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Ice Cream

Transform your plain vanilla ice cream into a decadent treat with these delicious ice cream toppings.

Ice cream is spectacular enough as it is, but adding various toppings can turn plain vanilla into a decadent treat.

There’s just something so satisfying about drizzling chocolate over a cup of ice cream. Or adding on a scoop of Oreo chunks. Or if you’re really adventurous, pouring some fruit loops on top!

Whether you prefer something sweet, salty, tart, crunchy, warm, or decadent to go with your favorite ice cream, I’ve got the inside scoop! So, without further ado, here are some of the most amazing toppings that will make you scream for more ice cream.

Ice Cream with Hot Fudge

1. Hot Fudge

When it comes to ice cream toppings, to many, hot fudge is number one. What’s not to love? It’s sweet, chocolatey, and decadent – it’s everything you want in an ice cream. Plus, the combination of warm fudge and hold ice cream is just ridiculously amazing!

Salted Caramel

2. Salted Caramel

If hot fudge is the king of warm sauces for ice cream, then I say salted caramel is the queen. There’s just something about the combination of sweet caramel and salt that just gets me so excited! And, did you know that caramel is super easy to make? Here’s how:

In a saucepan over medium-high heat, add sugar and stir for 10 minutes or until it melts completely. The sugar should start to darken in color at this point. Keep stirring for 3 to 8 minutes until it turns amber.

Remove the saucepan from heat and wait for 30 seconds before adding butter. Mix until combined. Slowly add the cream and salt. Top on ice cream and your favorite desserts!

Oreo Blizzard

3. Oreo’s

You can never go wrong with cookies and cream. This is one of the easiest ways to elevate plain vanilla ice cream to a whole new level. The combination of creamy homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate crunch is extremely satisfying.

But if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, you can turn your oreo ice cream into a blizzard! All you need is 2 cups of vanilla ice cream and 7 oreo cookies.

Add the ice cream to the blender first. Blend until the ice cream is creamy and smooth. But not too much. We don’t want it to get liquidy.

Next, place the oreos in the blender. Pulse a few times until the crumbs are mixed to your liking. Fewer pulses if you prefer bigger chunks. Additional pulses if you want smaller chunks or even a powder. It’s totally up to you!

Serve immediately with one or two Oreo cookies on top.

Peanut Butter Chocolate

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate

Or, you know, any combination of peanut butter and chocolate. The duo gives you the most beautiful harmony of sweet and savory. And, when topped on ice cream, it’s like an elaborate symphony.

If you’ve got some granola on hand, fantastic! Granola adds a wonderful crunch to the dessert, making it super scrumptious.

Candied Orange and Lemon Rinds

5. Candied Orange and Lemon Rinds

Don’t even think about throwing those orange and lemon peels! Give your ice cream (and other desserts) an exciting layer of flavor and texture by topping it with candied orange and lemon rinds.

This garnish has the perfect balance between sweet and tart. And consistency-wise? Soft and chewy – a wonderful contrast to your smooth and creamy ice cream.

Sprinkles and Mallows

6. Sprinkles and Mallows

Who says sprinkles and mallows are just for kids? Sure, kids love them, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t get in on the fun too.

Sprinkles and mallows balance each other out – texture-wise. With this classic duo, you get treats that are soft and pillowy, and sweet and crunchy. And the vibrant colors? So eye-catching and Instaworthy.

Blackberry and Brandy Sauce

7. Blackberry and Brandy Sauce

This sauce may be great with ice cream, but it’s not necessarily made for kids. This is strictly for adults, which means it’s a lot more exciting than rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows.

However, if you think this sauce is bitter because of the alcohol, think again. It’s sweet, indulgent, and a great topping for ice cream, cheesecakes, and other desserts.

And, it’s easy to make! Just combine blackberries, sugar, and brandy in a saucepan and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes or until the berries are softened. Add a cornstarch-water mixture to the compote and stir until thick.

Caramel Popcorn

8. Caramel Popcorn

Here’s another topping that I can’t get enough of. Sure, you can caramel popcorn by itself, just like ice cream. But together, these two make such a wonderful duo. Aside from the sweet and salty combination, you also get that beautiful soft and crunchy contrast!

To make the caramel sauce for popcorn, just combine butter, brown sugar, corn syrup, and salt in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir constantly as you bring it to a boil. Then leave it alone for 4 minutes. Stir in baking soda and vanilla and you’re done! Just drizzle it over popcorn kernels and bake for an hour at 250 degrees, stirring every 15 minutes.

Cookie Dough

9. Cookie Dough

I love cookie dough so much I have no problem eating it as is. But, serve it on vanilla ice cream and oh my goodness, it’s like a work of heaven! Aside from the mouthwatering cookie flavor, you also get that chewy and moist consistency that’s to die for.


10. Cereals

Apart from being a breakfast staple, cereal also makes a fantastic ice cream topping! Since it’s usually served with milk, it only makes sense that it tastes excellent with another type of dairy. It gives your smooth and silky ice cream that fun crunchy contrast that makes it even more irresistible.

Plus, it adds a pop of color to the dessert, too! So go ahead, top your ice cream with Fruity Pebbles or Froot Loops. Sweet!

Strawberry Ice Cream

11. Fresh Fruits

Last but not least – we’ve got fresh fruits. Whether it’s sweet mangoes or tart berries, fruits are sure to give your ice cream an added layer of flavor and texture. It makes the sweet treat super refreshing as well!

Ice Cream Toppings
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