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There are many ice cream shops to choose from but if you want some of the best low-calorie ice cream, Braum’s might be the best choice to get some quality dessert.

The “key” to finding your perfect ice cream fix is to pick something that’s not only low-calorie, but low in sugar, carbs, and cholesterol. Pick something simple like a vanilla cone, premium peppermint, or premium butter pecan.

You need to skip the high-calorie ice cream bars that will net you 200 calories and go for something a little healthier.

Ice cream with this many calories is also going to be loaded with sugar, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

If you must have your afternoon ice cream fix, at least stick to the small or mini options to make it as low calorie as possible.

Next time you stop at Braum’s, try one of the following low-calorie ice cream options on their extensive menu.

Low Calorie Ice Cream from Braum’s

1. Vanilla

The first low-calorie ice cream option from Braum’s is their standard no sugar added Vanilla.

This product is made with grade ‘A’ nonfat milk, a sweetener and stabilizer blend, cream, egg yolks, glycerin, pure vanilla, and natural color annatto.

This delicious ice cream at Braum’s will net you 120 calories on the day.

2. Vanilla Bean

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Another low-calorie ice cream from Braum’s is their Vanilla Bean.

This is a simple and elegant treat with no sugar added.

This Braum’s ice cream also comes with 120 calories per half a cup.

3. Pistachio Almond

Another Braum’s ice cream option is their Pistachio Almond.

This is one of my favorite dessert options from Braum’s as it combines pistachios and roasted almonds to make a tasty treat.

It’s going to net you 150 calories so try not to eat the whole thing.

4. Chocolate

One of the lowest calorie ice cream option from Braum’s is their Chocolate Ice Cream.

This tasty blend of cocoa and fresh creamy ice cream is perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

It’s also good on the waistline as it’s only got 130 calories per cone.

5. Butterscotch

The lowest calorie option at Braum’s might be their no sugar added Butterscotch.

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It’s a simple and quick afternoon or evening snack.

This dessert option from Braum’s is only 120 calories on your day.

6. Premium Peppermint

Another delicious and low-calorie shake from Braum’s is their Premium Peppermint.

The mix of peppermint candy makes this one a great ice cream to come back to.

This one will cost you 140 calories.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Next on this list of low-calorie ice cream options is their low sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

This tasty ice cream snack will net you 160 calories.

Grab this rather than the 200 calorie ice cream bars

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Did You Know?

8. Orange Sherbet

One low-calorie ice cream that might not be on your radar is their delicious Orange Sherbet.

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This is one of the most popular of the tropical fruit flavors.

If you want this ice cream with perfect flavor and taste, it will only be an extra 130 calories on the day.

9. Bordeaux Cherry Amaretto Frozen Yogurt

The best ice cream on the Braum’s menu is their Bordeaux Cherry Amaretto Frozen Yogurt.

This popular and low-calorie ice cream is a blend of rich, dark, Bordeaux cherries blended with amaretto flavor, almonds, and frozen yogurt.

It’s another ice cream that’s only 130 calories for a ½ cup.

10. Frozen Yogurt Bars

Last on this list of low-calorie ice cream from Braum’s is their Frozen Yogurt Bars.

These bars have no sugar added and are 94% fat free.

Grab this and the other tasty treats at your next visit at Braum’s.

Summary: Low Calorie Ice Cream Flavors from Braum’s

It’s hard to find good low-calorie good tasting ice cream. Fortunately, Braum’s has several low-calorie ice cream options with many delicious flavors. Just make sure you choose the option that’s mini or small. This will keep your calorie count down, along with the sugar, cholesterol, and saturated fat. It can be hard skipping ice cream on a hot summer day, but a quick trip to Braum’s might do the trick. Make your calorie intake even lower by splitting your mini ice cream with someone else. Whatever you do, be smart about what you put into your body to keep your health and your waistline in a good state.

In summary, the best low-calorie ice creams at Braum’s include vanilla, vanilla bean, pistachio almond, chocolate, butterscotch, premium peppermint, chocolate chip cookie dough, orange sherbet, Bordeaux cherry amaretto frozen yogurt, and vanilla frozen yogurt bars

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