20 Most Weirdest and Yucky Ice Cream Flavors – Wetellyouhow

Video 20 Most Weirdest and Yucky Ice Cream Flavors – Wetellyouhow

“ICE CREAM”, the name is enough to bring water in your mouth. Isn’t it? I know everybody loves to eat ice creams. Which one is your favorite flavor? Chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry or mango? But, do you mind having some really weird flavors, like Ox Tongue ice cream, Shrimp ice cream or may be something like Pit Viper flavor. I guess the answer will be a big NOooo… However, there are people around the world, who cherish eating these super weird flavors and especially, the lovely Japanese. So, let’s know more of such kinda flavors, which will make you say YUCK!!!

1. Eel Ice Cream


Don’t go with the name, the smooth taste of this flavor is palatable. I understand the name makes it quite unpalatable.

2. Chicken Wing Ice Cream


Gosh, this flavor is seriously yuck. KFC is enough to serve some really delicious chicken wings. Please spare us; we really don’t wanna taste such foul flavored ice cream.

3. Cactus Ice Cream


Though, the name is weird, but, the flavor isn’t weird at all. It’s yummy actually. It is a tasty treat for all the hardcore ice cream lovers.

4. Raw Horse Flesh Ice Cream


Well, this definitely isn’t an ice cream flavor for horses; it’s very much for humans. It consists of raw chunks of meat in vanilla. It’s really super yuck!

5. Whale Ice Cream


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This one is a delicacy! It has a rich and creamy texture. I agree it is made out of whale blubber, but it tastes well.

6. Seaweed Ice Cream


Having marine algae is definitely a bad idea. Seaweed, as an ice cream flavour, is a healthy stuff to eat, as seaweeds are packed with minerals. Whatever, still it is seaweed, dude!

7. Garlic Ice Cream


I love garlic’s in non-veg dishes off course, but, not in an ice cream. This flavour is good for those, who want to ward off the vampires. I don’t want to, I love Twilight.

8. Tulip Ice Cream


Finally, something sweet and normal! I can eat an ice cream that is made from a flower. This ice cream is yummy.

9. Pit Viper Ice Cream


I guess we all know that Pit Viper is the most venomous snake and adding drops of poison in an ice cream is a deadly idea. However, people consider it as aphrodisiac, but, the taste is hopeless.

10. Indian Curry Ice Cream


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It is not bad in taste and when you have it, the taste of curry will linger in your mouth for long. Still, adding curries to ice cream is not a great idea.

11. Charcoal Ice Cream


It’s a must have ice cream for the coal miners, and trust me, it’s not cool, it’s coaled. But the taste…hmm! it’s delicious.

12. Candid Bacon Ice Cream


Hmm! it doesn’t taste so bad, but still, bacon and ice cream doesn’t seem to mix well. Bacon tastes good in sandwiches and burgers.

13. Viagra Ice Cream


It is made of natural supplements and contains guarana, arginine and ginko biloba. Strange names seriously, I can make out the taste even.

14. Octopus Ice Cream


Why don’t you tantalize your taste buds with some tentacles? Have an octopus ice cream right away. I know what’s running in your mind; but, this one will not disappoint you.

15. Foie Gras Ice Cream


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Foie means liver of goose or duck, which is later use to make the creaminess in the ice cream. Wanna have it vegetarians? Do you know the cost of one ice cream of this flavour? Well, it is $150, cool huh…

16. Crab Ice Cream


The name describes its quality itself. Yes, it is made out of crabmeat. For all those, who love seafood can have this ice cream too.

17. Fish Ice Cream


This ice cream smells weirdly fishy. The fishes used are the saltwater fishes, which smell really bad. Brandy is used to lessen the smell, but, still the taste remains fishy.

18. Goat Ice Cream


Ok, it is made from goat milk, wow, it’s cool. Wait! It also has real goat bits. Ewww…

19. Beef Tongue Ice Cream


Tickle your taste with another tongue! Though, the name will make you puke, but, it’s yummy. People love it and don’t worry; it doesn’t have a tongue in real.

20. Condom Ice Cream


Don’t worry! This ice cream is not made from condom; it is just that you have to have it in condom shaped stuff. Snip off the top a little and then, this yummy chocolate ice cream oozes out.

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