12 Easy, Guilt-Free Banana Ice Cream Recipes

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

Have you tried banana ice cream? It’s not only incredibly easy, it’s also vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free! No ice cream machine required, either. You will absolutely love these delicious banana ice cream recipes.

If you haven’t gotten on the banana “ice cream” train yet, you need to get out your blender and give this amazing stuff a try. When frozen bananas are blended, they develop a smooth, creamy texture a lot like ice cream (some call it “nice cream”). You can add all sorts of delicious flavors to make healthy frozen treats.

Ice cream with no guilt? It’s true.

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Even if you aren’t that crazy about the flavor of bananas, you should try some of these unbelievably easy banana ice cream recipes that mask it pretty well and reap some of bananas’ excellent health benefits. (Magnesium, B-6, and potassium for better sleep, anyone?)

Though I don’t particularly like bananas, I think these inexpensive, nutrient-filled fruits are worth working into your diet, especially as a replacement for sugar-laden artificially-flavored candies and ice cream. (You may be surprised at how little sugar you’re supposed to eat in a day!)

Here’s how to make an incredible 1-ingredient “candy” by dehydrating bananas.

I keep them around for my kids to eat when they’re on the go, but often they only want half. (Do your kids do this? It’s amazing how often I wind up with leftover banana halves!) I slice up the leftovers for frozen smoothies, and now that we know about banana ice cream, we’re using quite a number for that as well. A great way to waste less food!

I think banana-based ice creams lend themselves best to fruity flavors like mango and peach, but chocolate can work as well. Making these treats is as easy as tossing some banana slices in the freezer and pulsing them in your food processor.

What’s amazing is that before your eyes they transform from little chunks of banana to smooth, creamy deliciousness, and you don’t even need an ice cream maker.

Also, if you’re aiming to transition your kitchen to zero waste, banana ice cream is great for eliminating unnecessary packaging.

Banana Ice Cream Recipes in 12 Flavors!

Use only bananas and you have a one-ingredient ice cream, if you like banana flavor. I don’t really, so I think it’s worth the extra trouble to add an additional ingredient or two. Using some kind of milk or milk replacement helps it blend up more readily and can add additional nutrition.

We tried a bunch of combinations, including one with raw cacao powder (thumbs-down — too powerful, and somehow also not chocolatey enough) and another with carob (better near bedtime or if you’re sensitive to the caffeine in cocoa).

Blueberry was also quite tasty. Peach banana ice cream was the winner of the options we tried, but the possibilities are endless, and we will certainly be trying more of the tempting banana ice cream recipes below!

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3-Ingredient Peach Banana Ice Cream Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes

Here are a bunch more yummy-looking banana ice cream recipes to try!

A Virtual Vegan has a luscious-looking Mango Banana Ice Cream that she points out “is healthy enough to eat for breakfast!” So true!

Courtney at Courtney’s Cookbook adds golden milk to the banana-mango combo to get a hit of turmeric and ginger.

This recipe for avocado banana soft serve ice cream with pistachios from Divine Healthy Food looks amazing.

Chocolate more your thing? Check out this chocolate-banana soft serve from The Herbal Spoon.

If you like peanut butter ice cream, you might want to check out this peanut butter chocolate banana ice cream recipe from The Healthy Maven.

Kara Carrero has a beautiful Dairy-Free Red Velvet Ice Cream recipe that’s colored with beets!

Want even more flavorful banana ice cream recipes? Check these out:

Pumpkin Spice Banana Ice Cream from Butterlust

Spiced Banana Walnut Ice Cream from Tales of a Kitchen

Lemon Blueberry Banana Ice Cream from Worth Cooking

Banana Strawberry Ice Cream by Sweet and Savory

You can also jazz things up a bit by mixing in or topping with nuts, chocolate chips, or diced fruit. Yum!

Wait, don’t throw all those peels in the trash!

Did you know that banana peels are edible? You can use them to make banana tea for sleep or cook them in a number of ways. Check out this collection of root to stem recipes for more details.

Banana peels can also be used in the garden. They help deter aphids and add beneficial nutrients to your soil. Here’s what to know about banana peel fertilizer.

You can also use them as an easy home remedy for insect bites. (Apparently you can also whiten your teeth and polish your silver with them, but you’ll have to investigate those uses for yourself 🙂 )

Have you tried banana ice cream yet? What’s your favorite flavor?

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