21 Lowest Calorie Desserts At Dairy Queen (Picks for 2022)

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If you are being mindful of calories, you may feel like it’s not possible to enjoy a treat from Dairy Queen. But not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Below, I’ve included a list of the 21 best low-calorie desserts at Dairy Queen, everything from ice cream to blizzards.

If you’re in a rush, here are my top low-calorie desserts at Dairy Queen: get either a DQ Sandwich (190 calories) or a slice of DQ Treatzza Pizza (170-200 calories). Another lower-calorie option at Dairy Queen is a kids vanilla cone (160 calories).

Note: Make sure to also check out the section at the end of this article where I give you the Dairy Queen desserts to AVOID if you’re on a low-calorie diet.

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My Top 4 Tips On Ordering Low-Calorie Desserts At Dairy Queen

top 4 tips on ordering low-calorie desserts at dairy queen

Here are some tips when ordering low-calorie desserts:

  • Research ahead of time
  • Choose something you like
  • Don’t be afraid to make modifications
  • Be aware of the portion sizes

Research Ahead Of Time

Take a few minutes to check out the nutritional information for Dairy Queen available on their website before placing your order.

Here you will be able to check out the menu and also determine the calories for each item. This will give you an understanding of your best options for the number of calories you are looking to consume.

My advice: While the Dairy Queen website is great, it’s not categorized by the lowest calorie options. As such, bookmark this page as it will be kept up to date with the most current low-calorie options available at DQ.

Choose Something You Like

You are making the decision to have a treat. Therefore, find an option that you are going to enjoy eating.

Since there are a variety of low-calorie options at Dairy Queen, you will be able to not only satisfy your desire for a dessert but also know that you are going to enjoy it in the process.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Modifications

lowest calorie desserts at dairy queen

If at all possible, don’t be afraid to make modifications to your order.

For example, if you would like to order a Sundae, ask for half of the syrup and toppings which can cut your calories by upwards of 100 calories. This will still give you the volume of the dessert without the added calories of excess toppings.

Be Aware Of The Portion Sizes

When choosing a low-calorie dessert at Dairy Queen, it is important to be aware of the size of the treat you are selecting.

Smaller serving sizes will yield fewer calories. For the purpose of this article, portion sizes of the treats selected have been included at the beginning of the item. For example, Kids’ Vanilla Cone indicates that it is a Kids’ size.

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21 Lowest Calorie Desserts At Dairy Queen

lowest calorie desserts at dairy queen

The following low-calorie DQ dessert list is split into the following categories:

  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Sundaes
  • “Royal Treats”
  • Take-Home Ice Cream
  • Blizzards
  • Shakes
  • Cakes

Top 3 Lowest Calorie Ice Cream Cones at Dairy Queen

1. Kids’ Vanilla Cone (160 calories)

kids vanilla cone (160 calories)

It might be a smaller portion but this soft serve classic is perfect to satisfy your ice cream craving.

2. Kids’ Chocolate Cone (160 calories)

Prefer chocolate over vanilla? No problem. You don’t have to worry about adding additional calories either. This chocolate soft serve also comes in at 160 calories of deliciousness.

3. Kids’ Chocolate Dipped Cone (200 calories)

Looking for just a little more than soft serve, add some chocolate to the outside of your favorite flavor of soft serve.

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Top 3 Lowest Calorie Sundaes at Dairy Queen

1. Small Chocolate Sundae (270 calories)

small chocolate sundae (270 calories)

A classic option favored by many for over 80 years, enjoy this soft-serve treat topped with delicious chocolate for only 270 calories.

2. Small Pineapple Sundae (230 calories)

A twist on the classic option at only 230 calories. Pineapple sauce, a top vanilla soft serve is sure to please your sweet tooth.

3. Small Strawberry Sundae (240 calories)

One of my favorite options when it comes to Sundaes at Dairy Queen. Strawberry topping is what makes this a perfect option for a low-calorie treat.

Top 3 Lowest Calorie “Royal Treats” at Dairy Queen

1. Mini Royal New York Cheesecake Blizzard Filled with Strawberry (450 calories)

Not only is this a blend of graham pieces and strawberry with soft serve, but it’s filled with strawberry sauce in the center too. For only 450 calories, this is a great option if you’re craving a royal blizzard treat.

2. Mini Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie Blizzard Filled with Fudge (480 calories)

This is the ultimate chocolate blizzard. If you are a chocolate lover, this is the one for you at only 480 calories.

3. Mini Royal Reese Brownie Blizzard Filled with Peanut Butter (520 calories)

This peanut butter delight is great at only 520 calories. You will certainly satisfy any treat cravings with this pick.

Top 3 Lowest Calorie Take-Home Ice Cream at Dairy Queen

1. 1 slice of DQ Treatzza Pizza – Choco Brownie (190 calories)

Chocolate soft serve on top of the delicious chocolate and crunch crust. Don’t forget the brownie pieces on top.

2. 1 slice of DQ Treatzza PIzza – M&M’s Chocolate Candies (200 calories)

Vanilla soft serve on top of the delicious chocolate and crunch crust with a chocolate drizzle and M&M’s. You can’t go wrong at only 200 calories a piece.

3. 1 Chocolate Covered Dilly Bar (220 calories)

Want a quick grab from the freezer? Try a classic soft serve covered in chocolate from the comfort of your home. A Dilly Bar will only run you 220 calories.

Note: Each slice is approximately ⅛ the size of the total Treatzza Pizza.

Top 3 Lowest Calorie Blizzards At Dairy Queen

1. Mini Choco Dipped Strawberry Blizzard (310 calories)

mini choco dipped strawberry blizzard (310 calories)

Dairy Queen wants you to enjoy summer all year long. They created this flavor in order to get the classic flavor of chocolate mixed with the sweet flavor of summer and strawberry. Enjoy at only 310 calories.

2. Mini Butterfinger Blizzard (350 calories)

One of the great things about these mini sizes of the blizzards is that you still get all of the flavors. This one includes Butterfinger candy pieces blended with some delicious soft serve for your enjoyment.

3. Mini Snickers Blizzard (350 calories)

At only 350 calories, you can enjoy pieces of Snickers candy mixed with classic soft serve.

Top 3 Lowest Calorie Shakes At Dairy Queen

1. Small Banana Shake (470 calories)

Banana blended with milk and creamy soft serve, topped with whipped cream is a delicious treat at only 470 calories.

2. Small Strawberry Shake (490 calories)

Enjoy something sweet? Try a strawberry shake at only 490 calories. The whipped cream topping is a great way to finish it off.

3. Small Vanilla Shake (520 calories)

All of the vanilla flavors are blended into one cup – soft serve, milk, and vanilla syrup at only 520 calories. Enjoy!

Top 3 Lowest Calorie Cakes At Dairy Queen

1. 1 slice of DQ Signature All Occasion Cake (store made) (557 calories)

Classic flavors of chocolate and vanilla soft serve with the chocolate crunch center.

2. 1 slice of Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard Cake (495 calories)

A chocolate crunch center, with a soft-serve base and chocolate chip cookie dough on top, sounds like a great option at 495 calories.

3. 1 slice of Mini Oreo Blizzard Cake (443 calories)

A great option for a sweet treat fix. At 443 calories, this is a perfect mix of oreo and vanilla soft serve.

Note: 1 slice was determined from 10” cake divided into 10 portions

Desserts to AVOID at Dairy Queen

If you are trying to be mindful of the number of calories that you are consuming, here is a list of the top 5 desserts at Dairy Queen to avoid:

  • Large Brownie Dough Blizzard (1400 calories)
  • Large Royal Rocky Road Trip Blizzard Filled with Marshmallow (1510 calories)
  • Large Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard (1340 calories)
  • Large Royal New York Cheesecake Blizzard Filled with Strawberry (1350 calories)
  • Large OREO Mocha Fudge Blizzard (1320 calories)

It is important to keep in mind that the larger the size of the treat you are ordering, the more calories are going to be in the treat. Sticking to smaller sizes will be key when looking for the lowest calorie options.

My Overall Top 3 Lowest-Calorie Picks at Dairy Queen

Out of all of the options mentioned previously, here is a list of my top 3 lowest-calorie picks at Dairy Queen.

1. Kids’ Vanilla Cone

kids’ vanilla cone - 160 calories

This is great to satisfy any cravings for a treat without feeling you’ve overindulged. Coming in at 160 calories, this will be the lowest calorie option on the menu at Dairy Queen.

2. Mini Choco Dipped Strawberry Blizzard

This is option is for you if you are looking for something a little more than a plain vanilla cone and need some great flavor. At 310 calories, a mini blizzard is a great choice.

3. Small Chocolate Sundae

small chocolate sundae - 270 calories

Classic but delicious is the way to describe this 270 calories treat. This is great if you are someone who likes a mix of chocolate and vanilla as you get the vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on top.

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Final Thoughts

Even if you are being mindful of the number of calories you are intaking, there are plenty of low-calorie options for you to choose from when you are at Dairy Queen.

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Caryn Watt is a certified personal trainer & nutrition coach. Working primarily with women all over the world, she focuses her time on helping clients learn more about nutrition and the importance of improving their relationship with food through tracking macros, movement, and mindfulness.

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