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We All Scream for Ice Cream!

It can safely be said that ice cream is adored by everyone! These cold, creamy and delicious desserts are a universal treat; transcending boundaries and borders, age and gender, and even nationality and religion. Ice cream is wholesome and holistically loved by all!

But why do so many people like ice cream?

Well, there are a plethora of reasons for this, so let’s delve into some. Firstly, there is an almost infinite number of flavors that can be made into ice cream. Not a fan of chocolate? Not a problem. Find vanilla flavor too bland? Not to worry! Can’t stand fruit-flavors? No need to stress! With an unlimited array of flavors to choose from, there is something for everybody! From sherbet to bacon, mint to honey, and even some really, really exotic ones such as bitter gourd, bourbon, and banana pecan pie- there are multiple options for you to choose from and satisfy your taste buds. You are not restricted by your palette and the flavor you like!

Secondly, ice cream can be enjoyed thoroughly in every season. In the cruel summers, ice cream is an obvious choice to cool off with. It provides an immediate cooling effect, coupled with its exquisite taste; making it the perfect summertime dessert to enjoy. Moreover, during the winters, you can enjoy ice cream on top of a hot brownie, fudge or pie to add another dimension to your dessert in terms of flavor and texture.

Ice cream is also known to have qualities that can affect your mood in positive ways. Ice cream contains protein, which is mostly made up of amino acids. Ice creams that are rich in protein have the potential to raise the dopamine and norepinephrine levels in your body. The result of this is more energy. But that’s not all- Ice cream can also act as a calming agent.

‘Tryptophan’ is an amino acid that is found in milk which can increase serotonin production which leads to a calmer disposition and elevates your mood. Therefore, eating ice cream when you’re stressed out, or under pressure can be an absolute blessing for your tongue, and your state of mind! In fact, this is why ice cream is the go-to choice of dish after a break-up!

Lastly, Ice cream is the perfect dessert!

It can be served on its own or can be combined with other desserts to add a whole new layer. Ice cream is simple to make, and even simpler to serve. This makes it the ideal dessert for personal consumption, family events or even parties! It can be served in a plethora of ways which will allow you to enjoy it whenever you want, be it in a cup, a cone, or in a waffle cone. The possibilities of serving ice cream are endless.

Top ice cream brands in India!

There is a common misconception that ice cream is only for children. However, this does not mean that adults cannot enjoy ice cream! Having ice cream will most likely make you nostalgic about your yesteryears as a child. These dashes of reminiscence are important for adults and can make your ice cream eating experience even more enjoyable. In fact, the ice cream industry in India stood at around Rs. 40 billion as of December 2017 and has only grown since then.

Needless to say, in India, there is a variety of ice cream brands and products to choose from.

This list will help you make a decision on the Best Brands of Ice cream In India:

Amul Amul ice cream

Amul is by far the biggest ice cream brand in India. Amul is often called as “The Taste of India”, and rightly so! Anand Milk Union Limited or ‘Amul’ is an Indian dairy company founded in 1948. However, their origin story is unlike any other brand in the world, making this company distinct, unique and dipped in history.

The seeds of this unusual saga were sown more than 75 years ago, in a small town in the state of Gujrat. At the time, the trade practices by the local trade cartel (Polson Dairy) were highly exploitative in nature. Angered by this unfair and manipulative treatment, the farmers of the district approached the great Sardar Vallabhai Patel for a solution. He advised them to get rid of the middlemen and form their own co-operative, leaving them in charge of the procurement, processing, and marketing. This spurred India’s White Revolution; making the country the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products!

Amul pride themselves on their quality above everything else, and guarantees that their ice creams are always made with fresh and real milk. It can be said that Amul holds an advantage over its competitors in the way that their milk brand is already extremely well-established, which provides trust and reliability to their existing customers.

Furthermore, Amul’s range of flavors spans from fruit-based flavors to nutty delights, and even the classic variants of chocolate. Although Amul does not have a large variety of experimental flavors in their ice cream arsenal like some of its other advisories, they certainly make up for that through quality and the wide range of forms in which they give ice cream, such as cones, cups, blocks, and tubs, etc.

With Amul, you aren’t buying an ice-cream. You are buying the Taste of India!

Baskin Robbins Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins entered India in 1993, and since then has managed to capture the hearts (and tongues!) of many customers. The entered India through a joint venture between the Graviss Group, founded in 1945 and the Ghai Group. This elite brand is one of the most recognizable names not just in the ice cream industry, but all over the world! In fact, they have over 7000 store locations in over 50 countries outside of America, their parent country. This gives you a glimpse of how large and successful this brand really is.

Baskin Robbins made history in India, as they opened a manufacturing plant in the country in the city of Pune. This was their first manufacturing plant outside of the United States and highlights that Baskin Robbins was ready to spread itself and become one of the major ice cream brands in the Indian subcontinent. It offers a purely vegetarian ice cream made from cow’s milk and has become famous in the country by trying to incorporate local flavors into their ice cream flavors.

Overall, Baskin Robbins boasts 31 premium quality flavors at every store. New flavors are also introduced every month and it is open to the customer to taste and make the important decision of which ice cream they want. If you are in the mood to experiment with some quirky flavors, then Baskin Robbins is your very own humble abode!

Kwality Walls Kwality Walls

Up next on this list is another exciting ice cream brand- Kwality Walls. This is an ice cream company which is owned by Hindustan Unilever. It started out as just Kwality ice cream, but after being bought out, the combined brand of British Walls and Kwality was launched together as Kwality Walls. Through this merger, this brand found what it needed to spread its wings and spread across the world, especially in Asia. Kwality Walls has since become a major player in places such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, and Malaysia, outside of India. In total, Kwality Walls operates successfully in more than 40 different countries around the globe.

One of the things that makes Kwality Walls so beloved in India, is that they have a lot of different types of ice cream that one can choose from. Cornetto is one of the most famous ice creams in India, with its crispy cone coated in chocolate, coupled with frozen ice cream, make it one of India’s frontrunners in ice cream. Their Magnum range of ice cream is a premium line of ice creams on a stick. As part of this line, Kwality Walls offers a beautiful assortment of ice creams that will enamor you.

The most amazing aspect of this company, however, is their connection with their audience. Brand loyalty in India towards them has taken this ice cream brand to being one of the top-most in India. The name Kwality Walls is synonymous with fun, adventure and summertime excitement thanks to their brilliant ad campaigns. Their iconic heart-shaped logo espouses love and brotherhood, and their flexible price range makes sure everyone feels included.

You can find these ice creams in Swirl parlors, local grocery stores, and even large supermarkets. With ice creams available for every price range, and everyone, no wonder Kwality Walls is one of the best in the country!

Mother Dairy Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy was commissioned in 1974 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). This was an initiative under Operation Flood, an attempt to make the world’s biggest dairy development program to make India a milk sufficient nation. Mother Dairy has since grown and developed to become one of the biggest producers of milk and milk-based products in the country.

One of the biggest upsides of Mother Dairy as an ice cream company is the huge range of flavors that they have available in their catalog. They make traditional flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, mango, etc., but also make a line of flavors which give the classic ones a slight twist- such as the likes of Cookie Crumb, or Chocolate Gateau. They also make flavors which are not very common in ice creams such as Meva Malai, Paan and Raas Gulla! This provides the customer with the freedom to choose whichever flavor they want, and the quality is always guaranteed with a Mother Dairy ice cream.

Mother Dairy also sells ice lollipops which make it a one-stop shop, for any of your ice cream needs!

Cream Bell Cream Bell

In 2003, the RJ Corporation brought Cream Bell ice cream to India in technical collaboration with French Dairy major, Candia. Since its inception, Cream Bell has satisfied the cravings and desires of millions of people. With a gigantic range of refreshing and exotic ice cream flavors of international and the traditional nature, Cream Bell is a dominant player in the ice cream industry.

Since its launch in India in 2003, Cream Bell has scripted a stunning success story and is today among one of the Top 5 Ice Cream brands in India! Their rise to the summit has been meteoric- sure- but also well deserved. What makes this achievement all the more stunning is that they managed to carve out a niche for themselves in this highly saturated market despite entering in it so late. It is still a nascent brand by all means but has incredible potential to one day become the leader of this domain. They have already upstaged and outshone some of its oldest competitors in their brief 20-year tenure, and seem to be growing larger with each passing day.

The secret to their success?

The ability to feel the pulse of the market and their audience.

When Cream Bell was first brought to Indian shores, they came out swinging and took the marketplace by storm. They introduced themselves by boasting an astonishing range of innovative ice cream products across all categories. Currently, it has 136 varieties in ice cream; catering to different consumer age groups, demographics, financials, and their taste buds.

Cream Bell also offers a variety of different ways in which ice cream can be enjoyed. They specialize in an ice cream sandwich and an ice cream cake concoction. These are takes on conventional desserts, but with ice cream included in the dessert itself to add an extra dimension to it. The ice cream cake especially is an absolute must-try for any ice cream aficionado.

Cream Bell holds over 15 percent of the highly competitive ice cream market of India today. Their ice creams have also won several awards and accolades for their superior quality, excellent flavors, and nutritional value. All of these factors have led to Cream Bell being given the moniker as the fastest growing ice cream brand in all of India.

Vadilal Vadilal ice cream

The story of the mammoth brand that is now Vadilal started from the humble beginnings of the Vadilal Soda Fountain which opened in Ahmedabad in 1926. The founder, Mr. Vadilal Gandhi himself, was still selling sodas in 1907, barely making ends meet. 4 generations of Gandhi’s later, this company has become a multi-billion dollar giant in the industry.

At the start of his ice cream days, Vadilal Gandhi would make ice cream using a traditional method called the ‘Kothi Method’. This method involves using a machine which is hand-operated to churn milk with other flavored ingredients, ice, and salt. Home delivery, which is a pretty big market now, was being done at that time by Vadilal back in his day- and was one of the first to do so. They use to deliver ice creams which were packed in polystyrene boxes to their customers.

Vadilal Gandhi then passed on the business within his family, to his son Ranchod Lal Gandhi. Ranchod Lal Gandhi ran a one-man operation with a hand machine and then managed to start a small retail outlet in 1926. As time passed, Vadilal became famous for its authentic and the wide variety of flavored ice creams available.

Vadilal has always been a brand that has evolved by not fearing experimentation of new flavors and varieties to help create delicious ice creams for people to enjoy. It, therefore, should come as no shock that Vadilal Ice Creams has the widest range of ice creams in the country with more than 150 flavors available in 250 different pack sizes and forms. It is safe to say, that Vadilal has grown into an absolutely monumental brand in the Indian ice cream industry, and shows that feel-good stories are not only seen in movies but also, in real life!

The best ice cream brands of the country have been laid out for you, now all you have to do is to pick your brand to enjoy the creamy deliciousness of great ice cream! If you want to treat yourself to the most universally liked dessert, then treat yourself with one of these brands and you cannot go wrong.

🎵 “Ice scream,

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