10 of the Best Ice Cream Parlors in Michigan

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best ice cream parlors in Michigan

If you’re feeling hot and could do with some cooling down with a delicious ice cream, we’ve featured 10 of the best ice cream parlors in Michigan in the list below.

1. Milk & Froth Ice Cream

Milk & Froth Ice Cream has been in business since 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. The shop serves ice cream made only from first-class ingredients chosen through extensive research and trials. On top of that, its desserts do not use any artificial flavors or chemical preservatives.

Honeycomb ice cream, malt cherry-chocolate ice cream, and matcha pistachio ice cream make up some of the shop’s menu. Furthermore, customers can also purchase ice creams with flavors such as sea salt butter cake, salted caramel, pecan butter brittle, and chocolate hazelnut.

Visit Milk & Froth Ice Cream today to taste some of the finest ice creams made in the state. Do so using the location details on the right-hand side of the shop’s homepage.

2. Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream

Ice cream lovers in Detroit, Michigan, have the opportunity to visit Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream for the shop’s delicious and mouth-watering ice cream. Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream has been operating since 1984, and it started with brothers Rick, Gary, Tom, and Jim Davis.

Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream serves multiple award-winning flavors to customers, including cool mint cookie, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry chip cheesecake, and butter pecan. The shop also features mocha-almond fudge ice cream, lemon cheesecake ice cream, and amaretto cherry ice cream.

Contact a shop representative at Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream today by heading over to the shop’s contact form and sending a message.

3. Jersey Junction

Residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, can visit the Jersey Junction ice cream shop to taste some of the most delectable ice creams on the market. The shop has a traditional layout courtesy of founder Doris VanAllsburg who began to do business in 1963.

Ice cream flavors at Jersey Junction include vanilla, windmill cookie, toasted coconut, triple peanut butter cup, strawberry, and strawberry cheesecake. Moreover, customers can choose between pumpkin-flavored ice cream, caramel-flavored ice cream, and more unique flavors such as orange pineapple-flavored ice cream.

Consult a staff member about all of the classic and innovative flavors the shop provides or ask questions about their ice creams using their contact page.

4. Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate

Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate, an ice cream shop serving those in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is known for its tasty desserts and outstanding customer care. Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate journey began over ten years ago with owner Chris McKellar and continues to provide and innovate great flavors.

Customers can order ice cream in flavors like vanilla bean, milk chocolate brownie, amaretto cherry, dark chocolate, peanut butter, etc. The shop’s unique flavors include madcap coffee, almond toffee crunch, coconut almond ripple, and lavender blueberry.

Ask any of your questions or queries about Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate today by using the shop’s contact page.

5. Screamers Ice Cream

Giulio and his family were responsible for establishing Screamers Ice Cream in 2010. The shop is in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and ensures that customers receive excellent treatment and quality ice cream. Families and individuals are welcome to try the shop’s ice creams, sundaes, shakes, and floats.

Screamers Ice Cream features ice cream flavors including vanilla, chocolate, vanilla custard, and vanilla-chocolate twist. Sundaes also come in strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, blueberry, hot fudge, butterscotch, marshmallow, and cherry flavors.

If you are eager to get in touch with a representative at Screamers Ice Cream, head to their contact form to send a message.

6. Cold Stone Creamery

By introducing a variety of ice cream flavors, Cold Stone Creamery can cater to its multiple customers in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The shop has been in operation for more than three decades, thus implying its ability to grow alongside the ice cream industry.

Each ice cream is freshly made in the store, featuring flavors such as Oreo cookie, peanut butter pretzel, banana caramel, mint chocolate, and mud pie. In addition, customers can taste strawberry-flavored ice cream, apple pie-flavored ice cream, and what the shop describes as a ‘Birthday Cake Remix’ ice cream.

Are you interested in any of the flavors available at Cold Stone Creamery? Then use the phone number or address on the shop’s location page to contact a staff member.

7. Spad’s Twisters

Having been in business for at least 13 years, Spad’s Twisters in Lansing, Michigan, has a sizable selection of ice cream flavors for the benefit of its customers. The shop is well-regarded for its friendly employees and excellent services throughout the community.

Spad’s Twisters stocks flavors like butter pecan, bubblegum, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, and black cherry. The sundaes also come in flavors such as chocolate, marshmallow, peanut butter, butterscotch, and hot caramel.

Get in touch with Spad’s Twisters for any of your ice cream-related queries using the shop’s contact form.

8. Unicha

East Lansing, Michigan, is where the Unicha ice cream shop serves its delicious hand-rolled ice creams. Unicha has been open since 2019 and chooses only the freshest ingredients for all of its ice cream flavors, as evidenced by the number of repeat customers in the shop.

Unicha serves rolled ice creams in flavors such as chocolate, matcha green tea, mango, Oreo cookie, and a banana and Nutella combination. The shop also provides ice cream flavors like mint chocolate, coffee cream, taro, lime, strawberry, and the ever-popular watermelon.

Do you want to learn about the unique ice creams that Unicha serves? Then speak with a representative today by heading to its contact page and filling in the form.

9. Taylor Queen Ice Cream Shop

For more than three decades, Taylor Queen Ice Cream Shop has served quality ice cream to residents in Taylor, Michigan. While the shop’s physical location is in Taylor, it is the favorite of many throughout Wayne County due to its large flavor selection and diligent servers.

Taylor Queen Ice Cream Shop provides flavors like vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and hot caramel, layered vanilla ice cream with butterscotch and chopped nuts, and Reese’s liquid peanut butter with whipped cream.

Scroll down to the Taylor Queen Ice Cream Shop contact section to get in touch with a friendly staff member about any of your ice cream-related questions.

10. Vicky’s Ice Cream

Vicky’s Ice Cream has been up and running since 2010 and is active throughout Redford Charter Township, Michigan, as the go-to shop for its flavorful homemade ice creams. The shop is also well-regarded for its fair prices and tasty waffle ice cream sandwich.

The shop serves ice cream in flavors, including chocolate chip, mint Oreo, cherry pie, apple pie, and banana pudding. Additionally, it makes coffee-flavored ice cream, coffee Oreo-flavored ice cream, and cantaloupe-flavored ice cream.

Find out more about Vicky’s Ice Cream using the shop’s contact section on the footer of its website to send a message to a representative.

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