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Once upon a time, I was a teacher! A high school special education inclusion teacher to be exact. Showing teachers how much we love them is important to me. And now that Maxwell and Mila are in preschool a few days a week, I want to share all the teacher appreciation week ideas!

I think teacher gifts are tricky especially if you don’t know the teachers very well. (I use this handy printable every year to solve that problem!) Clearly, you want to give them something they can actually use and enjoy. For the record, gift cards are always appreciated. Since we gave their teachers gift cards for Christmas, I wanted to do something different for teacher appreciation week. Here are 15 clever and useful teacher appreciation gift ideas!

Teacher appreciation gift ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

I also wanted the gift to be at least partially kid made, which is tricky since he is only 3. We finally ended up with these cute candles and Max assisted in making the notes to attach to the gifts. Look at those beautiful scribbles! (See #3 on the list!)

1. Teacher appreciation lottery tickets

Who doesn’t love the trill of a scratch off and potentially winning some bacon? Print out this free I won the lotto having you as my teacher card and a few scratch offs.

Teacher appreciation day ideas with lottery tickets

2. Candle and lighter

A candle and a lighter is a useful gift you know will get used. Here are 2 cute sayings for this teacher appreciation gift:

  1. Thank you for being the light in the life of a child
  2. Thank you for helping me shine

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

3. Notebook paper canvas bag

I made these cute tote bags with a ruler and blue and red permanent markers. (This is the best deal I’ve ever seen on a pack of 15 tote bags!) I filled the bags with a few of their teachers favorite things including, chocolate, snacks, classroom supplies, and bath products. I always print this “All About my Teacher” free printbale to make gift buying easier throughout the school year.

Notebook Paper Canvas Bag

4. Utensil holder

All you need to make this useful teacher gift is an empty tin can and all the writing utensils! Teachers love classroom supplies so stock your teacher up with pens, pencils, Sharpie’s and dry erase markers!

tin can craft

5. Potted plant

Plants are always a good idea! Have the kids help paint the pots and plant succulents. Then add thus this cute “Thanks for helping us grow” free printable from Three Kids and a Fish.

Thanks for helping us grow

Teacher Appreciation Ideas with Food

6. Teacher appreciation breakfast

Bagels are great for a teacher appreciation breakfast! Just print out this free “We are O so thankful for you” and bring bagels plus toppings.

Bagels for teacher day! +free printable

7. Gummi Bears

I think it is safe to say that most people love gummi bears! This is a great gift to give all the special area teachers in your life. Grab the “I’m beary happy you’re my teacher” free printable below by entering your name and email. The free printable will be sent right to your inbox!

8. Chocolate chip cookies

My family is obsessed with these Tate’s chocolate chop cookies. You can buy them at most grocery stores in Austin, but you can also get these scrumptious treats on Amazon. Just print out the free “Thanks for making me one smart cookie” bag topper and attach with a stapler!

DIY teacher gifts

9. Bouquet of Sunshine

This teacher appreciation gift tales a little more effort to pt together, but I love that you could add treats and gift cards to this bouquet of sunshine for a teacher that lights up lives!

Bouquet of sunshine

Teacher appreciation gift card ideas

You can’t go wrong with gift cards for teacher appreciation week or end of the year gifts.

10. Mini Piñata

We filled a mini pinata with candy and added a Target gift card. To insert the gift card, cut 2 small slits in the hole of the pinata. The card could say:

  • You are a gold star teacher
  • You deserve a million gold stars
  • Thank you for making me shine

End of year teacher gift

11. Mini piñatas

Jen sent me these ideas to give teachers gift cards and candy in mini pinatas. So cute!

  • Rainbow- I’m so lucky you were my teacher this year
  • Game controller- Thank you for helping me level up this year
  • Castle- Thank you for being the best teacher in all the land

End of the year teacher gift

12. Tacos

Torchy’s is a big deal here in Austin, and gift cards are always a winner. Print out this free “Let’s taco ’bout how are awesome you are” printable and pair it with a DIY construction paper taco gift card holder!

13. Pizza

Food is always a great gift idea, and who doesn’t love pizza? Grab a gift card to a local pizza joint and make a construction paper pizza card! The gift card is attached to the bottom of the yellow note inside of the card.

Pizza Teacher gift

14. Ice cream

Ice cream makes everyone smile, right?! Grab this free printable ice cream gift card at Slinky and Moose and attach a gift card to a local ice cream shop to the back of the card.

Teacher appreciation gift card idea

15. Photo gift card holder

Use a picture of your kiddo to make a personalized gift card holder for that special teacher. Insert a gift card of your choice right into the kiddos hands, adorable! Find the full tutorial at It’s Always Autumn.

Teacher Appreciation week ideas

If you’re a teacher, I’d love to hear your take on the best gifts to give teachers for teacher appreciation week! What do you love? Anything you’d rather not receive? I love showing our great teachers how much we love them! As a parent, do you have a go-to gift for teachers? I’d love to hear…

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