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Looking for interesting ice cream stick crafts to keep your little ones busy? We’ve got an exciting range of really creative and colourful crafts that will not just help in keeping your kids active and on his/her toes, but also assist in developing a host of skills. Ice cream stick craft activities also teach kids about the art of recycling materials! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to try out your favourite craft!

19 Ice Cream Stick Craft Activities That Will Teach Your Kids To Re-Use!

Outdoor Campsite

Ever wanted to go camping? Sprawl on the grass and stare at the night sky? Or sit by a fire outside a tent? If it hasn’t happened already, then you can create make-believe miniature scene with this ice cream stick craft activity. Create a colourful tent and decorate it with artistic patterns. Use paper folding and rolling techniques to make a fiery fire in front of the tent!

Superhero Ninjas

This is an extremely simple ice cream stick craft that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy. Turn an ice cream stick into a superhero ninja! Paint it in different colours. Don’t forget to add a cape and a mask for the mysterious effect! You can also add your child’s initials onto the sticks for a better effect.

Cotton Candy

Remember the good ol’ days when we used to walk down the beach eating bright pink cotton candy from tiny vending machines? Your kids may not have witnessed this scene in today’s age but you can always bring back those memories to life with this fun and super simple activity. Fine-tune your child’s fine motor skills with a fun cotton candy ice cream stick craft activity. Paint it in different colours and sprinkle glitter on it!

Fingerprint Family Portrait

An out-of-the-ordinary family portrait! Yes, that’s what this activity is all about. Something extremely unique to place on your showcase. Make a canvas board frame and replace photographs with your family’s finger imprints. It can’t get more unique than this, can it?

Swing Along

Everybody loves swings. It’s perhaps the one thing every child/adult fought for in their school playground during recess. Swings take us back in time and add a powerful touch of nostalgia. So we’re re-creating that effect with a fun swing activity. Use ice cream sticks and thread to conjure a fantastic swing with your child for a mini playground!

Summer Coolers

Summer vacations sure give us a lot of time to begin a funky fashion trend, doesn’t it? We’ve come up with a crazy yet unique-looking summer coolers that your child can adorn. Paint paper cups and ice cream sticks in bright colours to create this stunning pair of funky summer coolers!

Japanese Fan

Paper folding sure does help in mastering fine motor skills, doesn’t it? We have the perfect activity – and rather useful one as well for this – the Japanese Fan! Save yourselves from the summer heat with this Japanese paper folding activity. Add different coloured papers for a better effect!


Stick a few ice cream sticks together. Paint them. Add googly eyes. And voila! A friendly monster is formed! Its growls and howls won’t scare you one bit because this monster is rather different. The ice cream stick craft monster will protect your little ones from other monsters! So put it up on your wall!

Catapult Carnival

Time to create a weapon for mass destruction. Well, almost! A few ice cream sticks and rubber bands are enough to create this catapult. And we’re sure you will have a blast with it! It will hardly take ten minutes but will keep your little ones busy for long!

Pen Stand

Do you want your child to become a little more organised with his/her stationery items? If they create their very own ice cream stick craft pen stand, then we’re sure they’re more likely to use it! Ice cream sticks can help. Paint it in different colours and prop it up with your child’s stationery!

Coaster Creation

Use ice cream sticks to make a fun little coaster that will hold your child’s morning and evening cup of milk! This activity is another one focusing on fine motor skills so get ready with your paintbrushes! Add patterns and stickers to make the coaster more appealing. It will also prevent spillage!

Toy Fighter Plane

Time to attack the enemies with a mighty little toy fighter plane! This engaging ice cream stick is going to be of huge interest for your automobile lovers. Your child’s grasping skills and hand-eye coordination will definitely get a boost. So gear up with the missiles and have a safe trip!

Floating Raft

Use left-over ice cream sticks to create a floating raft. In this engaging activity by Best Out Of Waste, attach a paper and set sail to this magnificent popsicle boat. Especially during rainy days, the ice cream stick boat will be a great way to spend time with your li’l one!

Photo Frame

Time to go for a trip down memory lane with this jolly ice cream stick craft! Make a photo frame with leftover ice cream sticks and place your favourite memories inside! It’s absolutely simple and yet extremely unique. It will also look great as a living room wall decor!

Traffic Signal

Stop says the red light…Goes says the green light…. Have you heard this popular rhyme about the traffic light? If not, then this decor activity is for you to make it interesting for your preschooler. Check out our ice cream stick craft traffic signal activity and create a traffic light by reusing cardboard box, ice cream stick, and bottle cap!

Pencil Bookmark

We’ve found an awesome solution to help your kids remember important pages in their textbooks (without having to make dog ears). We’ve come up with a super simple ice cream stick craft pencil bookmark activity that your child can create for every subject! Customize the bookmarks according to subjects with creative and colourful art and say goodbye to wasting precious minutes searching for the right page!

Race Cars

Aren’t cars fascinating toys for toddlers? Well, how about creating a decor for your little one’s room? He/she would love all the colouring for sure. You can even recycle and reuse ice cream sticks and coloured papers. Here’s the ice cream stick craft race cars activity for your little one and you to try out!

Clothespin Dragonfly

Along with the butterfly, which insect do you see flying about in the garden? A dragonfly, isn’t it! With its transparent wings that glimmer under the sun, dragonflies are enchanting! Your preschooler and you can create a bunch of them; with clothespins, paints, and ice cream sticks. We show you how in this ice cream stick craft clothespin dragonfly activity.

Textbook Bookmarks

Need specific bookmarks for specific subjects to make learning a lot more enjoyable for your child? Then we have the perfect activity for your little one! Paint and customise ice cream sticks to form subject-wise bookmarks. We’ve turn it into pencils!

Popsicle Star

Nothing like making handmade decorations! Cards And School Projects blog came up with an interesting star decoration! Use ice cream sticks to create a decorative star that you can place on top of your christmas tree! Paint, add sparkles, stick coloured paper to beautify it! You can also make decorations of different shapes!

Deadpool Activity

Any Deadpool fans out there? Here’s a thrilling activity to keep you hooked! Make a fantastic looking Deadpool miniature model using paper cup and ice cream sticks! We’re sure it will look amazing on your study table!


So now you have a host of exciting ways to re-use ice cream sticks! Next time, don’t throw away the extra sticks. Keep them in stock and use it creatively with your little ones anytime they feel bored!

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