is definitely not for the weak-hearted.

22. Hotate (Scallops)

TofuImage credit: RocketNews24

Available at the Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center, the sweet and savoury taste of hotate blends perfectly well with fresh milk, culminating in an astonishing flavour which leaves your tastebuds confused.

23. Tofu

Image credit: Essential Japan Guide

Easily found around Kyoto, Tofu ice-cream tastes exactly like its counterpart silky and smooth, but sweeter!

24. Soy Sauce

OctopusImage credit: Japan Travel

Available at the Soy Sauce Kingdom in Saitama, soy sauce ice cream tastes better than it sounds! It is light but salty, and you might love it so much that you start dipping your sushi in it!

25. Octopus

Image credit: Wilhelm Joys Anderson on Flickr

Who says you can’t have dessert with seafood? The chewy tentacle bits that come with every scoop will certainly overwhelm your sensory system!


Image credit: Rocketnews24

That’s right! I saved the best for the last. This isn’t the leaning tower of Pisa guys – it’s a giant tower of eight amazing ice-cream flavours! I don’t know about you, but this looks absolutely delectable! The eight flavours are: Strawberry, Coffee, Milk, Chocolate, Matcha, Banana, Grape and Ramune Soda, and it is available at Daily Chico in Nakano Broadway Shopping Centre, Tokyo! But be warned – share it with friends or family otherwise you might face a devastating ice-cream meltdown.

Now, go forth and conquer all the ice-cream flavours in Japan!! Ganbatte!

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