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Ice cream should be eaten at least once a day. (Picture: Metro)

There are very few problems in life that cannot be fixed by ice cream.

Not only is it suitable at any time, but the variety of flavours really puts it up with there with the greatest of foods.

Also, have you ever seen anybody eating ice cream look sad? Exactly.

But sometimes there are certain flavours that we don’t quite get the obsession with, and kind of wished we didn’t have to deal with.

18. Pistachio

(Picture: Tina Wong)

Hmm, OK…we see no real reason for this flavour to exist in ice cream form.

17. Tutti frutti

There is something so sickly about this flavour. Especially all those bits stuck in the ice cream. Vom.

16. Coffee

(Picture: margouillatphotos)

Usually we love a hot coffee to wake us up and get us through the day, but this ice cream flavour feels like we’re eating solid cold coffee. No ta.

15. Rum and raisin

(Picture: manyakotic)

Who actually decided to combine the greatness of rum with the yucky taste of raisins? Not cool.

14. Banana

(Picture: Ryzhkov)

This is a sneaky flavour because banana tastes good in other forms, like milkshake. But when it comes to ice cream it’s an epic fail.

13. Strawberry


Always bit too sickly sweet to every truly become one of your favourites.

12. Neapolitan

(Picture: JamieB)

This was a classic during primary school lunchtimes and combined three flavours so everyone would be happy. Trouble is the three flavours didn’t really compliment one another, and once melted into liquid form would taste very strange.

11. Salted caramel

(Picture: Metro)

Combining savoury and sweet really isn’t acceptable.

10. Vanilla

(Picture: Metro)

OK, we know that vanilla is a favourite for many but here’s the thing; it’s too darn plain. There are so many more ways that this flavour could be better.

9. Raspberry ripple

(Picture: Chris Elwellc)

A prime example of when vanilla decides to erm, basically not be too vanilla and merges with another flavour. A firm favourite amongst the grandparents.

8. 99p flake

(Picture: RBirchallr)

Technically not an actual flavour type, but nevertheless a firm summer staple. Price friendly, big chocolate flake and sweet sauce makes this humble treat a hit with everyone.

7. Coconut

(Picture: wathanyu)

Reminds us of going on holiday, hence why we have a few scoops on a rainy afternoon at home. Makes us feel ever so exotic.

6. Butterscotch

(Picture: Getty Images)

Let’s extend our love affair with all things buttery and toffee with this ah-mazing flavour. A perfect addition to any sundae, or chocolate brown. Yummy.

5. Chocolate

(Picture: Metro)

It’s very difficult to ever get this ice cream wrong. You’re always sure to be guaranteed happiness with this one.

4. Mint choc chip

(Picture: Metro)

Lovely cool mint combined with chocolate chunks is ah-mazing. Basically like a Mint Aero but cold and tastier.

3. Cookies and cream

(Picture: Matthew Mead/AP)

Vanilla pops up again, higher in the rankings due to the addition to big chunks of biscuits. Lovely.

2. Rocky road

This mash up of sweet treats is basically the ice cream flavour of childhood dreams.

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough

(Picture: Metro)

Chocolate with added chunky bits of frozen dough. How could this ever be improved? It couldn’t, and that’s why it’s the best flavour.

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