25 Ice Cream Crafts for Kids – Play Ideas

Video 25 Ice Cream Crafts for Kids – Play Ideas

Is your child an ice cream fan? How about arts and crafts? If so, why not combine these two into some fabulous ice cream crafts?!

These 25 ice cream crafts for kids will keep them entertained without ruining their dinner. You’ll find free printable template of ice creams, some ice cream themed alphabet, free printables perfect for toddlers, kindergarten, and many more that they can use as pretend play and fine motor skills practice. Make some fun ice cream crafts and paper ice cream cones for summer fun!

Crafting has never been so sweet!

Yummy Ice Cream Crafts for Kids

1. Make Ice Cream Balloon Cones

I believe every month is a National Ice Cream month, so let’s make some cool ice cream activities! These balloon ice cream cones by Pop Sugar are fun to make and make great decorations for a party!

2. Cotton Scoopable Ice Cream

Cotton balls and pom poms are perfect for scoopable ice cream by Learn To Grow. Your kiddo can make unlimited number of scoops into tons of ice cream sundaes like this one. Such fun with a cherry on top.

3. Paper Made Sundae

This sundae by First Palette, looks delicious enough to eat and is made using salt dough! Yep, an ice cream dough is perfect for a fun sensory play.

4. Egg Carton Ice Cream Cones

Egg carton cones by In The Playroom are a fun way to use supplies you have on hand and create dramatic playtime for your kiddos. The “ingredients” are easy to find! Grab some egg cartons, cone shape construction paper, and some pompoms, and you’re good to go!

5. Styrofoam Balls Ice Cream Scoops

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These scoops of ice cream (unavailable) by Crafts N Coffee will last a long, long time…they’re made from Styrofoam balls! Such a simple ice cream craft are so great for color matching-themed activities in summer.

6. Footprint Ice Cream Cone Craft

A cute way to save those footprints is with this footprint ice cream cone craft by Painting Me Happy! Trace those tiny footprints and draw some ice cream cut figures in there, and you’ll get an awesome ice cream project for the little ones!

7. Glittered and Foamed Ice Cream Cones

These cones are made out of foam and glitter by Craft Ideas and would make the cutest ice cream magnets ever. You can get these as ice cream printables too.

8. Handprint Ice Cream Scoops

Handprint scoops by A Teaching Mommy are a great way to spend time with the littles and keep those memories to last a lifetime.

9. Letter Recognition Ice Cream Cone Craft

Are you learning the letter I in the ABCs? This craft will help with letter recognition by A Happily Ever Crafter and looks so colorfully fun. I love this idea, just be careful with the scissors!

10. Ice Cream Matching Game

Matching capital letters to lower case letters is the aim of this ice cream matching game by The Project Bus. Fun!

11. Sparkling Sequins For the Sprinkles

Your kiddos can use sequins to add sprinkles (unavailable) by Childcareland to their ice cream creation.

12. Melting Ice Cream Craft

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This ice cream looks like it’s melting in the sun by The Classroom Creative but really it’s made out of Elmer’s glue and shaving cream.

13. Cute Ice Cream Ornaments

Give your bigger kids the supplies and let them spend hours making ice cream cone ornaments (unavailable) by Lines Across that you’ll be able to reuse for years to come.

14. Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Playdough Craft

Your preschooler can make their own cone, then play with mint chocolate chip play dough by The Imagination Tree Yum!

15. Ice Cream Cone Craft

Pom poms make delicious-looking sprinkles, and glitter is always a fun way to play with this ice cream craft by Pitter Patter Art

16. Colored Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shakes

Colored cloud dough ice cream by Mommy Labs can serve up fun when your child makes milkshakes with it.

17. Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cones

Painting puffy paint by Crafty Morning makes these three-dimensional cones look downright scrumptious!

18. Ice Cream Tissue Paper Craft

Littles will love making ice cream scoops out of tissue paper (unavailable) by Homemade City, and cones out of toilet paper rolls!

19. Delightful Ice Cream Cones

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Draw a picture, tear it up, then create these delightful cones by Artastic with the leftovers. So much fun.

20. Watercolor Ice Cream Cones

How high will your kids be able to build their watercolor ice cream cones by Paperblog? Let’s find out!

21. Imaginative Play Ice Cream Shop

This dramatic play-time ice cream shop by Learning 4 Kids has homemade cones and can teach kids about running their own small business.

22. Paper Mache Ice Cream Cones

Paper mache cones (unavailable) by Ziggity Zoom are fun to make, to paint, and so much fun to show off to friends.

23. Messy Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cones

This messy cone uses puffy paint by Little Running Teacher and fingers to make. Your littles will have so much fun making their ice cream cone creations.

24. Cotton Ball Ice Cream Cones

This cotton ball cone (unavailable) by Ribbons is fun from the marker sprinkles on top to the hand-colored cone on the bottom.

25. Mini Ice Cream Cone Monkeys

Once your little monkeys are done crafting (and after dinner, of course), you can make them this adorable monkey cone by Kids Activities Blog as a sweet treat for a job well done.

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Which yummy ice cream craft will you make with your kids today?

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